7 days, 7 refreshing summer drinks you can make at home

7 days, 7 refreshing summer drinks you can make at home

Posted on 12 এপ্রিল, 2023

With summer comes the season of unquenchable thirst! Long days, the sun shining bright and you need to sit still for a minute and take a break! You can picture yourself just right and we say what could be a better way to celebrate summer than sipping your favourite summer drinks quickly stirred and shaken, just how you’d love it!

Planning a cookout with family or a sundowner with friends, we’ve got the drinks menu covered for you with these easy-to-make drinks from slushies to sangrias for Seven Days of Summer!


Day 1: Pineapple Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, don't just make any lemonade. Make a pineapple lemonade!

pineapple juice is borosils classic vision glass

What you need:

½ cup sugar

1 cup lemon juice

1 cup pineapple juice

2 tablespoons lime juice


Let's get mixing!

1. To make the simple syrup, combine sugar and 1 cup water in a medium saucepan over medium heat, stirring until the sugar has dissolved; let cool.

2. In a large pitcher, whisk together simple syrup, lemon juice, pineapple juice, lime juice and 5 cups of water. 

3. Place in the refrigerator in Borosilicate Glass Bottles until chilled and serve over ice in a glass tumbler.


#BorosilTip:  Prepare a batch for the day in glass jugs and pour fresh from the fridge whenever you need!


Day 2: Aam Panna

A desi hydration hit to battle the scorching sun this summer.


What you need:

500 gm green mangoes

1/2 cup sugar

2 tsp salt

2 tsp kala namak (black rock salt)

2 tsp roasted and powdered cumin seeds

2 Tbsp finely chopped mint leaves

2 cups water


Let's get mixing!

1. Boil the mangoes till they become soft inside, and the skin gets dis-coloured.

2. When cool enough to handle, remove the skin and squeeze the pulp out of the mangoes.

3. Mix all the ingredients, blend and add 2 cups of water.

4. Put some ice in the glass tumblers and pour the panna over it.


Day 3: Watermelon Slush

1 blender, 3 ingredients and 5 minutes, now that’s the kind of odds we like stacked up together!

delicious watermelon slushy enjoyed in borosil's classic glass

What you need:

5 cups diced seedless watermelon

2 tablespoons sugar

Juice of 1 lime, optional


Let's get mixing!

1. Combine watermelon, sugar, lime juice and 1 cup of ice in a blender until smooth.

2. Serve immediately in glass tumblers.


Day 4: Iced Jaljeera

A refreshing drink bursting with pungent flavours to give you just the chill you need.


What you need:

125 Gram Tamarind pulp

3 tbsp Mint leaves

1/2 tsp Ground cumin

3/4 tsp Ground cumin, roasted

50-gram Jaggery, grated

4 tsp Black salt

1 tbsp Ginger salt (gourmet flavoured salt), grated

3-4 tbsp Lemon juice

A pinch of Chilli powder (Kashmiri mirch)

1/2 tsp Garam masala

1/2 litre Water


Let's get mixing!

1. For the jaljeera, add all the ingredients in a food processor and blend them.

2. Chill overnight in Borosilicate Glass Bottles. Then strain and freeze it.

3. Garnish the drink with some boondis and serve in glass tumblers.


Day 5: Elderflower Berry Blast

A refreshing twist to the bubbly goodness is exactly what you need after a long day in the sun.


What you need:

3 cups of Elderflower Tonic Water 

Lemon juice

1 cup frozen raspberries

6 sprigs of fresh mint


Let's get mixing!

1. In a large pitcher, whisk together tonic water and lemon juice with crushed ice.

2. Serve over raspberries in a glass tumbler, garnished with mint, if desired.


Day 6: Classic Chaas

Brilliantly for digestion and to beat the heat this summer, Chaas is the ideal beverage we have all grown up loving! 


What you need:

2 cups plain curd

2 green chillies, chopped

A small bunch of coriander leaves chopped

curry leaves

1 tsp rock salt or black salt

Salt to taste


Let’s get mixing!

1. Without adding water to the curd, add all the ingredients together.

2. Using a blender (or a hand churner), blend the mixture well. You can do this in a food processor (using a whipping blade) at a low speed too.

3. In a large pot, add the mixture and pour in 2 cups of chilled water. Mix it well so there are no lumps.

4. Refrigerate in Borosilicate Glass Bottles till it's ready to be served. However, give the chaas at least 20 minutes to set.

5. You can sprinkle some chaat masala on top before serving, and garnish with a sprig of coriander as well.


Day 7: Classic Cold Coffee

A day to relax and unwind as you finish your chores and enjoy a walk, can you think of anything better than a classic cold coffee on a Sunday afternoon?

classic cold coffee enjoyed in the summers

What you need:

200 ml A glass of coffee about a cup made with warm and chilled water. please see the body of the post for tips

2 tablespoons instant coffee or adjust to how strong or weak you want the coffee to taste

⅓ milk, any type of milk would work

1 cup ice

2 tablespoons sugar


Let's get mixing!

1. Add coffee granules and sugar to a tall glass, then add about 2 tablespoons of warm water and stir until dissolved.

2. Dilute the coffee with chilled water (about a cup or ½ a cup) and stir to combine. Taste and adjust the sweetness to your liking.

3. Add milk of choice stir to combine and finish it off with some ice. Give it another good stir and serve with a straw or drink it straight from the cup. Enjoy!


#BorosilTip: You can add any flavoured extract or coffee creamer of choice to this drink. The easiest one that comes to mind is vanilla extract and salted caramel extract but you can use any that you have. If you using condensed milk, you do not need to add extra milk.


And voila! You’re all set for summer!

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