Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

Posted on Apr 23, 2024


Simple Pleasures: A Refreshing Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

Do you have nostalgic memories of chasing down the ice cream cart in summer, eagerly wanting to eat a creamy and cold treat? If yes, you are not alone! Everyone loves ice cream and among the wide array of flavours, strawberry ice cream holds a special place in the hearts of every individual because of its delightful sweetness and fresh flavours. 

From the delectable taste of ripe strawberries to its creamy and rich texture, strawberry ice cream delivers a refreshing and tantalising sensation to the taste buds. If you do not want to rely on artificial colours and flavours, make this indulgent ice cream at home for unparalleled freshness. With a handful of basic ingredients and a little patience, you can enjoy spoons full of sweetness and creaminess in the comfort of your house. 

Whether you want to serve a velvety textured dessert at a dinner table or add it as an element to the wholesome plate of waffles or pancakes, our detailed homemade strawberry ice cream recipe will help you achieve a perfect blend of textures and flavours. So, get some strawberries, collect the other ingredients, and prepare ice cream that is delicious and unforgettable. 

How To Make Strawberry Ice Cream at Home?

While store-bought strawberry ice cream has its own charm, there is something undeniably special about preparing ice cream in your kitchen. The best part: it is ready in just 40 minutes. 

Strawberry Ice Cream Ingredients 

For preparing delectable strawberry ice cream at home, you will need the following ingredients: 

• 3 cups fresh strawberries for best taste
• 1 ½ cup whole milk for creaminess
• 2 ½ cup heavy cream for velvety texture
• 4 tablespoons lemon juice to balance sweetness (optional)
• 1 ½ cup raw sugar to enrich the flavour
• 2 teaspoons vanilla extract to elevate the overall taste

Recipe for Strawberry Ice Cream 

To enjoy the goodness of fresh strawberries in ice cream, follow the recipe below as mentioned.  

Step 1: Preparing the Strawberries 

For fresh and comprehensive flavours, use fresh ripe strawberries. Wash the strawberries thoroughly under cold water to remove all dirt and debris. After cleaning the strawberries, slice or dice them. Place a handful of sliced or diced strawberries in a bowl and keep them in the refrigerator for garnish. 

Step 2: Make the Ice Cream Base 

Once the strawberries are prepped, it’s time to make the base. In a mixing bowl, combine whole milk and raw sugar. Stir the mixture using a spatula until sugar has dissolved in the milk. Next, add heavy cream to the mixture and stir it well to blend the ingredients together for a smooth consistency. 

Step 3: Combining the Flavours

After making the creamy base, add strawberries and vanilla extract. Ensure all the ingredients are evenly distributed in the base. For an extra burst of flavour, you can add freshly squeezed lemon juice to enhance the darkness of the strawberries. 

Step 4: Chilling the Ice Cream

Once all the ingredients are infused in the ice cream base, transfer the mixture to a rectangular or square container for chilling. Cover the container with plastic wrap, ensuring the wrap is in direct contact with the surface of the mixture. Place the container in the refrigerator and allow it to set for a minimum of 6 hours, preferably overnight, for best results. 

Step 5: Serving 

After chilling the strawberry ice cream for 6 hours or overnight, scoop it into ice cream bowls or cones. Take the diced strawberries out of the refrigerator and garnish them on the ice cream for an added taste. You can also serve the delectable scoop with waffles and pancakes. 

Step 6: Storing and Freezing 

If you have leftovers, storing the ice cream properly is important to maintain its flavour, texture, and quality. Transfer the leftover ice cream to an air container and place it in the freezer for up to 2 weeks. You can also place a piece of parchment paper on the surface of the ice cream to prevent freezer burns. Seal the container properly. 

Variations and Customisations 

While conventional strawberry ice cream is delicious, there is always a scope for experimentation and creativity with varied flavours and ingredients. 

For a tropical twist, you can add diced pineapple and flakes of coconut. 

Add chopped mint leaves or basil leaves for a hint of freshness. 

Further, if you feel like being a little more adventurous, incorporate ingredients like black pepper or balsamic vinegar for a refined flavour profile. 

To create layers of texture, add crushed shortbread cookies between the ice cream in the container before freezing. 

Roast the strawberries in the pan or oven for a few minutes before incorporating them into the base to add caramelised flavour and sweetness. 

Add a pinch of ground cardamom to the ice cream base for an exotic twist and deep flavours. 

Summing Up 

Enjoying a velvety scope of homemade strawberry ice cream in the comfort of your home is an unmatched experience. Whether you want to try your culinary skills in the kitchen or an individual who cooks every day, the recipe will shortly enhance your skills and bliss the taste buds in hot temperatures. So, this summer, say no to readymade strawberry ice cream and create a creamy delight at home. 


How to make strawberry ice cream without processed sugar? 

For an alternative to processed sugar, you can blend strawberries and ice cream base with honey or maple syrup to enjoy a guilt-free dessert. 

Do I compulsorily need an ice cream maker to make strawberry ice cream at home?

An ice cream maker can make the process easier; however, you can still make homemade ice cream without having one. Freeze the mixture overnight or for a minimum of 6 hours. 

Can I use low-fat milk or other alternatives for homemade strawberry ice cream?

Yes, you can replace whole milk with low-fat, coconut, or almond milk. Remember, whole milk alternatives may affect the richness and creaminess of the ice cream.

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