Oven Toaster Griller (OTG)

Oven Toaster Griller (OTG)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best oven?


You should choose an oven keeping the following factors in mind:
  • How much space do you have in your kitchen? Ovens come in different sizes, and it is important to ensure that the oven you choose fits the space you have.
  • How much and what kind of cooking do you plan to do in the oven? If you are going to use the Oven Toaster Griller primarily for toasts and small pizzas, then it makes sense to get a smaller one so that it heats up faster and uses less energy. However, if you do a lot of baking, then you should go for a larger baking oven.
  • What features you need -  If you bake and roast a lot, then you should definitely choose an OTG with convection heating. Do you need a rotisserie? Should it be motorized? How many heating options would you like? What is the maximum temperature you want? How long do you want the mechanical timer to be? Consider all features before you choose an oven toaster griller of your choice.
  • After sales service is extremely important. Choose a brand that has a good reputation for after sales service. At Borosil, customer satisfaction is at the center of everything we do, and our dedicated team of technicians ensures that all issues are attended to and resolved at the earliest.

Which is the best OTG to buy?

Borosil OTGs are one of the best selling OTGs online due to their even heating, user friendliness and responsive after sales service. The OTGs come with multiple accessories, have different settings to provide greater user control over the cooking process, and even have a recipe book to get you started on your cooking journey!

What is the difference between a microwave oven and an oven? Which is better - OTG or microwave?

The main advantage of a microwave oven is that it is easy to use and cheaper than a regular oven. Though they are good for reheating food, microwave ovens are not so good at cooking food that is more than an inch thick. There is also more potential for mishaps with microwave ovens - e.g. if you are trying to poach eggs and you don’t use enough water, it could cause a mini egg explosion!

A conventional oven can be used to bake, toast, grill and cook. Ovens take longer to cook than microwaves (because they heat the air first v/s microwaves which directly heat the food), and therefore are not as efficient for reheating. One of the main advantages of using a conventional oven is the temperature control - you can precisely control temperature settings and can choose the kind of heating you want (top, bottom, top + bottom, sides etc). If the oven has a convection function, then it will distribute the heat evenly, which will ensure even and consistent cooking. 

What is different about a convection oven?

An oven works by heating the air, which then heats and cooks the food. A convection oven has a fan and exhaust system, which ensures that the heat is evenly distributed. The fan and exhaust help blow hot oven air over and around the food, then vent it back out. As a result, this hot air surrounds the food so that it cooks evenly and more quickly. 

What kind of oven is used for baking? Which is the best oven for baking?

A convection oven, also known as a baking oven, is the best choice for baking.

  • It cooks faster: Because a convection oven blows hot air directly on the food, food cooks about 25 percent faster in a convection oven.

  • It cooks more evenly: Regular ovens can have hot spots, depending on where the heating element is, but the fan in a convection oven will circulate the air to help even out the temperature throughout the oven.

  • It’s better at browning: Air in a regular oven is humid, as moisture can’t escape. Convection creates a dry atmosphere that caramelizes the sugars faster when roasting, so foods like meats and vegetables get browner, but the interiors stay moist.

  • It saves energy: Because food cooks faster in a convection oven, and generally at a lower temperature, it’s a bit more energy efficient than a regular oven.

What is the best pizza oven for home use?

Borosil OTGs with their multiple heating options and convection function are a great option for baking pizzas and breads. It ensures even baking and temperature settings can be controlled to ensure optimum melting and browning of the pizza cheese

How many litres OTG should I buy?

Pick an OTG model based on your available space, and also how much baking do you intend to do at one time.

What is the difference between the Pro OTG and Prima OTG models?

The functions and specifications of both the Prima OTG and the Pro OTG are the same - only the outer aesthetics are different. Only in the 19L variant, the Prima OTG 19L has a convection function, while the Pro OTG 19L has a motorized rotisserie. In all the other size variants, the features are exactly the same.

What is an oven toaster grill?

An OTG is an Oven Toaster Griller - so it is an oven which has a toasting and grilling  function as well

What is grilling in an oven?

Borosil OTGs come with a motorized rotisserie so that you can grill shashliks, paneer, kebabs etc. In fact, you can even use it to grill a whole chicken!

What is the price of an OTG oven?

Borosil OTGs provide great value for money and provide outstanding quality at reasonable prices. They are available in various capacities starting with  Prima 10 L Oven Toaster Griller and Prima 60 L Oven Toaster Griller for larger baking portions at affordable price points. 

What is the oven used for?

An Oven Toaster Griller can be used for baking, toasting and grilling. Most Borosil OTGs even provide a rotisserie function including Prima 60 L OTGPrima 42 L OTG and Prima 30 L OTG. In fact, we have an OTG that has an inbuilt airfryer as well - our Best 25L OTG + Air Fryer

Can I use glass containers in OTG?

Yes, you can use borosilicate glass in Borosil OTGs. Borosilicate glass can be heated to 350°C, which is higher than the highest temperature setting on an oven. When choosing a glass dish, be sure to choose a baking dish from a reputed brand like Borosil which uses the highest grade glass, as a cheaper borosilicate glass can crack in extreme heat. Borosilicate glass also doesn’t leech any chemicals when heated.

Can I use silicone in OTG ?

Yes Silicone baking mats and moulds can be used in all Borosil OTGs.

Can I use stainless steel in OTG?

Stainless steel (without plastic or wooden parts) can be used in an OTG.

Can I use cast iron in OTG?

Yes, enameled cast iron (without plastic or wooden parts) can be used in an OTG.

Can I use ceramic crockery or stoneware in OTG?

 Don’t use items decorated with adhesive designs and if the ceramics are glazed, make sure they are manufactured to use in an oven.

Can I use aluminium foil in OTG? What about aluminium dishes?

Yes, aluminium foil can be used in an OTG as can aluminium dishes

Can I use plastic in OTG?

No, you cannot use plastic in any OTG.

When should you use the convection function in an oven?

Use the convection function when baking, roasting, toasting, dehydrating, or when using multiple trays or cooking with a cover.  Since the convection setting in an OTG circulates air, do not use the convection function  for delicate foods that can lose shape easily, such as custards, flans, souffles etc

How many heating elements do the Borosil OTGs  have?

Except for the 10L OTG which has 2 heating elements (top and bottom), the other OTG models all have 4 heating elements - 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom.

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