How to Clean an Iron

How to Clean an Iron

Posted on May 25, 2023

How To Clean An Iron Press?

How you dress up has a lot to do with defining your character. And wearing ironed clothes helps in the process. You do not need to iron every bit of clothing in your cupboard, but the ones you plan to wear to the office and special outings cannot be left unironed. Make sure the bottom of your iron press is clean to avoid unnecessary stains on your clothes & if you’re wondering ‘how to clean iron press?’ you’ve landed at the right place. The following points denote everything that will help to keep your iron dirt free.

When Should You Clean Your Iron?

Most people are searching for ‘how to clean iron press?’ Some find it hard to understand, ‘When should you clean your iron press?’ And for them, here is a steady guide. 

Using your iron on scorched synthetic fabric, sizing, or starch can cause burnt-on grime to develop, resulting in rust-like stains and affecting the overall performance of the iron.

Thus, when using the iron regularly, you must clean it once every month. However, when you use your iron once or twice a week, the gap between each cleaning session can be 4 to 6 months. 

How to understand that your iron needs cleaning? Look for charring on your iron's soleplate or when you notice burnt grime over the plate or burnt-on gunk. Wipe it off with a cleanser or vinegar solution.  

How To Clean Iron? Your 101 Guide 

Well, it is more than cleaning the base of your iron and ensuring no stains. The body of the iron needs to be properly cleaned to have a new finish all the time. In the process, people ask how to clean iron box. And the points below will serve as a steady guide to it all.   

Dissolve Tylenol For Your Iron Soleplate

Starting with how to clean iron base? You can get any acetaminophen tablet and turn the iron into its highest setting. Once the plate is hot, press the pill directly on the burnt area. The pill will melt and take a gel form, dissolving the burnt spot at the bottom of your iron plate. Now, use a damp cloth to wipe off the sole plate. Repeat the entire process multiple times until the burnt patch is completely removed. This is one of the most popular hacks you will come across when you search for “how to clean iron press?” on Google.
Precaution Tips: When using this technique, wear oven mitts or heat-protecting gloves to protect your fingertips. However, avoid using pliers or tweezers to hold the pill because one slip would damage the iron. Most importantly, wear something to safeguard your hands, and you are good to go!

Use Cleaning Solutions For Your Steam Iron

For your question, ‘how to clean steam iron plate?’ use a cleaning solution and wipe off the base with a damp cloth. You can start by spreading an even layer of the iron cleaner on the iron base and wiping it off with a damp towel in the scrubbing motion. Also, one can use a cotton swab to clean out the steam holes. Dip the cotton swab in vinegar (distilled white) for an effective output. 

Soak A Towel In Vinegar To Clean Up The Iron With Corrosion

Most of the time, people find it hard to get to a solution when the question is, ‘how to clean iron rust?’ Well, the answer had been lying before you all these days, and you were looking elsewhere. Nothing fancy, nothing extra - just a 100% home remedy, and you will get a clean iron soon.
Soak a towel in a vinegar solution and then keep the iron on the towel with the plate facing down. Leave the arrangement for 30 minutes and wipe it off. Isn’t it the easiest and quick hack to your question, ”how to clean iron press having rust?”

Add Vinegar To The Water Reservoir Of Your Steam Iron

Besides the cotton swab technique on ‘how to clean steam iron?’ this one will also help improve your iron cleaning game. For this, you must fill the water reservoir of your steam iron with a mixture of white vinegar and water and switch it on. Now, grab a towel or an old cloth and start ironing it. You will notice residues coming out of the vents along with the steam. This process will give your iron a complete detox from the inside out. 

Break Down Residue Using Nail Polish Remover   

Lastly, on ‘how to clean iron press?’, grab a cotton ball and dip it into nail polish remover. Wear heat-protecting gloves, and wipe off the cotton ball on the surface of the heated iron. Doing this, you will notice the residue getting dissolved in no time. While doing this, select an outdoor area, as chemical fumes will rise off the iron. 

How To Maintain Your Clothes Iron?  

Hope, by now, it is clear, ‘how to clean iron press of yours?’ As an added benefit, here are certain tips that will help your iron last long:
- Make sure to clean your iron twice yearly or more based on your use. For more information, go by the instruction manual provided by your manufacturer. 
- When using steam iron, always use distilled water. Avoid pouring tap water, as they contain mineral deposits and will clog the steam vents, damaging your iron.
- Also, turn off and unplug your iron every time you are done using it. Store it in the specific box that the company has provided you.  
- For the steam iron, fill the water reservoir when the iron is cool and unplugged. 
- While using an iron, abide by the recommended fabric setting and avoid running your iron hot plate over decals, snaps, buttons, and plastic and metal zippers. 


Nowadays, it is common for every household to have a compact iron. And all of these tips on ‘how to clean iron press?’ will offer a steady solution in maintaining the same. Whatever cleaning technique you choose to use, ensure taking thorough precautions. Also, ensure you do not have pets or children roaming around while cleaning. Do not expose your iron to water or harsh detergents, which can cause irreversible damage.   

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does an iron press start leaving brown marks?

Heat-sensitive fabrics tend to melt when they come in contact with a hot iron plate. Thus leaving a discoloured and shiny mark on the material. 

2. How to clean iron press and remove black marks from the bottom?

Fill in your iron’s reservoir with distilled water and white vinegar, and iron a towel to remove the stains from the bottom.  

3. How do you clean an iron press with toothpaste? 

Warm up your iron, add toothpaste and then start rubbing off the flat surface with a damp cloth to get a clean output. 

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