How To Organize Your Pantry

How To Organize Your Pantry

Posted on Jun 30, 2023

Pantry Organisation 101: Your Complete Guide to Maintaining a Well-Organised Pantry

Do you have that compulsive urge to organise your pantry but are clueless about how to do it? Well, you are not the only one struggling with it. Today, many are looking for pantry organisation ideas, and there is good news- ample smart ideas and tips are here to make your pantry look just wow! So, if you are worried about how you would manage your pantry, there is nothing to overthink about. With so many space-efficient storage options, you will surely pull that pantry space organisation activity well. So, here is your complete guide on how to organise pantry and ace it like a pro.

9 Smart Ideas and Tips for Pantry Organisation

You can follow the below-mentioned ideas and tips to ensure your pantry is well-organised at all times:

Start on a Blank Slate
Before you start organising, cleaning the pantry and checking for outdated items is important. You can start by checking for manufacturing and expiry dates on the items in your pantry and throw out the items which are not needed anymore or have met the expiry date. Later, clean all your pantry shelves well for further storage. Also, you can add a few smart storage options before re-stocking.

Manage Your Inventory
Now, it is time to check on the grocery items in your pantry and those that need to be shopped. Assign different storage containers for the items on hand and list groceries that must be purchased. Keep aside a few containers for items you have yet to shop for. This way, assigning containers for various grocery items in one go is easy. Also, after purchasing new items, you will not look at your pantry with a question like, ‘Where and how do I store these new items in the pantry now’? 

Use Smart Categorising
Categorisation of items in your pantry is a must to decide the location of storage containers in your pantry. Thus, you can categorise your pantry based on the use of the items. For instance, you can assign top shelves for grocery items that are occasionally used, shelves in the middle of your pantry for daily essentials, and bulky grocery items can be stored at the bottom shelves for ease of use. Also, you can categorise between spices, oils, condiments, snacks etc

Use Space-Efficient Storage Options
Use transparent containers in various shapes and sizes to fit easily into your pantry space. Using transparent containers, you know what items are stored in what containers. You also get smart pantry organisers for various items. For instance, to store up all your spices, switch to a spice organiser with multiple containers stacked neatly on a stand to ensure limited use of space. Also, you can use a lentil dispenser instead of multiple containers to stock your pulses and lentils.

Use Your Pantry Doors Smartly
Often the space on the insides of your pantry doors remains unutilised. When stocking groceries, the space is never ‘enough.’ In such a scenario, why waste precious space on your pantry doors? You can fit hanging pantry organisers on the insides of your pantry door and use them to store essential toiletries like detergents, soaps, and other cleaning materials. Also, you can store rarely used groceries and storage jar bottles on these hanging shelves.

Labelling for Smart Pantry Storage
Not everyone in your household knows the grocery items you stock. The kids and teens in the house often cannot differentiate between various grocery items. So, to make things easy for everyone and to ensure your storage does not get mixed up, you can label your containers appropriately. Among all the smart pantry storage ideas, this is the most popular one. Labelling ensures things are stored back in the container they were meant to be stored in. This way, your pantry arrangement remains intact and saves you on your effort to re-organise. 

Use the Spare Wall Space Efficiently
If you have spare space on a pantry wall, use it efficiently. Wondering how? You can install a garbage bag dispenser on the wall, enhancing your pantry organisation. These dispensers are easy to install, set up and are also compact. Thus, this smart pantry storage idea adds utility and efficiency to your space.

Make Use of Shelf Liners
The most common problem with pantry organisation is that things slip out and fall through wired storage shelves. It makes retrieving the item a hassle. Thus, to avoid such hassles, you can use shelf liners that are a compact solution. Shelf liners ensure that even if your grocery items trip and fall, they do not get stuck in the wired shelves, making retrieving the fallen items easy and hassle-free.

Customise Your Pantry
Customising your pantry makes it look appealing and adds a homely feel to that space. Thus, you can have separate corners dedicated to kids' or teens' grocery items for pantry organisation. You can make space for their everyday essentials, like water bottles, snack containers, etc., at the bottom shelf so that they can spot them and get access to them easily. Also, ensure the labelling of the containers to maintain your arrangement. You can also use shelves with built-in dividers for kids so that items can be stored neatly.



Pantry organisation is a task, but not anymore, as you have multiple smart storage and space-efficient options. These smart pantry storage ideas are easy to implement and use. They add to the look of your pantry and make it look neatly arranged at all times. So, if you are a person who is all for crisp organisation and efficient space management, the pantry arrangement tips mentioned above will surely be resourceful. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I restock my entire pantry?
You should restock your pantry, considering the items available and outdated. One can consider re-stocking of the entire pantry every 2-3 months, depending on individual needs.

2. When to clean and re-organise the pantry?
Cleanliness is what will ensure your pantry looks well-organised. Thus, ensure you declutter, clean and re-organise (if needed) your pantry at least once a month.

3. What is the significance of pantry organisation?
Organising your pantry well helps clear the space of unnecessary clutter and helps you get access to your grocery essentials easily. Also, it gives a neat, organised look to your pantry.

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