Tips to make your dining table look elegant
Tips to make your dining table look elegant
Posted on 2 সেপ্টেম্বর, 2022

Your dining table ambience is the glue that holds any meal or snack time together. Enhance your aesthetic with elegant, stylish presentation and creative uses of cutlery as home décor!



Firstly, set the mood.

1. Lighting plays a huge role in defining the mood. Hang up lights, turn on a few lamps, and ease into an elegant atmosphere.
2. Use a tablecloth to prep and décorate your table.
3. Add flower pots to the centre of your table. Opt for a flower arrangement if you're not in the mood for a flower pot. A big bowl half-filled with water and seasonal flowers floating on its surface would really amp up the elegance!
4. Add a bowl of fresh seasonal fruits to your table. They could serve as a snack before the meal is served and as a post-meal healthy dessert.
5. Use drinking glasses as pieces of décor in a unique way:
      - By filling them up three-quarters with water and adding flowers, the glasses can serve as mini vases for art décor.
      - They can also be used as votive candles. Fill the glasses up with petals and add a t-light candle on top & voila, there you have it!

          Lastly, set the table.

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          A formal table set-up would rev up the sophistication factor. Here's how to set a formal dinner table:

          1. Ensure that the tablecloth you spread earlier was neatly ironed and crisp. It will protect your table from any spills while also serving as décor!
          2. Now, you add your plate sets to the table. Place a dinner plate and then a salad plate on top of it.
          3. Then comes the bread plate. Place it above and to the left of the dinner and salad plate. Place the butter knife horizontally on top of the bread plate.
          4. Place the dinner fork to the left of the dinner plate, and the salad fork to the left of the dinner fork.
          5. The knife goes to the right of the dinner plate and the spoon to the right of the knife.
          6. Horizontally, place the dessert spoon right above the dinner plate.
          7. Water glasses or wine glasses are meant to be kept in the upper right corner of the place setting. Keep the water glass closest to your guest and the red wine glass right behind the white wine glass!
          8. Fold a napkin and place it on top of the salad plate.
          9. The coffee cup and saucer can be set below the glasses.


          After the appetiser and main course have been served, there comes the most awaited course of a meal - dessert!

          Simply set your table for it with a dessert plate and a dessert spoon which should already be on the table from earlier.

          Enjoy your formal meal!