How To Care For Your Non-Stick Cookware

How To Care For Your Non-Stick Cookware

Posted on Jul 14, 2022

While buying cookware, durability is one of the most important factors we keep in consideration. Non-stick cookware is among the most basic and frequently used kitchen cooking sets. As its name suggests, it is designed in a manner to reduce the ability of the food being prepared in it to stick on the surface. There are plenty of benefits of using nonstick cookware regularly, as it allows food to release easily from the cookware, which also makes it convenient to clean, and it’s useful for people who are watching their calorie intake as it requires very little to no oil or butter compared to any other type of cookware range.

However, non-stick cookware does require more care to prolong their life. How long your non-stick kitchen set lasts, actually depends on how you use it, clean it and store it. Here are some easy tips to care for your non-stick cookware to use them for a longer period of time-

  • Wash a non-stick cooking pan before using it with hot soapy water to remove any oil, residue, dirt, etc. rinse well and dry it completely before using.
  • Pre-season it with a little cooking oil to prolong its life. While it is perfectly capable of cooking your meal with no oil, it is advisable to add a little bit of oil to ensure that the food releases just as easily.
  • There is no need to pre-heat a non-stick kadhai, frying utensil or cooking pan, especially without adding any grease to it. If it is heated before adding oil, the coating can break down or produce unhealthy fumes.

Borosil range of cooking pans, frying utensils, different types of tawas and a range of kitchen cooking sets that are non-stick and have a superior 5 layer coating and a 4mm thick body which makes them highly durable and evenly distribute heat for perfectly cooked dishes.

  • Cook your food in your non-stick cookware on low to medium heat. Drastic temperature fluctuations or cooking at very high temperatures can damage the non-stick coating and deteriorate its quality faster.

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  • Avoid using cooking sprays while using non-stick cookware as these can rather make the surface of the utensil more sticky over time, due to the residue build-up, especially on the sides.
  • Only use cooking accessories like spoons, spatula, etc that are made for or are safe to be used while cooking in your non-stick set. Any utensil or accessory with sharp edges should be avoided to flip, turn, stir or serve the food as it can scratch the surface of the cookware. Borosil’s nonstick cookware is metal spoon safe and free from PFOA for healthy and wholesome cooking.
  • Let the cookware cool to room temperature before you clean it as sudden temperature changes can warp the utensil permanently.
  • While some of the non-stick kitchen cooking sets state that they are dishwasher safe, it is always advisable to hand wash them to protect the surface. They should be dried immediately after washing to avoid any rusting.
  • Steel wool, stiff bristle brushes or metal cleaning pads are a strict NO. They can scratch and damage the surface of the cookware. Only soft sponges or washcloths should be used to gently clean any food residue or oils.
  • It is not advisable to leave your non-stick cookware unwashed for a long period after use as it can cause brownish grease stains to start forming on the surface. As soon as the utensil has cooled to room temperature, it should be washed and dried immediately using a clean cloth.
  • Food should not be stored in a non-stick utensil as it can cause the food to take on a metallic taste or smell, damage the surface by making it oily or sticky, or react with the food.
  • Store your non-stick cookware away from other utensils and avoid stacking them up one on top of the other as this can cause scratches that can peel the non-stick coating. If at all due to space constraints you do have to stack them up, use a soft cloth or dish towel and place them between the utensils to avoid them rubbing against each other.

The Granito Cookware Set of 4 pc and the Russet Cookware Set of 4 Pc both include a flat tawa, fry pan, kadhai and glass lid, are nonstick kitchen sets that can be used on both- gas and induction cooktops.

And that’s about it! It is not as difficult and actually very easy to take good care of your non-stick cookware and with careful use and good care, you can extend its lifespan a whole lot longer.

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