Air-fried Banana Chips
Air-fried Banana Chips
Posted on Sep 2, 2022

If there's one thing that we can't stop munching on repeat, it's banana chips. Addictive and healthy (yes!) these will soon be starring in all your snack breaks.


2 raw bananas

500ml water

1tbsp salt

1tbsp turmeric powder

1tbsp coconut oil


In a mixing bowl, add water, salt and turmeric powder. Using a mandolin, slice the bananas into thin slices. Let the slices rest in water for 15 mins.

Add the banana slices in another bowl and drizzle some coconut oil. 

Place them in an air fryer. It's okay if they fall one on top of the other a little bit. 

Cook it at 180° C for 10 mins, flipping after 5 mins. Let it cool and crisp up.

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