Electric Kettles

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to boil water in a kettle?

If you’re one of those who are scared that they’ll burn something even if they try to boil water, well, now’s your chance. The Borosil range of electric kettles lets you boil water at the touch of a button. Just fill the kettle up to the indicated mark, set it on its base and press the button. A light will turn off when the water is boiled. Simply, pick it up and pour hot water out into a cup or glass.

Does a steel kettle get very hot?

Never again will you burn yourself while boiling water. The Eva SS Cooltouch Kettle, 0.6L is made just for you. The 750W kettle boils water faster than traditional methods and the stainless steel kettle has a cool-touch exterior that is safe to touch at all times.

Where to buy a kettle online?

Water is purest at its source. Similarly, it is always considered safer to buy an electric kettle too directly from the source. Whatever your need, glass or steel, small capacity or big, the Borosil range of electric kettles has you covered. Browse, compare and buy directly from the Borosil website.

How to make tea with a tea kettle?

Take fresh water and boil it in the Cooltouch Electric Kettle, 1.8L electric kettle. Place your choice of tea leaves or tea bags in a cup or a pot. Pour the boiling water into the pot and let the tea steep for about 4-5 minutes. Then, discard the tea leaves or the tea bags. And enjoy a hot cup of your favourite tea.

Is the water boiled in an electric kettle healthy to drink?

Boiled water is always safer to drink as it kills any harmful bacteria present in the water. The hot water kettle makes the water very safe and can be consumed by anyone. Also, hot water can stimulate digestion, improve blood circulation, and help with weight loss. Hence, not only does having boiled water help you stay away from diseases, it can actually make you healthier.

How fast does water boil in an electric jug?

If you don’t like waiting for water to boil over a traditional gas stove, the Cooltouch SS Electric Kettle, 1L is your new best friend. Equipped with 1200 watts of power, the 1litre electric kettle ensures that water comes to a boil much faster than traditional methods. So you can get to making that tea in no time at all.

Does a water boiler kettle overflow?

The Borosil range of electric kettles is the best way to boil water for drinking or making tea. The kettles come with max-min markings inside so you can add just the amount of water you need, so no wastage occurs. If you fill the water just up to the max mark, you can be sure that not even a drop of it will overflow.

Is a glass teapot or electric teapot durable?

The Borosil Electric Glass Kettle, 1.8L is hands-down the best looking electric kettle on the market. An attractive LED illumination lights up the entire kettle when your water is done boiling. But just because it’s a good-looking kettle doesn’t mean it is not durable. It is made of pure borosilicate glass. That means one kettle will give you water for many years.

Which modern teapots are reliable?

Teapots have come a long way from the ‘kettlis’ of yesteryears. These days teapots, glass or electric are durable and reliable. Especially the Borosil teapots or electric tea kettles. Inside each Kettle is a metal coil. Electrical energy travels through the coil, turning into heat and warming the cold water inside it. The heat brings the water to a boil. The Borosil range of electric kettles comes with a 1-year warranty and uses only the best materials to make your kettle. If by some odd chance, they still break down, you can rely on the on-site service support as well.

Does a chai maker make Indian chai?

Indian chai is different from green tea and other teas that are ready just by steeping. Add the water and tea leaves to the Borosil Electric Glass Kettle, 1.8L , chai machine and let it come to a boil. In a cup, add sugar and pour the tea when it’s ready, add milk to your liking and reheat if needed or just have it as is. The Omni Electric Kettle, 1.5L even comes with an egg tray which you can use to boil 6 eggs simultaneously.

What all can you make in a multipurpose kettle?

The Borosil range of electric kettles can make way more than just your perfect cup of green tea. You can use it to make soup as well. Just pour the contents into a cup and stir as you pour hot water over it. Make cup noodles or oatmeal in no time by just adding hot water. You can also make various detox drinks or brew a cup of coffee

Which is the best kettle for boiling water?

Boiling water seems like the simplest thing to do, but you could get burnt if you don't handle the vessel properly or the water could spill out of the vessel on the stovetop while boiling. The Cooltouch SS Electric Kettle, 1L is the best way to boil water. The cool-touch body ensures you never get burnt. The 360° rotational base makes it convenient to place and lift the kettle. What’s more, it even comes with a 1-year warranty and on-site service support.

What’s the price of a good coffee kettle?

We completely understand those who need a good strong cup of coffee in the morning. Just add some coffee powder and set the water to boil in the Rio Electric Kettle, 1.5L and the water will be ready before you are. Just pour it out over the instant coffee powder. Your hot, strong cup of coffee is ready. Have it black or with a dash of milk.

Is a kettle heater washable? 

You don't need to wash your electric kettle. In fact, it is highly advised to never immerse the kettle, power cord or power base in water, or allow moisture to come in contact with these parts. When you feel like it, simply wipe the exterior surface with a damp cloth or cleaner. Avoid any kind of abrasive or toxic cleaners.

Does a glass kettle get dirtier than other kettles? 

The Borosil Electric Glass Kettle, 1.8L is quite literally the most beautiful way to boil water. The borosilicate glass body is elegant and durable. This keeps it good-looking for years to come. It adds a lovely aesthetic value to your kitchen. It doesn't get dirtier than other kettles. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and it’ll be as good as new.

How powerful is a tea maker? 

The Cooltouch Electric Kettle, 1.8L is the most powerful kettle or tea maker in the Borosil range of kettles. With the ultra-powerful 1800W kettle you can boil 1.8 L of water in about 7-8 minutes. This means you can host a tea party and make about 7 to 8 cups of tea in minutes.

Can I put loose green tea leaves in a tea infuser kettle? 

Sure, you can throw the tea leaves in your Borosil electric kettle but we would suggest you don’t. The right way to brew your tea is to let the water heat up to the required temperature and then slowly pour it over the tea leaves. This allows the tea leaves to get proper agitation and aeration from the swirling hot water, releasing more flavour and health benefits.

How long does it take to make tea in a glass tea kettle?

Making your favourite teas, be it earl grey or green tea, has never been easier. Just place your tea bags in cups and set the water to boil in your Borosil electric kettle. The water will be ready and boiled in minutes. Pour into your cup and let the tea steep there for a few minutes.

Where to buy a borosilicate glass tea kettle?

borosilicate glass tea kettle is the most beautiful way to boil water. You will be stunned by its beauty and the way the LED lights illuminate the entire kettle when your water is ready. Get your strong, durable yet stunning glass tea kettle only from the Borosil website.

Is a tea set with a kettle a good gifting option? 

A tea or coffee aficionado will surely treasure the Borosil range of electric kettles. It is a fitting addition to their kitchen. The convenience and efficiency of the kettles make them a must-have for anyone who wants to boil water quickly and safely. And, that’s why whoever you gift it to, will cherish it forever.

How to make a detox drink using a tea kettle with an infuser? 

If you’ve had a heavy week and are looking to detox, look no further. You have all you need to make yourself a calming detox tea. Grate some ginger and add a crushed cinnamon stick, lemon juice and a bit of turmeric powder. Bring water to a boil in your Borosil electric kettle once ready, pour it over the spices and aromatics and let it steep for about 5 to 6 minutes. Strain it out in a cup and enjoy it with honey.

Is it safe to buy an electric kettle online? 

You might have some reservations about buying appliances online. Rightly so, all materials used to make the appliance should be of top quality and you’d only like to purchase it from a place you can trust. The Borosil range of electric kettles delivers exceptionally on that front. They come with a 1-year warranty and on-site service support too.

How many cups of tea can be made in an electric kettle 1 ltr? 

The Cooltouch SS Electric Kettle, 1L is perfect for the average Indian family. It comfortably makes around 4 cups of tea. It is safe to operate with auto cut off and dry-boil protection. Plus, it is cool to touch. Just the appliance you need to make tea time fun for the entire family.

What features can I expect in the best electric kettle in India? 

When you set out to buy an electric kettle for your kitchen counter, you want nothing but the best. An electric kettle loaded with features. High power, durable body, dry-boil and auto cut off safety features and only the best materials used. Lucky for you, you’ll find all those in the Borosil range of electric kettles. Additionally, it also offers a one-year warranty and on-site service support.

What comes with a Borosil electric kettle? 

You don’t need much to get started with the Borosil range of electric kettlesThe electric kettle has a long cord for ease of access. And in the box, you’ll find a user manual, to help you through setting up and using the kettle so anyone in the family can use it with ease.

What are the ratings of a Borosil kettle 1 litre? 

High-quality durable materials and only the best copper wiring ensure that your electric kettle stays new for many years to come. Hence, whoever uses the kettle loves it. It has been rated highly by them all. Give it a try, we’re sure you’d want to rate it nothing short of 5 stars.

Does a Borosil teapot need service? 

The Borosil range of electric kettles is made with only the best quality materials. And with proper usage and care, it shouldn’t need regular servicing. But should something happen, don’t fret. It is covered with a one-year warranty and on-site service support.

Does a Borosil kettle come with a warranty? 

Once you get yourself a Borosil electric kettle, there’s no looking back. It will deliver boiling water every day for years to come. Even then, it comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects and on-site service support.

Does a Borosil glass tea kettle break easily? 

The Borosil Electric Glass Kettle, 1.8L is the kind of kettle you’d want to show off to guests. It is easy, quick and convenient to use. A beautiful LED illumination lights up the entire kettle when the water is ready. And the kettle itself is made of strong borosilicate glass which is far more durable than regular glass.

Can I replace my Borosil kettle set?

Each Borosil electric kettle is precisely manufactured and carefully packed to reach you in the best condition. However, if you find any defects or arent happy with your kettle, we will replace it no questions asked under our 7-day replacement policy.

How to buy a tea kettle?

Consider the usage and capacity of the electric kettle you need for your household. On the Borosil website, you will find the entire range of Borosil kettles. Browse through the electric kettles and pick the one that suits you best.

I live alone. Should I buy a kettle?

You will be amazed by how much is possible with a Borosil electric kettle in your kitchen. You can make soup or cup noodles. Stir up a bowl of oatmeal and make tea or coffee on a daily basis. Trust us and get yourself one and you’ll find yourself using it more often than you expected.

What is the best kettle price?

The Cooltouch SS Electric Kettle, 1L is the most convenient electric kettle you can get. It is safe to touch at all times and has 1200W power. This means it boils water way faster than traditional methods. And the best part, it comes at a reasonable price of Rs. 1832 only.

What is the price range of the Borosil electric kettle?

The entire range of Borosil kettles is so economically priced that you’d want to get one of each. They come with a one-year warranty and on-site service support. The range starts at Rs. 1152 and goes up to Rs. 1912

Should I buy an electric kettle online?

Sure you could buy an electric kettle from a store but it is just so much easier to get it directory from its source, online. You enjoy free shipping, super fast delivery and even a 7-day replacement policy. So, you can get your electric kettle without a single worry in the world.

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