Casseroles & Kadhais

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best quality casserole?

You only use the absolute best in your cooking. The best ingredients, the best spices and of course the best utensils. Cook your curries, dals, soups and other delicious dishes with ease in the Cookfresh SS Casserole with lid. This is the best quality cookware you can buy. It uses premium-quality stainless steel. So, you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth.

What can be cooked in a casserole dish?

With your Cookfresh SS Casserole with lid, the possibilities are endless. Whip up a quick soup or stew or slow cook your favourite daals and curried vegetables. Whatever challenge you throw at your casserole, its durable thick body is ready for it and will serve you delicious meals for a long time to come.

How durable is the stainless steel casserole?

There's no looking back once you get yourself the Cookfresh SS Casserole with lid. Its durable, long-lasting and thick body will serve you in the kitchen for years to come. The SS 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel ensures safe and healthy cooking on gas, hot plate and induction stovetops. It even comes with a one year warranty.

What are the features of the casserole dishes set?

The Cookfresh Triply Casserole comes loaded with features. The tri-ply cookware base requires less oil to cook your food. It’s made of SS304 Food Grade stainless steel for safe and healthy cooking. This gives it even heat distribution without corrosion or discolouration. The stay-cool handles with silicon cover provide a secure and comfortable grip. They are even very easy to clean for hassle-free cooking.

Can a round casserole be used on an induction cooktop?

Your Cookfresh Triply Casserole can easily be used on an induction cooktop. Cook your soups, daals, curried vegetables or any such delicacy that comes to your mind. The cookware is as versatile when it comes to the heat source too. You can easily use your cookware on a stovetop, or even on a hot plate.

What sizes are available in a casserole set?

The Cookfresh Triply Casserole comes in two sizes to suit your needs. If you’re cooking a smaller meal or live in a nuclear family set-up you can opt for the 2.2 L capacity casserole. And if you’re hosting and cooking for a few guests or are cooking for a larger family, the 3.5 L casserole should be just right for you.

What is a hot pot casserole made of?

Only the absolute best materials go into making the Cookfresh Triply Casserole. A superior stainless steel tri-ply body gives you even and quick cooking for a long time. The inner body is made of SS304 Food Grade stainless steel. A thick aluminium core ensures uniform heat distribution and an SS 430 base allows you to cook on gas stoves or even induction cooktops.

Where to buy casserole online?

Buying cookware online can be challenging as you cannot touch and feel the product first-hand. You need to be sure of the materials used and the brand as well. Hence, you should only buy your casseroles and kadhais from the Borosil website. You are sure to get the best quality cookware that is reasonably priced and durable. You even get a one year warranty on the entire range.

Does a casserole utensil come with a warranty?

The Borosil range of Kadhais and Casseroles come with a one year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Which is the best Kadai for a family?

Everyone loves to serve healthy and nutritious meals to their family. You can too with the Cookfresh Triply Kadhai with silicon handles and a lid. It comes in various capacities ranging from 1.5 L, 2.5 L to 4 L. So you can cook a healthy, hearty meal for your family every day.

Which kadhai is ideal for one person?

Cooking for oneself can be so much fun. The Cookfresh SS Flat Kadhai with lid can make this experience way more fun. The 1.8 L kadhai is perfect to make soups, daals, curried veggies and more for yourself every day. With proper care, this kadhai will last many years giving you a smooth and flawless cooking experience every time. 

Is it advisable to buy kadai online?

If it were any other website, we’d advise you against it. But the Borosil website is the perfect place to get yourself something from the Borosil range of kadhais and casseroles. You get free shipping, super fast delivery and cash on delivery. And since you are buying directly from Borosil, you are sure of getting the best quality products every time.

What is a reasonable kadai price?

You should get yourself a kadhai that’s made with the best food-grade stainless steel. This makes sure that you get a durable, long-lasting kadhai that will cook evenly and quickly every time. The Cookfresh SS Flat Kadhai with lid starts at just Rs. 767 and gives you a smooth and flawless cooking experience every time.

Can I use a metal spoon to cook in a non-stick kadai?

You would be surprised to know that the Granito Nonstick Kadhai with lid is so versatile that you can use wooden or even metal spoons and ladles. The superior 5 layer and scratch-resistant non-stick coating give a perfect browning overall and cooking experience. The 4 mm thick body ensures durability and even heat distribution. You can even cook on a stovetop, hot plate or induction cooktop

Which is the best induction kadai?

Cooking on an induction cooktop is so convenient. And using the Cookfresh Triply Kadhai with silicone handles and a lid, makes it even more convenient. It has three layers of metal for uniform heat distribution on any cooktop. The stay-cool handles make it easy to handle and cook.

Is the food cooked in a non stick kadai healthy?

Let us put your worries to rest. Food cooked in the Granito Nonstick Kadhai with a lid is healthy and safe to eat for everyone. The 5 layer, non-stick coating lets you cook without ever worrying about the food getting stuck to the surface of the cookware. The stylish granite finish makes it look great and is a must-have in your kitchen.

Does a steel kadai corrode over time?

One thing you can be sure of is that if you get yourself a kadhai from the Borosil range of kadhais and casseroles, you are set for a long time. With proper usage and care, the stainless steel kadhai will not corrode or discolour. So your food’s taste is never affected and you can cook sumptuous dishes for years to come.

Should I cook in an aluminium kadai?

Aluminium utensils heat up very quickly and easily react with acidic vegetables and foods, so it is highly advisable to avoid cooking in such utensils. These chemical reactions affect your immune system. The safest and healthiest way to cook is in a Cookfresh Triply Kadhai that’s made from the best quality food-grade stainless steel that even cooks your food and doesn't ever alter its taste.

Can I use a kitchen kadai to deep fry food?

Borosil cookware has all that you need to cook great dishes in your kitchen. If you are in the mood for something deep fried, the Cookfresh SS Deep Kadhai with Lid is the go-to kadhai for you. The SS304 Food Grade stainless steel is perfect for heating oil for a long time. The deep kadhai allows you to deep fry your favourite foods safely.

Where do I buy kadai with a lid from?

If you are looking for a safe and reliable kadhai, look no further than the Borosil website. The Borosil range of kadhais and casseroles has you covered. You get the best quality durable stainless steel, a great cooking experience and even a one year warranty.

Which is the best and cheap frying kadai?

The Cookfresh SS Deep Kadhai with Lid is the best kadhai for you if you enjoy fried foods. The deep kadhai makes frying convenient and safe. The impact-bonded bottom disperses heat evenly. It starts at an economical price of just Rs. 699 and is even eligible for cash on delivery. You also enjoy free and super fast delivery.

Which is the best kadai for non-veg cooking?

Indian cooking is not the easiest in the world. It involves lots of gravies, curries, deep frying and tempering. While cooking non-veg food as well, you need utensils that can stand the heat for a long time while dispersing it evenly. The Cookfresh Triply Kadhai is the perfect kadhai for this job. It cooks meat evenly for a long time and the stainless steel body ensures there’s no altering of flavour.

Where do I get a discount if I buy kadai online?

There are lots of advantages of buying casseroles and kadhais straight from the Borosil website. You are sure to get genuine Borosil products of top quality. You also get free and fast delivery, the option to pay cash on delivery and even a one year warranty. But over and above these perks, you enjoy heavy discounts on the complete range of Borosil kadhais and casseroles.

Where do I buy wok online at a low price?

If you are a big fan of Chinese food, you’d want to try your hand at making it at home as well. We recommend you use the Cookfresh Triply Kadhai. Stir up some veggies, fry Manchurian or cook delicious fried rice with ease with your trusted Borosil kadhai. The food-grade stainless steel will not corrode and will last you a long time.

Is there a kadai online sale?

You don’t have to wait for an online sale to get yourself the best Kadhai. Just pick one from the Borosil range of kadhais and casseroles. The multipurpose range of stainless steel cookware is great to make your favourite soups, daals or curried veggies. And you get all this on major discounts on the Borosil website

Should I buy stainless steel kadai online?

Stainless steel kadhais are better than most because they don’t discolour or alter the taste of food. Buying one can be difficult considering that you can’t be sure of the quality of the metal used. Unless you buy the Cookfresh Triply Kadhai straight from the

What is the price range of the Borosil casserole?

Getting started in your kitchen with the Borosil range of kadhais and casseroles is very easy. The range starts for as little as Rs. 676 and goes up to a reasonable Rs. 2657. The range has an array of utensils depending on your need. From flat kadhais to handis to casseroles Borosil has what you need to help you on your culinary journey.

What is the price of a Borosil round casserole 1.5 litres?

The Cookfresh SS Casserole with lid is the perfect casserole for you if you are looking to make meals for one or two people. You can cook your daals, curried veggies and soups with ease. The 1.6 L capacity casserole comes for only Rs. 676.

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