Pressure Cookers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do pressure cookers work?

Once a pressure cooker is tightly sealed and set on heat from a stovetop or induction top, the water and moisture inside are heated and eventually boil into steam. The steam cannot escape and gets collected above the food. This increases the pressure inside the cooker and the heat is evenly dismissed onto the food cooking it from within. This process makes cooking quicker, easier and more efficient.

How to cook using a pressure cooker?

Cooking food in a pressure cooker is easier than it sounds. Add your food, e.g. rice or meat and liquid e.g. water or stock into the cooker pot. Close the lid and ensure that the sealing ring and the steam vent or nozzle are secure. Place the pressure cooker on a stovetop or induction top and start cooking. The pressure cooker will release steam from time to time. After the stipulated time, turn off the heat and let the cooker rest. Do not try to open the cooker right away. Release the remaining pressure and open the lid. Your food is ready to be served.

What is a reasonable cooker price?

While buying a pressure cooker for your kitchen, we know you’d want nothing but the best. While there are a number of options on the market, we suggest you cook with a stainless steel pressure cooker. They don’t corrode and provide the safest and most efficient way of cooking your food. What’s more, they come at an economical price of Rs. 2276.

Where to buy cooker online?

While buying a pressure cooker online, we know you’d want to be sure of the authenticity, quality of materials and the reliability of the website. But rest assured that when you buy a Borosil pressure cooker from the Borosil website, you are buying it from the most trustworthy source. You also get a long 5-year warranty, cash on delivery, free shipping and super fast delivery.

Is a steel cooker better than other cookers?

The Borosil range of stainless steel cookers is the safest, most efficient way of cooking your food. The unique 6.8 mm thick base transfers heat faster to speed up your cooking and save fuel costs. The food-grade SS304 body ensures that your pressure cooker will never corrode or pit.

Is a small cooker enough for a family?

Cooking with a pressure cooker saves not only time but also fuel costs. It is great to whip up quick meals. A 3L pressure cooker is great for the average Indian family. You can use it to cook meals for the entire day with ease.

Will I get a fake item if I buy a pressure cooker online?

Buying appliances and cookware online can be confusing as there are so many options to compare. But when you buy a pressure cooker directly from the Borosil website, you can rest assured that it is the most genuine and best quality product your money can buy.

Does an ss pressure cooker corrode?

Borosil stainless steel pressure cookers have been made using nothing but the best materials. The unique 6.8mm thick base helps cook faster and transfers heat more uniformly. The hygienic stainless steel body will not corrode or pit over the years. The pressure cooker is also covered with a long 5-year warranty.

What is a good stainless steel cooker 3 litre price?

Borosil stainless steel pressure cooker is a worthy investment and a must-have in your kitchen. The durable body and long 5-year warranty make sure that you can use the pressure cooker to make delectable dishes for years to come. It comes at an attractive price of only Rs. 2316.

Can I get a good deal online for a pressure cooker 5 litre?

The Presto SS Pressure Cooker is the best 5 litre cooker you can get your hands on. It gives the best, safest and most efficient cooking experience. It cooks your food much faster as well. And for just Rs. 2716, it is a bargain. 

Does a pressure cooker 3 litre come with a warranty?

Every Borosil stainless steel pressure cooker is made with food-grade SS304 material to ensure safe and healthy cooking. This also helps keep the pressure cooker like new for a long time to come. Even the gasket is durable and long-lasting. Over and above the pressure cooker is covered with a long 5-year warranty

Can I cook rice non-stick pressure cooker?

Cooking rice is very quick, easy and convenient in a pressure cooker. Wash a cup of rice a few times and soak in water for about 30 minutes. Add the rice, some salt and a cup and half of water into the pressure cooker. Let it cook and release steam twice. Turn the heat off and allow the cooker to sit for a while. A few minutes later, open the lid and fluff your rice with a fork.

What is the best and cheap kukar price 5 liter?

The Presto SS Pressure Cooker is a great 5 liter cooker for you and your family. It works on both gas stoves and induction tops. And the bakelite handle stays cool to the touch for easy handling. The unique thick 6.8 mm bae cooks your food faster and more uniformly. And all this at a very reasonable price of Rs. 2716.

Where to buy the best pressure cooker in India?

Pressure cookers are a classic in the Indian kitchen. They are widely available everywhere in the market. But getting the right pressure cooker for you can be a challenge. You want it to be 100% genuine, safe and durable. Hence, we made it easier for you. Buy from the Borosil range of pressure cookers to get the best, safest and a most efficient pressure cooker with a long 5-year warranty. 

Is it safe to cook in a 2 litre pressure cooker with induction base?

The Pronto SS Pressure Cooker has been specifically designed to cook safely on an induction base. The unique 6.8 mm thick base ensures even heat transfer and uniform cooking. You can cook much faster and quicker for longer as the pressure cooker will not pit or corrode.

Is the best cooker in India easy to use for a first time user?

Cooking with the Pronto Edge SS Pressure Cooker is a dream. It works well on both gas stoves and induction cooktops. The Easy-Grip Bakelite handles stay cool for easy handling. It even has a pressure lock safety lid. It cooks food evenly and quickly thanks to its unique 6.8mm thick base. So you can start your culinary journey without a worry in the world.

Can you cook with an induction pressure cooker on a gas stove?

The Pronto SS Pressure Cooker come with Food Grade SS304 for safe and healthy cooking. This gives it a long life as well. The unique 6.8mm base ensures faster and more even cooking due to uniform heat transfer. This also allows it to operate efficiently on induction cooktops as well as gas stoves.

What is a good price for a big capacity induction base pressure cooker?

Cooking on an induction cooktop is way more efficient and quicker. It is hassle-free and safe as well. You can host parties and cook for a lot of guests in an induction safe pressure cooker like the Pronto SS Pressure Cooker with a large 5-litre capacity. To make this better, It comes for a bargain at just Rs. 2716

What feature to expect in the best pressure cooker in India?

You have set out to buy a pressure cooker and want to know all its features. The Pronto Edge SS Pressure Cooker comes loaded with a host of features and more. The unique 6.8mm thick base allows faster cooking and gives the pressure cooker a long life. It also has cool to the touch Easy Grip Bakelite handles. It won't corrode or pit. It’ll work on induction cooktops or gas stoves and has a bunch of safety features as well. What’s more, it even comes with a long 5-year warranty.

How to clean a 2 litre pressure cooker?

Cleaning your Borosil pressure cooker is easy. Clean the safety ring with warm soapy water. Rinse the steam vent with water. Do not leave the pressure cooker to soak in water for long hours. Do not leave salted liquids, vinegar, mayonnaise or mustard in the cooker. Simply, clean the pressure cooker with a soft soap under running water.

What is a good 1 litre pressure cooker price?

Starting to cook with a pressure cooker can be a lot of fun. If you are cooking only for yourself and occasionally someone else, a 1-litre pressure cooker is ideal for you. With a minimal investment, you can start cooking a lot of healthy dishes. YOu can get yourself a Pronto SS Pressure Cooker for just Rs. 1800.

What are the advantages of cooking in a pressure cooker stainless steel?

Cooking in a stainless steel pressure cooker has a number of advantages over cooking in an open vessel. Your food is cooked much faster and more heavenly due to the uniform heat transfer. You save a lot of time and reduce fuel costs. You ensure no spillages and the food-grade SS304 material makes sure that your food stays healthy and the pressure cooker has a long life.

When to replace the ring in a stainless steel pressure cooker?

The sealing ring in your stainless steel pressure cooker ensures that no pressure escapes and the cook is uniform and efficient. However, due to wear and tear, over time the sealing ring can get damaged. When it gets hard or cracked and does not seal properly, it is time to replace it. 

How to take care of the Borosil pressure cooker?

Your Borosil pressure cooker is made to last you for many years. As long as you clean and care for your pressure cooker, it will help you in serving up delicious delicacies for a long time. Simply, replace the sealing ring when it’s cracked or hard. Make sure the steam vent is clear and working. You may use a needle to remove food from the steam vent nut. And, wash all parts with hot water and a mild soap or detergent and a dishcloth or sponge.

Can I pay cash on delivery for the Borosil pressure cooker 3 litre?

When you buy a pressure cooker from Borosil you are sure of getting a genuine product with long life and a long 5-year warranty. Not only do you enjoy free and super fast delivery, but you also get the option of paying via cash on delivery. 

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