Har Pal, Har Dil

Har Pal, Har Dil

Posted on 22 সেপ্টেম্বর, 2022

Many seemingly irrelevant but small moments tie our whole lives together. In retrospect, small moments have big sentiments attached to them: the way mom cooked, papa's lingering concern, taste of your favourite childhood snacks and numerous other memories. So here's an ode to those moments - through some of which we've proudly been by your side all these years. Which is why you can say today, "Har pal, har dil - Borosil". 

Maa’s tiffins

From school tiffins to office dabbas - imperfect rotis have always been a part of her lunchtime. Countries and continents weren't just a part of Geography; they were also a part of her school lunch breaks.
Having grown up now and having to make her own lunches - mummy's delicious sabzi recipes accompany mummy-inspired country-shaped rotis!



Toote daat aur papa ka haath

The first time our protagonist lost a milk tooth, his grandmother told him to dispose of it in a mousehole. As strange as that sounds, the myth is that it regrows your tooth as strong and sharp as a mouse's! His concerned dad stood there, with his fallen tooth in one hand and a glass of warm water in the other. Many years later, his dad had to get a root canal procedure. But this time, the roles had been reversed. There he was, waiting outside the clinic for his father, with a bottle full of water and the same concern his father once shared for him.



Pehli rasoi, but with a twist

It's daunting to cook dinner for your husband's family for the first time. The entire family, including the mother-in-law, eagerly waiting at the dining table - is a nerve-wracking mental visual. The night has to go perfectly, and it does. The mother-in-law shares a 35-year-old story from when she was a daughter-in-law serving her in-laws for the first time. She recollects how she ate leftovers all alone right before midnight. Her compassion was the key to today's perfect night. She ensures that everyone's dinner set is full of food, including the daughter-in-law's. History doesn't repeat itself and every food-filled dinner plate ties the whole family together.



Sandwiches, with love

Moms go to any lengths to spoil their kids with their favourite foods. Chintu's mum was like that too. Chintu loves eating sandwiches, and her mum loves making them for her... at the cost of hand-burns from traditional sandwich makers.
Chintu knows her mum wouldn't take her advice to get a new sandwich maker, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. She saved up her monthly pocket money for a year so she could buy a new and modern sandwich maker. Tasty sandwiches and no hand-burns - sounds like a win-win right?



Pizza party, courtesy Maa

A good score for a pizza outing is a pretty good wager as a child. But what happened when he didn't score as expected and his dad cancelled the pizza outing? Mom happened. Seeing the dad disappointed with the exam score and the kids disappointed over the lack of pizza - mom hunted through books and YouTube videos for the perfect pizza recipe! She poured all her love into assembling the pizza and then baked it. The mom and the oven were the saving grace for the pizza party! That's when the kids knew - a mother's love is greater than any marks could ever be.

From adolescence to adulthood - Borosil has been there throughout.

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