Neem wood chopping boards - the start of all healthy meals

Neem wood chopping boards - the start of all healthy meals

Posted on Jul 27, 2022

A chopping board is a hard surfaced kitchen tool which is usually made of wood, wood laminate or plastic material and is used as a surface for cutting, slicing, chopping or mincing food products. These boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are used on the basis of different preparation and storage needs. 

Traditionally, chopping boards were made of wood but then the notion that plastic chopping boards were easier to clean came around, which boosted their popularity. There has always been a conflict whether to pick a plastic chopping board or a wooden chopping board, but what is important to understand is that anything that touches the food has the ability to potentially contaminate it, which is why you need to choose the material of your chopping boards wisely. 

While plastic chopping boards are easy to clean, can run under hot water and can be put in the dishwasher, which makes them convenient to use, they have their own share of risks. Since they are lightweight, they are prone to slipping that can cause knife injuries in the kitchen, and are also not long lasting due to the knife marks that are easily visible after little usage. 

Wooden cutting boards on the other hand are a much better choice and we will tell you why!

 Vegetables being chopped on a wooden chopping board made of organic neem wood.

Wooden cutting boards are safer than plastic, and it has been proven through extensive research that has been conducted overtime, going back to 1993. In a study conducted by two scientists at the Food Research Institute at the University of Wisconsin, bacteria known for producing food poisoning were tested. These were placed on wooden and plastic cutting boards and it was  found that 3 minutes after contaminating a board, 99.9% bacteria on wooden boards had died while none of it had died on the plastic board, but had rather increased. 

Among the different varieties available, neem wood chopping boards are considered to be one of the best wooden chopping boards in India. Neem has a strong traditional value in every Indian household and every part of the neem tree is used for different medicinal and lifestyle purposes. Neem wood has natural anti-bacterial properties and Neem based kitchen tools and equipment are a safe and simple solution for  a sustainable household. Gouges and crevices inevitably form when you’re using chopping boards and there are plenty of places for bacteria to hide. Even though the same is true for wooden cutting boards made of neem wood, the bacteria falls in and eventually dies without coming in contact with the food. 

Neem wood has an inherent advantage owing to its ant-septic properties. Also, Neem heartwood is a very hard, strong, and durable material. It does not splinter easily and is resistant to wear and tear. It has a slightly rough texture with interlocking fibers and is, therefore, ideal for items like cutting boards, etc, and does not scratch easily despite repeated cutting. Their hardness helps protect the surface without moisture and helps their durability, while their grains lend an aesthetic natural appeal. 

Not only are neem cutting boards the best vegetable cutting boards, the wooden cooking spoons and wooden serving spoons made from neem are also known to be the best wooden spoon for cooking in India. These spoons are a versatile additional to the cooking accessories and can be used to flip, serve, stir and mix. While plastic or metallic cookware may react with the food, especially the acidic ones, neem wood chopping boards and spoons do not react with food as they are natural. 

We have often seen scratches and marks on our cookware, mostly on the non-stick cookware caused by the sharp edges of metal spoons and utensils, but this is not a problem when you use wooden cooking spoons and spatulas as they are scratch resistant and ultimately give your cookware a longer life, therefore also cost effective in the long run.
Did you know that wooden cookware and serveware is usually made from a single block of wood which makes it sturdy, handy and easy to use for regular purposes. They are also heat resistant and do not absorb heat, unlike the plastic spoons and spatulas that might start melting or losing their form when exposed to high temperatures while cooking, or the metal accessories that absorb heat which can burn your hand while cooking. In fact, neem wood has natural cooling and healing properties as found in the research that has been previously conducted and is a poor conductor of heat.
Neem wood cookware is natural and completely biodegradable. Neem bark is known to possess antiseptic and astringent properties that help heal wounds owing to which it was used in Ayurvedic medicines. As a natural antiseptic, kitchenware made from Neem wood is non-toxic and the more sustainable and eco-friendly choice, unlike plastic and Teflon-coated utensils that have been found to be cancer-causing. 

Neem wood utensils and kitchenware were found and used in every home before they were replaced by plastic and metal utensils that have been found to be hazardous to health by several studies. Neem is known to possess a host of therapeutic and medicinal properties that have not only been backed by ancient Ayurveda but modern studies as well. Neem tree is known to have more than 130 different biologically active compounds such as nimbis and nimandial, which help heal the body and promote healthy living. Therefore, it is safe to say that it is no fad, and rather it is a fact that wooden cutting boards and kitchen accessories have an advantage over any other materials used for making chopping boards and cooking accessories. The most important reason which makes them the preferable (actually, the best!) choice is the fact that neem is a natural germ killer, which is why not only is it the safer option, it is also the healthier alternative to your kitchenware. So the next time you do kitchen accessories’ online shopping, shop wisely and buy smart because health always comes first and neem wood cooking accessories give you the wealth of health with every use.

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