Guide to choosing the perfect mixer grinder

Guide to choosing the perfect mixer grinder

Posted on Dec 11, 2022

If you've grown up in an Indian household, the infamous noisy mixer grinder is sure to have interrupted your TV show. But everything works out in the end because you get to eat delicious meals all thanks to the mixing, blending & grinding!

Devouring chutneys, pastes & dips that you & your "mixi" made might cost you a little overtime. Either your mixer has gotten really dirty or is really old. If it's the former, know how to clean your mixer grinder jars, blades & lids. If it's the latter, here is everything you need to consider in order to select the right mixer grinder for your home.

Different types of mixer grinders

There are 2 commonly known types of mixer grinders available in the market: Stand Mixers & Traditional Mixers.

Stand mixers can mix various elements. They are commonly used to whip cream or knead dough. They are rarely found in homes & more commonly in bakeries or food factories. Unless you are passionate about baking, you can easily opt for a traditional mixer grinder.

Mixer grinder jars

You need to know how many jars accompany a potential mixer grinder. The jars & their capacities, both. If you have a large family, you want to opt for a heavy-duty mixer grinder with large jars of high capacities.

Go for mixers with at least 3 separate jars for wet & dry grinding. The more jars you have, the less you have to worry about a versatile cooking experience. You can make several dishes at once without worrying about cleaning up & reusing the same jar. Make sure the jars have rubber gaskets, a handle for easy grip, & lids that are toughened for the most durable usage.

Mixer grinder blades

Your mixer grinder should come with as many blades as there are jars. You would benefit from sharp steel blades that make blending & grinding super quick & efficient.

Power wattage

The mixer grinder's power is another thing you must consider before making a purchase. Anything from 500W to 1000W is more than enough for an Indian kitchen.

Mixer grinder speed

The speed of a mixer grinder is an important factor. The RPM (rotations per minute) tell you how fast your mixer is. For domestic usage, anything from 18,000 to 23,000 RPM is sufficient. If you're opting for a juicer mixer grinder, it will have a lower RPM as that is necessary to preserve the nutrients during juicing. Look for mixer grinders that have speed control knobs to change the settings as per requirement.

Mixer grinder safety

Overusing the mixer grinder or using it at long stretches carries the risk of burning your motor. In those cases, it is necessary to have a mixer that has overload protection. It will protect your machine from damaging or breaking down.

Mixer grinder maintenance

If you're someone who loves cleaning & keeping things orderly, a heavy-duty mixer grinder is perfect for you. But if you're not as much of a cleaner, opt for mixers with 2 jars at most, so you have lesser equipment to maintain.

There we have it, your go-to mixer grinder buying guide. You're sure to make the right purchase.

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