6 Effective & Easy Ways To Clean Your Glass-Top Gas Stove

6 Effective & Easy Ways To Clean Your Glass-Top Gas Stove

Posted on 22 জুলাই, 2022

Wiping, polishing, and unclogging your gas stove is not something that can be left for Diwali cleaning! If you're tired of putting in a whole lot of elbow grease with very little result, just scroll below. If you own a 4-burner gas stove, you may think you’re in for a chore, but worry not because these 6 ways work effortlessly!

1. Water and Soap: Let’s start with the most basic yet efficient way. Before you start the cleanup, prep your stove for cleaning.

  • If you recently used your stove, allow it to cool down.
  • Fill up your sink with hot water and soap, then remove the burners and caps and submerge them in the sink.
  • Unclog your burner holes with a brush, or maybe a burner hole cleaning pin, if your gas stove comes with one.
  • Move on to scrub your stovetop with a sponge in circular motions.
  • Lastly, rinse your stovetop and dry your equipment using a towel.

2. Soap and Baking Soda: Combine dish soap and baking soda in a 1:1 ratio, making a slightly foamy blend. Cover your dripper pans with this mix and allow them to rest in a ziplock bag for an hour. Scrub the pans and voila, they appear squeaky clean!

3. Baking Soda and Lemon: Even with a 2-burner gas stove, you can really get your cook on. Let’s assume you prepared a delicious Bhuna Gosht for you and your loved one, a chef can never forget how tough the stains a tomato-based dish can leave! Here is where baking soda comes in to save the day. Baking soda will help you to remove the tough stains, while the lemon (having antibacterial properties) will act as a natural disinfectant. Combine the 2 to combat the smallest and finest particles of dirt.

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4. Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide: Baking soda is quite the knight in shining armour when it comes to cleaning off gunk from your stovetop. If you’re looking to eliminate grease stains, sprinkle your stove top with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Allow it some time to react and watch the debris break down. Then rinse with water and dry, after which you’ll spot that there are no spots!

5. Baking Soda and Salt: Looking for the quickest way to clean your 3-burner gas stove? Look no further. Make a paste by adding water to an equal mixture of baking soda and salt, soak a kitchen cloth in this paste, then use it to clean and scrub your stovetop. Make sure you wipe well.

6. White Vinegar: This acts as a remarkable stovetop cleanser! Mix vinegar and tap water in a 1:2 ratio, then spray this combination on your stovetop stains. The acidic nature of white vinegar will loosen up the dirt and grime particles, which makes them come off effortlessly.

Now, if none of these solutions worked for you, you may have even started looking up gas stove prices to buy yourself a new one. Hold off for just a little longer. There is one last resort you can turn to. Zachäus Winzler, the inventor of gas stoves, would appreciate the lengths you’re going to, to keep your stove clean!

Ammonia, the 250 grand solution. It’s a mild acid that can be found in a pharmacy. Pour it on the burners and grates, and let it soak overnight. Next morning, you’ll see all the debris float away as you rinse them with water.

Happy Cleaning!

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