Silver Akhand Diyas

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My Borosil Akhand Diya Large Borosil Akhand Diya, Nickel
Borosil Akhand Diya, Nickel

Borosil glass chimney

Carafe w Inbuilt Strainer
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for a silver akhand diya from Borosil? Continue reading to know more!


According to Hindu scripture, lighting up a diya eliminates darkness, symbolising knowledge and prosperity. An akhand diya is the one that is ignited for multiple days in front of the goddess, seeking her blessings on a particular task. Available in gold and silver colours, an akhand diya will always help you yield better results.

Also, people light up a silver akhand diya at the beginning of Navratri or Lakshmi Puja to brighten the space. Besides the mandir, an akhand diya also looks the best, amplifying the overall vibe of any room and adding a festive charm. 

Importance Of Akhand Diyas

A detailed description on the importance of akhand diyas.

  • Lightning an akhand diya is known to eliminate diseases from the household. Thus bestowing everyone with proper health, peace and prosperity.

  • Using ghee or mustard oil to light an akhand diya destroys the negative energy and harmful elements in one’s house. Blessing everyone with long-lasting positivity.

  • Also, it is a common belief that an akhand diya helps one establish a deep connection with the creator. The fire from the diya is considered an essential element of the ‘panch bhootas,’ one of the five core elements balancing out the human body. 

What Are The Rules Around Lightning An Akhand Diya?

Here are some of the essential rules that you must follow when lightning an akhand diya:

  • An akhand diya is unique and must be kept on a raised platform. 

  • Add ghee, mustard, or sesame oil to light the akhand jyoti. Use a thick wick to keep the lamp lit longer. Also, make sure to monitor the diya from time to time. To prevent the wick from burning too much or completely submerging in oil.    

Why Buy The Best Price Silver Akhand Diya From Borosil? 

At Borosil, you have nickel-made silver akhand diyas with a borosilicate glass covering to select from. The particular is much safer than the open-flamed diyas. It offers proper help to the akhand jyot to continue burning under different weather conditions. You can order online and receive the diya within three to five business days. 

Also, Borosil has a seven-day return policy from the delivery date, making things even simpler on your part. Multiple discounts are available at Borosil throughout the year, making the akhand diyas the best price deal you would not like to say no to.