Diwali Dining: Setting a Stunning Table with Borosil Dinnerware and Drinkware!

Diwali Dining: Setting a Stunning Table with Borosil Dinnerware and Drinkware!

Posted on Nov 12, 2023

Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness. Elevate the festive spirit by setting a stunning Diwali table with the right dinnerware and drinkware that not only enhances aesthetics but also creates an atmosphere of warmth and celebration. Borosil offers a wide range of products that blend aesthetics with functionality, perfect for both small family gatherings and lavish Diwali parties.


Exploring the Elegance of Borosil Dinnerware and Drinkware

Borosil Dinnerware Options

dinnerware by borosil

Borosil's dinnerware features intricate patterns and vibrant colours that complement any Diwali theme. Made with borosilicate glass, they are chip-resistant and microwave-safe, ensuring convenience and ease of use.

Glass Plates & Bowls: Crystal-clear glassware that showcases vibrant culinary creations.

Dinner Sets: Coordinated sets for a sophisticated look, eliminating the need for mixing and matching.

Microwave and Oven Safe: Functional dinnerware for reheating dishes without compromising on style.

Easy to Clean: Non-porous surfaces that resist stains and odours, ensuring easy maintenance.


Exquisite Borosil Drinkware Collection

drinking glass tumblers by borosil

Borosil's drinkware, including glasses, tumblers, and mugs, made with durable borosilicate glass, enhances the presentation and enjoyment of beverages.

Glass Tumblers: Perfect for a variety of refreshing drinks, adding sophistication to your table setting.

Drinking Glasses: Versatile for different beverages, durable for extended use.

Teacups: Transparent cups for a delightful post-meal tea or coffee experience.


Tips and Tricks for Creating a Beautiful Diwali Table Setting

glass vase with wooden stand by borosil

Choose a Color Scheme: Harmonize colours with the vibrant Borosil dinnerware, selecting traditional or modern palettes.

Layer with Texture: Add depth using table runners, silk cloth, and decorative elements for a festive vibe.

Centrepiece: Create a captivating centrepiece with traditional Diwali decorations.

Napkin Folds: Elevate the setting with creative napkin folds like the fan fold or rose fold.

Lighting: Set a warm ambience with soft, dimmed lighting through candles or string lights.


Proper Care and Maintenance of Borosil Dinnerware and Drinkware

Follow these steps to ensure your Borosil collection remains in excellent condition for years to come:

Avoid Collisions: Prevent chipping by stacking with protective layers.

Gentle Cleaning: Use mild dish soap and dry thoroughly to prevent water spots.

Proper Storage: Ensure pieces are dry before storing and use non-abrasive padding to avoid scratches.



Borosil's classic yet contemporary designs perfectly match the blend of tradition and modernity during Diwali. Whether celebrating tradition or opting for a minimalistic approach, Borosil's versatility ensures an elegant table setting, making you the favourite host this festive season.


Happy Diwali from Borosil!

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