Stainless Steel Vs Glass Vs Copper, Which Is The Best?

Stainless Steel Vs Glass Vs Copper, Which Is The Best?

Posted on Dec 13, 2022

We all drink water, some more than others... so here's your daily reminder to drink more water. Water in itself is perfect. It keeps you hydrated, carries nutrients & oxygen to your heart, aids in digestion, regulates your temperature & a lot more. But sometimes when you're drinking water from a bottle, you might unknowingly be putting in a lot of chemicals & harmful particles in your body. Those unwanted additions usually find their way to you through the containers that store your water. You may be using a plain stainless steel water bottle, maybe a cute glass water bottle or a pure copper water bottle.


Here's a little more info on each of these water bottle types, so you can choose the healthiest according to your preference.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles
Bolt Marble

These are one of the most popular bottle types! They are the perfect material for people looking for longevity & sustainability. The stainless steel used to make bottles is culinary-grade, BPA-free & will last for years if you invest in good-quality bottles. These bottles are durable & will be with you for a long time. You can invest in some cute stainless steel water bottles, get a personalised stainless steel water bottle, or even a stainless steel water bottle pack which all comes in a wide variety of sizes & colours. You can even opt for insulated stainless steel water bottles that retain your drink's original temperature for long hours!

There are no known safety concerns regarding this material of bottles assuming that it is stainless & lead-free. Some people think that stainless steel bottles can make water taste a little metallic. Not to worry though, that's subjective from person to person. So, it's safe to say that stainless steel water bottles are good for storage.



Glass Water Bottles
Crysto Glass Bottle Set of 3 - Blue Lid

Glass is one of the safest material options to make water bottles. Glass is inert, meaning chemically inactive. So when water is stored in a glass water bottle, its quality remains unaffected. Opt for Borosil glass water bottles for daily use. Use stylish glass water bottles or fancy glass water bottles while entertaining guests. Even get a customized glass water bottle for carrying on the go! You can find them in pretty much any size, from small glass water bottles to glass water bottles 1 litre in capacity.

In comparison to stainless steel, glass doesn't give the water it stores any taste. It is chemical-free, made from natural materials, & dishwasher-safe. Its only drawback would be the fact that it is breakable & needs to be handled with care.



Copper Water Bottles
Marble Copper Bottle

Copper has been used since ancient times to make utensils. One of the copper water bottle benefits would be that it possesses oligodynamic properties. Those properties prove fatal to bacteria or viruses that may be present in the water. If copper is your preferred material, stock up on printed copper water bottles if the plain look is not for you. You can even get your bottles personalised. You will find various sizes of copper water bottles online. From a 1 litre copper water bottle to maybe even a 2 litre copper water bottle.

Copper is sustainable & harmless. Sometimes, they are also referred to as ayurvedic copper water bottles because of their health benefits.


With all this information at your disposal, you now know enough to choose your preferred material. Though... this might have you wondering which material is the healthiest to store food. Short answer - glass storage containers are the healthiest option for food storage.

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