How To Use An Electric Kettle

How To Use An Electric Kettle

Posted on May 9, 2023

Sip, Savour, And Simplify: The Ultimate Guide On How To Use Electric Kettles

Who would not want a fresh and aromatic start to their days? Most people love to begin their days with tea or coffee, which energises them and prepares them to conquer the world. Wouldn’t it be great to boil water with a button? No tope, no stove and no mess! Electric kettles have revolutionised how people boil water and have become an indispensable companion in many kitchens. In this blog, let us discuss the several electric kettle uses and how they can effortlessly transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

What is an Electric Kettle?

An electric kettle is a household appliance that can quickly and efficiently heat water. It consists of a self-contained unit with a heating element which helps water reach boiling point in just a few minutes. A regular kettle has a base, water reservoir unit, lid, and handle. While some kettles can only be used to boil water, multipurpose kettles can be used for more than just making hot beverages. Thus, they become a valuable addition to any kitchen. These electric kettles' speed, convenience, and user-friendly design have made them popular kitchen gadgets.

Understanding the Components of an Electric Kettle

To effectively take advantage of electric kettle uses, you must first familiarise yourself with its components. They typically have a heating coil, water container, power base, and control panel. Some kettles can have additional features such as different temperature settings, keep-warm functions, and timers. You can use it fully once you understand how your kettle works and its features.

How to Use an Electric Kettle?

Whether you want hot water for your morning lemon and honey drink or fancy tea or coffee anytime during the day, here are ways to make the most out of this versatile kitchen appliance.

- Preparing Your Electric Kettle for First Use

When you buy an electric kettle, make sure you clean it thoroughly. You can rinse the kettle with soap and water once or twice until it appears clean. Fill it with fresh water, switch on the kettle, and let the water come to a rolling boil. Discard this water. Doing so removes any manufacturing residues. You can repeat the process to ensure its cleanliness, and then your kettle is ready for use.

- Measuring the Water in an Electric Kettle

While some kettles have detailed markings on the water container surface, others may just provide a maximum and minimum fill line. However, make sure you never fill water above the maximum line or below the minimum line, as it may cause spills, splashes or dry boiling. Use the water level indicators to measure your required amount accurately.

- Temperature and Boiling Settings

One of the best electric kettles uses is that you can set the temperature and boiling levels in some models. Use the temperature control options to set the desired boiling temperature for different beverages or purposes. It is handy when making tea and coffee for people who prefer specific water temperatures. 

Electric Kettle Uses #1: Brewing Tea 

One of the best electric kettle uses is that it can be used to brew the perfect cup of tea. However, to get the optimal flavour of such beverages, you need to set the kettles at specific water temperatures. For example, green tea must be brewed with water around 175°F (80°C), while black teas require a temperature of around 212°F (100°C). Once you have boiled the water to the desired temperature, you can leave the tea bags or leaves to steep. The steeping time might vary for different beverages. You can also alter the time to achieve the desired flavour and strength.

Electric Kettle Uses #2: Brewing Coffee

There are different ways to brew coffee in an electric kettle. Firstly, make sure your kettle supports in-kettle brewing. If not, then you need to heat water and use it to steep your coffee. For pour-over coffee, preheat the kettle and add coffee grounds. Allow the coffee to steep for a few minutes before enjoying a fresh cup. 

Electric Kettle Uses #3: Boiling Vegetables and Eggs

You can also use a multipurpose electric kettle to boil vegetables or eggs. Chop the vegetables and fill the kettle to the required water level. Drop in the veggies or eggs in the water and start the kettle. Once done, drain the water and use the veggies or eggs as desired. 

Electric Kettle Uses #4: Making Steamed Rice or Instant Noodles

One of the best uses of kettle is that you can also make instant noodles in it for your 4 am hunger pangs. Fill the kettle with water to the required level, add the instant noodles and the spice powder and boil until done. You can also prepare a perfect bowl of steamed rice and enjoy it with dal or veggies. 

Energy Efficiency Tips and Tricks On How to Use Kettle

Below are some tips and tricks that can help you save energy and money while taking advantage of electric kettle uses. 

Water level: Keep a check on the water level. Avoid filling the entire kettle with water if you need only a cup of water. This way, you can minimise the consumption and reduce boiling time.

→ Temperature: Set the correct water temperature. Heat water to only the precise temperature required for the beverage that you plan to make. If you need lukewarm water, do not wait until the water is rolling to boil. 

→ Maintenance: Regular cleaning and descaling can help you maximise the efficiency of the electric kettle. It can also save energy as a clean kettle requires less energy to heat the water. 

→ Features: Look for kettles with variable temperature settings, auto-off and keep-warm functions. Electric kettles with programmable timers and settings can help you automate the entire process. 

→ Constant Boiling: Avoid reboiling the same water multiple times or continuously boiling it. If you need hot water throughout the day, boil water in large quantities once and use a thermos flask or Hot and Cold bottles to keep it hot.

→ Unplug: Always remember to unplug the electric kettle when not in use. Leaving it plugged into the power source can cause standby power consumption.

→ Wattage Efficiency: When purchasing an electric kettle, consider the wattage efficiency. Look for lower wattage consumption as they require less energy to boil the water. 


Now that you know the electric kettle uses and why they have gained fantastic popularity in the past few decades, you can start using one for your daily needs and morning rituals. Make sure you purchase from a trusted and reputed brand, and read the instruction manual carefully. Explore the electric kettle's temperature settings and other features and enjoy its convenience and speed. 

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