5 Kitchen items you need for the festive season

5 Kitchen items you need for the festive season

Posted on 14 সেপ্টেম্বর, 2023

Imagine: A Saturday night rolls around during the festive season and you decide to host a celebratory party. You invite your friends over for dinner, intending to serve a delicious 3-course meal consisting of crunchy Chicken Keema Samosas for starters, aromatic Biryani for the main course & ending with the creamy one-of-a-kind Saffron Almond Phirni for dessert! You’re going to be the party host of their dreams.

Everything sounds great in concept - but you’re going to need some tools to help you turn this dream into a reality.

Let’s have a look at the 5 kitchen items that will be your best friends this festive season.


1: Electric Chopper

Quick question - What in the cooking process takes longer than cooking itself? If you answered ‘food prep’, we not only feel your pain but can also relieve you of it. Cutting up your ingredients on a chopping board may feel the most authentic but, reality states that the festive season is also synonymous with hectic season. You don’t have time to manually slice and dice, since your guests are most probably on their way! Here’s where an electric chopper gets to steal the spotlight. Save time and energy - let the chopper do the tough work for you so you can enjoy the process of cooking. You can rest assured that your guests won’t have to wait for their food.

 best electric chopper for chopping vegetables


2: Serving Bowls and Dishes

You’ve spent all this time and effort preparing a delicious multiple-course meal for your guests, you can’t let that go to waste with a bad presentation. As a host, you’ll need to set the table. Correction: As the host of your guest’s dreams, you’ll need to set the table well. The easiest way to do that is to use serving bowls and dishes! You could use stainless steel serve-ware for some sheen or glass bowls for a classy feel - and voila! 5/5 for presentation.

borosilicate serving bowls and dishes for a modern look and feel


3: Fancy Crockery

An aromatic meal, a beautifully set table but regular old plates and bowls? Looks like you’re going to lose your “best host” title. Easily prevent that by taking out some of your fancy china! It’s the festive season after all, and everyone’s here to celebrate. Your fancy cutlery deserves some screen-time, and you and your guests deserve to have a special night-in.

beautiful cutlery for fancy occasions at best prices

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4: Stylish Drinking Glasses

Everything that you set up has been perfect so far, there’s nothing you can mess up anymore. But, wouldn’t you like to take it up a notch? Adding classy drinking glasses beside your fancy cutlery can warrant a couple of brownie points! They could be whiskey glasses (it’s alright, it’s the festive season) or tall drinking glasses for juices or mocktails and you’re sure to have outdone yourself.

stylish drinking glasses to pair with fancy cutlery


5: Storage Containers

You’ve had the perfect night filled with flavourful food and fun conversation. It’s time to clean up and unwind. Step 1 of clean-up is always to store away your leftovers. Now, think about it, you prepared this delicious and flavourful meal, leftovers would mean you get to treat yourself the next day too! Containers that are air-tight, leak-proof, odour-proof, and microwave and freezer-safe are your best bet. You can store, refrigerate and reheat, all without piling up your dishes!

 air-tight leak-proof odour-proof storage container

These 5 items are going to get you through rather smoothly through the hectic…ummm - festive season!

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