Authentic Mishti Doi Recipe

Authentic Mishti Doi Recipe

Posted on Apr 1, 2024


Pride of Bengali Cuisine - Make Luscious Mishti Doi at Home in Easy Steps

A journey through Bengal unveils a plethora of sweet shops, each offering clay pots filled with golden brown or reddish delicacies. A single spoonful of Bengali mishti doi transports you to a blissful culinary realm with its rich, sweet, and velvety-smooth texture.

No Bengali Thali is complete without this iconic dessert, which also traces its roots to Assam, Tripura, and Odisha. Luckily, you can recreate this beloved treat at home without the need for a trip to Bengal or any sweet shop.


How to Make Mishti Doi at Home?

Mishti translates to mitha in Hindi and sweet in English. Doi is dahi or yoghurt. But that doesn’t mean putting some sugar in yoghurt is not the answer to ‘how to make mishti doi’. There is a different process, and it is quite easy.

Mishti Doi Ingredients

The list of ingredients for mishti doi recipe is indeed a small one. You can serve four people with the following measurements, although it is difficult to say how much everyone will actually end up eating - it is that good!

• Full-fat milk - 1 litre or 4 cups
• Finely chopped palm jaggery - 175 to 180 grams or ¾ cup
• Cardamom powder - ½ teaspoon
• Curd or a yoghurt starter - 2 tablespoons

Note: It will take you around 30 minutes to cook the mishti doi mixture. The setting time will vary; more on that below! 

Some Tips!

Full-fat milk is not just a suggestion. You must use it to get the rich and creamy texture mishti doi is popular for.

You can use white or brown sugar instead of palm jaggery. White mishti doi is also a delicious dessert. The palm jaggery will add a caramelised feel to the dessert. To get a similar taste in the doi with sugar, carefully melt the sugar on low flame in a non-stick or steel pan. Cool down and add instead of the jaggery. 

Step 1: Cook the Milk

Pour the full-fat milk into a pan or kadhai and put it on the gas stove. Keep the heat medium-low or low. Stir occasionally. In this step lies how creamy or rich the dessert will turn out. You have to keep stirring and boiling the milk, ensuring it does not burn or spill out. You will also have to scrape the sides of the kadhai to collect the milk solids.

Yes, time and patience are crucial ingredients. It is best not to multitask when cooking the milk.  

Reduce the milk to ½ or even better ⅓ of its actual consistency. Turn off the heat and let it cool down for about 8 or 9 minutes. Give a final scraping to the sides of the kadhai to get all the dried milk solids.

Do not put the milk in the fridge, or don’t let it cool down completely. 

Step 2: Prepare the Mishti Doi Mixture

The next step in ‘how to make mishti dahi’ is adding all the needed flavours to the milk. Chop the palm jaggery finely and add it to the milk. The milk temperature should be around 60 or 65 degrees Celsius. Stir the mix, and the jaggery will melt nicely and blend with the warm milk. Add the cardamom powder and mix one more time. Once the jaggery has dissolved completely, the milk will cool down a bit more (40 or 45 degrees C). Check with a cooking thermometer. 

Some Tips!

If you don’t have a cooking thermometer, carefully put a finger in the mix. It should be warm but not extremely hot.

Getting the correct temperature is a must because it will impact the setting process.

Now, add 2 tablespoons of curd or yoghurt starter to the mix and whisk until everything is well combined. 

Step 3: Set the Mishti Doi

We are at the very last stage of our ‘how to prepare mishti doi’ adventure. Pour the thickened milk mixture into clay pots or bowls. Cover with the lid. You can also use aluminium foil. Keep the mishti doi in a warm place to set. For how long?

It depends on the temperature around you. It will take less time if it is a hot day and vice versa. Your mishti doi can be set within 8 to 9 hours, and on a cold day, it can require up to 24 hours.

No, don’t eat right away. After setting, put the mishti doi into the fridge and serve chilled!

You can set the mishti doi in multiple smaller clay pots. The doi will set amazingly and faster. And everyone will have their own clay pot to enjoy in authentic Bengali style!


Mishti doi is quite a filling dessert. It is served after a meal, but many Bengalis like to mix it with rice to make it into a hearty meal. And guess what - there are other variations of this lovely dessert. There is aam doi, or mango dahi made with thickened milk and mango pulp. Try your hand at the classic mishti doi recipe a few times and then you can experiment some more!


How can I speed up the setting process if it is cold?

Put the mishti doi in a warm place in your house, like near the gas, heater, or lit oven.

Can I skip the cardamom?

Cardamom adds authentic flavour to the mishti doi. We highly recommend it, but you can skip it.

What is nolen gur mishti doi?

Nolen gur is a type of jaggery loved by all in Bengal. It is made from date palm trees. Mishti doi made with nolen gur is delicious and has an amusing aroma.

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