The Perfect Diwali Gift Guide

The Perfect Diwali Gift Guide

Posted on Oct 20, 2022

It’s that time of the year when the countdown to the festival of lights has begun!
Diwali is not just a festival but a feeling of gratitude, togetherness, and spreading love everywhere you go. Gifts are the real heart of every festival. Big or small, they bring liveliness to everyone and eagerness for the commencement of festivals. 

A Diwali gift has long been the norm when it comes to celebrating the festival of lights with great enthusiasm. But surely it is time to move on from the same old boring mithai and chocolates and place your trust in unique Diwali gifts that brighten your loved ones’ day!
Here are the top 4 gift suggestions for the festive season that are as functional as they are beautiful and thoughtful -

1. Cookware Set

Cookware sets are a basic necessity of every household and aesthetically pleasing cookware always adds to the charm of kitchens. Borosil’s Festive Glory Cookware Sets are available in a Set of 2 (including a dosa tawa and a frying pan), a Set of 3 (including a deep kadhai, glass lid and a frying pan) and a Set of 4 (including a dosa tawa, a deep kadhai with glass lid and a frying pan) that you can choose to buy in a pink or blue colour. With a glossy exterior and 5 layers of non-stick coating that cooks evenly without requiring oil or butter, this cookware set will add the gift of health to the lives of your loved ones. The Granito Cookware Set of 4 is timeless and classic cookware set with a stylish granite finish. With a metal spoon-compatible surface, the entire cooking set is PFOA-free for a healthy cooking experience, making these cookware sets the perfect gift for this festive season.


2. Diyas and Diffusers

Diwali is the festival of lights, so let your guests decorate their houses with some timeless diyas and diffusers, handpicked for you. These gifts of love will surely brighten the house of your loved ones with the positivity they emit that lightens their surroundings. Their unique designs make for a perfect gift for any festive occasion. The Akhand Diya Collection has a range of intricate and classic designs and the Hurricane Diya Collection is a blend of tradition and time, beautifully designed to allow easy cleaning and refilling of oil. Made from Borosil's 100% borosilicate glass, these diyas and diffusers are 100% flameproof and will not crack even after repeated usage.

3. Dinner Sets

This Diwali, gift your family and friends the best-selling dinner sets with warm wishes and give them an opportunity to enjoy and savour the festival delicacies in the classy dinner set gifted by you. Starting from a Set of 12 pieces that serve 4, they are available in multiple options up to a Set of 3 pieces that serve 8. Borosil's Larah Range of Dinner Sets are lightweight, yet extra strong, and can withstand rough usage without chipping or scratching. The festive patterns won't fade or wear off, even after repeated use in the dishwasher. Be rest assured as these are 100% vegetarian and bone free, and are sure not to leech any chemicals into your food. The beautiful designs are perfect both for special occasions, and to make everyday special!


4. Insulated Coffee Mugs

Believe it or not, you don’t know how much you need an insulated travel mug until you start using one! Definitely an unconventional choice, but sure to be the most thoughtful of them all for your loved ones, a travel mug is designed for taking both cold and hot beverages, such as coffee, tea, etc along while travelling. A coffee travel mug usually has a spill-proof lid which is designed to keep liquids from spilling out when cars go over bumps or as the result of the user's bouncy stride. Borosil offers the best coffee travel mugs in India. These insulated travel mugs have an insulated double-wall vacuum with copper coating for maximum temperature retention and keep the drink hot for up to 8 hours and cold for up to 14 hours. They are made of 100% food-grade and rust-proof steel inside and outside for safety, strength and durability, and are definitely a gift that comes in handy for your loved ones. 

5. Induction Cooktops

Conventional gas stoves are a kitchen staple that most families have. Adding to the ease, induction cooktops are a fulfilling treat, helping one with quick recipes minus the heat and flame. These are smart, loyal, and helpful, with multiple cooking modes. Whether you are invited to a Diwali party, or you are visiting your newly wedded daughter, the cooktop will serve as the ultimate surprise.  

Among all the Diwali gift items, this one saves electricity and comes with an auto-off function, ensuring no heat is wasted. To help someone master their cooking skills, get an induction oven with 8 power levels to adjust the temperature. Also, an oven with 6 pre-programmed Indian cooking modes will not be difficult to handle!  

6. Waffle Makers

Modern kids are smart, intelligent, and fun. Also, they know how to take care of themselves, and often, you will come across teenagers with special interests in cooking. So, for a young enthusiast - a waffle maker, this Diwali will be a great choice. Let them cook their own innovations and treat you with tasty homemade waffle treats on the occasion day. 

Get a waffle maker from Borosil with automatic temperature control and a cool touch handle, ensuring proper safety against accidental burns. The waffle maker is light, ergonomic, and easy to store. Also, it has a power and heating indicator, protecting the waffles from unnecessary burns. The best part is Borosil’s 2-year warranty on the device, which will safeguard your young achiever from unwanted hassles.   

7. Electric Kettle

For a friend who loves to express their anger, sadness, and joy all over a cup of tea, an electric kettle will be the ultimate choice among other home appliances for Diwali gift. Get them this perfectly helpful piece and notice their face light up into a broad smile.    

Electric kettles are portable, light, and easy to store. One can easily get their tea ready anytime if they can access electricity. But to be extra careful from your end, get them a kettle with auto-off technology and dry boil protection. The first will ensure that the kettle switches off once the water is boiled, and the second will prevent the kettle from turning on when no water is inside. Both will save the receiver from accidental burns and electric shocks. 

8. Pop-Up Toasters

This one will be quite a thoughtful choice when looking for unique Diwali gifts ideas. Popup toasters are handy and efficient, helping the employed with quick breakfast in the morning despite their busy schedule. The golden brown bread toasts, a dash of butter, and a boiled egg will help one have a fulfilling meal.

When you are invited to the house of newlyweds this Diwali and are confused about what to present, get a pop-up toaster for them. Besides offering great toasts, this appliance has multiple options - defrost, reheat, and cancel so you can enjoy other varieties apart from ordinary toasts. One can also defrost/reheat bagels and buns in the toaster.  

Return Gift Ideas For Your Guests On Diwali - Kitchen Edition

Return gifts are also a quintessential part of Diwali gift ideas. So prepare the right gift items for your kitty tribe invited this Diwali. 

  1. Tea Cups And Tea Sets

Teacups are essential to all Indian households. Apart from serving tea a minimum of 5 times a day, these cups also help with the room decor when unused. When you are a minimalist and want to treat your guests with return gifts that are minimal yet fulfilling, get the Larah by Borosil Botanica Cup Set. The opal glass beauties available in a set of 6 are all definitions of sheer elegance, if nothing else. Also, you can look at other opal sets on the website or stick by the Borosil Classic Tea Set - Medium, depending on your budget plans.     

  1. Classic Storage Jars

Classic storage jars are handy when storing spices, daals, snacks, and other miscellaneous condiments. The ones made of transparent borosilicate glass are the most helpful of all. Here, you get a clear overview of the content inside, and borosilicate as a toughened material assures the right durability, safeguarding against accidental chips and falls. When planning to buy return gifts for your group, you can get a Borosil Classic Jar with Wooden Lid or get the ones available in sets of two. The elegant finish of the glass jars, along with an ergonomic wooden lid, will be the perfect Diwali gift. Fill up the jars with homemade chocolates for the ultimate treat.  

  1. Bowls & Katoris

One item for multiple use! Yes, we are considering bowls and katoris. Other than helping one with the prep and mix, bowls and katoris also come off as the most interesting choice in serving and storage. So, as a Diwali gift, you can always consider them for your kitty party friends or Zumba mates, provided they also love setting up their home kitchen. In the options, you can continue with Borosil Venus Katori, Set of 6, or Larah by Borosil Lavender Pudding Set.


Diwali gifts are always special! Everyone tries to surprise their loved one or close acquaintances with satiable gifts and heartwarming wishes. Electrical appliances, home decor items, and kitchen essentials make the best of Diwali occasions. Borosil has an amazing range of options available in appliances, home decor, storage jars, and bowls for you to select from. So wait no more and share the gifts of joy and love this festive season with Borosil. 

Happy Diwali!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an unusual but efficient electronic Diwali gift appliance?

In the kitchen, a mixer grinder is an essential object. However, people always underestimate the power of the same. Surprising your loved one with a mixer grinder as a Diwali gift will be helpful.  

  1. What are the most helpful kitchen appliances that make great Diwali gift ideas?

You can count on egg boilers, electronic rice cookers, sandwich grills, juicers, and hand blenders in your list of most helpful kitchen items. 

  1. Is it a good idea to buy an OTG as a Diwali gift?

Of course, an OTG is the most comprehensive gift you can get your loved one. The oven, toaster, and grill combination will help them with the best outputs in no time. 


So wait no more and share the gifts of joy and love this festive season with Borosil. 

Happy Diwali!

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