Induction Cooktops

Induction Cooktops

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an induction stove better than a gas cooktop?

Since the transfer of heat is much faster and more efficient, using induction cooktops is much better and more economical than using a traditional gas stove. This means food gets cooked much faster. They give you more control over a versatile temperature range. And having preset cooking modes makes things even easier.

Can you touch an induction stove?

Yes. Don't worry, there is no threat of getting finger burns since induction cooktops don't get hot. They only heat up at the point of contact with the utensil. So if you or the younger members of the family get curious and try to touch it, no one’s getting burnt. This also means if you spill while cooking, the food won’t burn on the cooking surface, making cleaning up so much easier.

Which is the best induction cooktop?

An induction cooktop is a must-have kitchen appliance in any modern kitchen. It's super convenient, quick, effortless and safe. It just makes sense. The Borosil SmartKook Electric Induction Cooktop is the best induction cooktop for you. It has preset cooking options, saves electricity and time and has an auto-shut function. It’s cool to touch and has an auto-pan detection system. With a one year warranty and on-site service, there’s just no looking back.

Are commercial induction cooktops worth it?

Once you get a commercial Induction cooktop home, you won't believe how easy it makes cooking up delicious recipes. The Borosil range of induction cooktops makes cooking a breeze. It saves you a lot of time and electricity because power consumption is economical. Plus, the hassle-free operation with its different power levels and preset cooking modes make cooking so much more fun.

What is the cost of an electric induction stove?

An Induction cooktop will save you so much time, money and energy that it is a must-have in your kitchen. And you could get this convenient appliance in your kitchen for as little as Rs. 2632. The preset modes and safe operation will have you cooking the most delicious dishes all the time.

Do electric stoves use gas?

No, an Induction cooktop uses very little electricity to cook your food efficiently. Since it doesn’t use gas like traditional stovetops it is much safer to cook on. It uses energy better and cooks your food faster. Thus saving you money as well as time. Plus, you never have to go through the hassle of getting a gas connection or changing heavy gas cylinders when they run out.

What is the price of induction Chulha?

An Induction cooktop is a very convenient appliance to have in your kitchen. You should invest in at least one Induction chulha. The Borosil range of induction cooktops starts at Rs. 2632 and goes up to Rs. 3752.

How do you start a portable induction cooktop?

It’s very easy to start cooking on your Borosil Induction Cooktop. Simply plug it in, place your vessel on the cooktop and press the power button. Use the + and - buttons to adjust the heat according to what you’re cooking. And you’ll be cooking tasty dishes in no time at all. 

Can I make roti on an induction plate?

The Borosil range of induction cooktops is perfect for making a variety of Indian dishes including the Indian bread - roti or ‘phulka’. You just need to use the temperature to your advantage and even get the recognizable fluff. Get the Induction cooktop and impress your guests and your parents with your newly acquired culinary skills.

Does an induction stove consume a lot of electricity?

Borosil Induction Cooktops are very efficient and easy to use. They use minimum electricity to cook your food faster. You end up saving a lot of electricity, time and energy. The range is economical and even the usage is very easy on your pocket. It just makes sense to get yourself one at the earliest.

Is cooking on an induction plate cheaper than gas?

Cooking on an induction plate is not just more economical than a traditional gas stovetop, it is even easier, safer and hassle-free. You will end up saving not just money but time and energy as well.

How many watts of induction stove should I use?

The Borosil range of induction cooktops comes in a variety of wattages for your convenience. An induction cooktop of 1600W to 1800W is perfect for a small family. If needed you can pair up two and use both simultaneously.

Which is the best induction stove for home?

For an average Indian household, The Borosil SmartKook Electric Induction Cooktop is simply right. It has preset menu options for dals, curries, soups, milk and lots more. The quick heating ensures that you don't waste your time, while the 1600 W power ensures maximum power with efficiency. The auto-pan detection and cool touch surface make the product extremely safe as it cannot accidentally be switched on or left on.

What is the most reliable induction cooktop?

If you are looking to buy an induction cooktop, obviously safety and reliability are on top of your mind. Let us put those at ease with The Borosil range of induction cooktops. They come with a one year warranty, on-site service support and auto-pan detection. The cool surface is safe to touch and the induction stove is easy to clean and maintain.

What should I look for when buying an induction cooktop?

While buying an induction cooktop you should check for a few things. Check the wattage - usually, a 1600W to 1800W induction cooktop is perfect for a single person or a small family. Also, look for preprogrammed Indian cooking modes or pre-set menus that make your favourite meals at the press of a button.

Is cooking faster on induction cooktops?

The Borosil range of induction cooktops transfers energy efficiency to cook food faster and without any hassles. Since the temperature is controlled, you can cook all sorts of dishes easily.

What is the difference between a regular stove and an electric induction stove?

A regular stove uses gas stored in heavy cylinders or delivered through metal pipes. Gas cooktops rely on a flame to heat food. Induction cooktops have electromagnetic coils that transfer heat directly into metal objects, cooking food much faster. Cleaning and maintaining a gas stove can be cumbersome. Cooking on and cleaning an induction stove is easy and the stove can be plugged into any wall socket making it light and portable.

Can Indian dishes be cooked on an Induction cooktop?

The Borosil SmartKook Electric Induction Cooktop comes with a variety of preset cooking modes. This helps you cook almost any Indian dish with ease. You can make curries, dals, soups and even fluffy rotis with ease on the induction cooktop.

How cheap is an induction plate in the long run?

Getting yourself an induction cooktop might seem like a difficult decision. Let us help you make it easier. When you compare costs like setting up gas stoves and gas cylinders, in the long run, using induction cooktops can be up to 20% cheaper. That’s a lot of savings considering you will cook a meal or two daily.

Which is the best induction cooktop in India for a family of 4?

The Borosil SmartKook Induction Cooktop PC11 is the right induction cooktop for an average family of 4 in India. The 1600W plate is perfect for cooking most Indian dishes with ease. You can boil milk, make tea and cook easily with the 7 preset cooking modes. The auto-off feature and auto-pan detection make cooking completely safe.

Where to buy induction stove online?

If you are looking for an economical and reliable induction cooktop, The Borosil range of induction cooktops is what you are looking for. They are completely safe and economical to use. They are easy to set up and the no flame cooking makes for a cool and enjoyable experience.

Which is the best power saver induction cooktop in the market?

Induction cooktops use much lesser energy to heat and cook food compared to a traditional gas stove. The Borosil SmartKook Induction Cooktop PC11 uses a 1600W plate to cook your food quickly and efficiently. It saves a lot of power and money for you while making cooking easy and fun.

Is an electric induction stove portable?

Since you don't need to attach gas pipelines or cylinders, an electric induction stove is quite portable. Simply plug it up on a wall socket and start your culinary journey wherever you are. If you need to move houses or want to cook at a friend’s house, you could simply carry the electric induction stove with you.

Is cooking on an electric induction stove healthy?

Food cooked on induction cooktops is perfectly safe and healthy to consume. It cooks much faster retaining more of the food’s nutrition. The plate uses electromagnetic induction to cook your food making the surface safe to touch.

Where to store an induction plate?

An induction plate can be left on your kitchen counter after wiping it off. But if you need to clear off some space, you could unplug it and store it in a cabinet for the next time you want to create some magic in your kitchen.

Can I leave an induction chulha on?

Leave the worries of forgetting a burner on in the kitchen in the past. The auto-off and auto-pan detection features make cooking completely safe to cook even if you forget to switch off the induction cooktop.

Should I buy Induction cooktops online?

We understand that you might have certain reservations about buying appliances online. The Borosil range of induction cooktops comes with a one year warranty and on-site service support, putting your worries to ease.

Which induction cooktop is best for all utensils?

The SmartKook Induction Cooktop TC12 works with most stainless steel utensils, cast iron utensils nonstick I cookware and enamel on metal cookware. This makes it a versatile induction cooktop and a must-have in your kitchen.

How long does a portable induction cooktop last?

Your portable Borosil Induction Cooktop comes with a long one year warranty, on-site service support and a cooking life of around 30000 hours. This means that you’ll be cooking delicious plates of food for many years to come.

How to clean an electric induction stove?

Cooking on an electric induction stove is easy. Cleaning it is even easier. Once you are done cooking, just wipe it down with a damp cloth. The induction cooktop does not use a flame to transfer energy hence the spillages don't stick to the surface. They come right off with a simple swipe. 

Can I boil milk on an electric induction stove?

Yes. In fact, the Borosil Induction Cooktops come with a preset cooking mode to boil milk easily at the touch of a button. They come with 8 Power levels to adjust the cooking temperature to the perfect level. The milk gets boiled very quickly as well.

Is the Borosil Induction 1800W good?

Trust us, the SmartKook Induction Cooktop PC23 is the best induction cooktop your money can buy. At just Rs. 2952, it is a worthy addition to any Indian kitchen. It heats and cooks food quickly ensuring minimal time, energy and money are used.

What is the Borosil Induction 1600 Watt price?

The Borosil range of induction cooktops of 1600W come in a variety of options; they start at Rs.2632 and go up to Rs. 3752. But rest assured that whichever you pick, you’ll be making a wise choice and adding an efficient appliance to your kitchen.

Is the Borosil Induction 1600 Watt price reasonable?

Starting at just Rs. 2632, The Borosil range of induction cooktops is the best choice for your kitchen. They are priced reasonably and save you a lot of time and money on a daily basis.

How to take care of the Borosil Induction 1800W?

Taking care of the Borosil Induction cooktop is so simple. Once you are done cooking, simply wipe the cooktop with a damp cloth. When not in use for an extended period of time, unplug and store it away in a cabinet.

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