Vegetable Korma

Vegetable Korma

Posted on Apr 12, 2023

Indulge in the exotic flavours of vegetable korma, a mouthwatering Indian delicacy that will transport your taste buds to a world of rich spices and flavours. With every bite, you'll savour the perfect blend of sweet and savoury notes that make this dish a true masterpiece!


Ghee 4 tbsp

Onion 4-5 medium size (sliced)

Cashew nuts 8-10 nos.

Cumin seeds (jeera) 1tsp

Cinnamon stick 1 inch

Bay leaf 1-2 nos.

Star anise 1 no.

Green Cardamom 3-4 nos.

Black peppercorns 3-4 nos.

Cloves 5-6 nos.

Mace 1 no.

Nutmeg 1⁄2 tsp (grated)

Green chillies 1-2 nos. (chopped)

Ginger 1 inch (julienne)

Curd 1 cup

Red chilli powder 2 tbsp

Coriander powder 3 tbsp

Turmeric powder 1⁄2 tsp

Besan 1 tbsp

French beans 1⁄2 cup (blanched)

Carrots 1⁄2 cup (blanched)

Cauliflower 1⁄2 cup (blanched)

Capsicum 1⁄2 cup

Water 500 ml

Paneer 250 gm (cubes)

Kasuri methi 1 tsp

Freshly prepared garam masala 1 tsp


1. Heat oil in a deep kadai, add sliced onions and cook on medium heat until onions start to turn brown.

2. Spread fried onions on a paper towel, and soak the cashew nuts in hot water for 10 minutes.

3. Grind the fried onions along with soaked cashews into a fine paste and adjust the consistency by adding water as required.

4. Heat oil in a pan and add the whole spices, green chillies and ginger, sauté for a minute on a low flame.

5. In a separate bowl add the curd and mix red chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder and besan. Whisk well ensuring no lumps.

6. Add the curd mixture to the wok and stir continuously for 3-4 minutes. Increase the flame and cook until the oil separates.

7. Add the fried onion and cashew paste and salt to taste, and cook for 10-15 minutes.

8. Add the vegetables and cook for 2-3 minutes.

9. Add water to adjust the consistency of the gravy. Add paneer, mix well and bring it to a boil.

10. Add kasuri methi and freshly prepared garam masala, mix well, cover and cook on low flame for 5-6 minutes.

11. Serve hot with roti or paratha.

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