How To Iron A Shirt Properly

How To Iron A Shirt Properly

Posted on Jun 23, 2023


Iron Clothes Like a Pro: Your Comprehensive Guide on How to Iron a Shirt

Got an interview or a meeting in a few hours and need a hand with ironing your shirt? Well, having wrinkles on your shirt will surely make you stand out but for all the wrong reasons! Thus, to ensure you are safe from such embarrassing situations, here is a complete step-by-step guide on how to iron a shirt. Also, if you are feeling confused about which press iron would be better for a long-lasting press impact, read on to learn about its must-have features to look for.

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Learn How to Iron a Shirt Step by Step

If you need a helping hand with ironing a shirt, here is a complete guide that will help you along your ironing process:

Step 1: Set Up Your Ironing Place

Before ironing your shirt, set up a steady, stable, clean ironing board. Ensure the ironing board is flat and adjusted to a comfortable height. Keep some water handy, in case required.

Step 2: Prepare and Sort Your Shirt For Ironing

Before laying the shirt on the ironing board, sort your shirts according to the fabric type. Check for label instructions, if any. Set an appropriate temperature for ironing. You need to button up your shirt and smoothen it out in case of major wrinkles.

Step 3: Iron Your Shirt Collar and Cuff

If you want to become a pro and learn how to press a shirt, always start with ironing collars and cuffs. First, you need to iron the shirt's collars on the underside on the front. Then, flip the shirt and repeat the step on the back. You need to unbutton the cuffs, spread them flat open, and apply the iron for the best impact. Cuffs need to be ironed on both sides, front and back.

Step 4: Iron the Shirt’s Sleeves

If you are learning about how to iron T-shirt, remember ironing sleeves can be tricky, as the space available can be limited, especially for short sleeve T-shirts. Straighten and smoothen the sleeves of your shirt and then apply the press iron. Glide the iron along the sleeves slowly with moderate pressure. Also, smoothen wrinkles, if any. Follow this process on the front and back of the sleeves.

Step 5: Iron the Shoulders

Now, flip the shirt over to the narrow end of the ironing board. Move the iron along the shoulders and slowly glide it to the centre. Repeat this process for both shoulders, front and back. Ensure there are no wrinkles where the shoulder joints merge with the sleeves.

Step 6: Move to the Front and Back of Your Shirt

Lay the shirt on its back, facing you, and slowly move the iron from the bottom to the top with simple vertical strokes. Do not rush this process. Glide your iron across the buttons and pockets aptly to eliminate wrinkles. Flip the shirt and repeat the process. If, in case, you are learning about how to iron cotton shirt, you must check the iron’s temperature. For cotton shirts, ensure the iron is appropriately heated for a smooth texture post-ironing. 

Step 7: Complete With a Final Touch

If you are learning how to iron a shirt, let the iron cool for some time and avoid prolonged use. By the time your iron cools, have a quick overview of the shirt and locate areas that still have wrinkles. It might be a rare scenario. So, if you are learning how to iron shirt properly, ensure you give the required final touches to areas even with slight wrinkles.

Features to Look for in a Press Iron When Purchasing It

If it is a new experience for you- how to do iron on shirts, then you might as well start by purchasing the best press iron having the following features:

- While picking the right type of press iron, ensure its power consumption capacity is around 750 to 1000 watts. Such irons work efficiently and last longer.
- Check the material with which the iron’s body is manufactured. The material must be as durable as metal or plastic.
- Verify whether the clothes iron has a thick sole plate with a non-stick coating and has a thermal fuse installed for safety.
- Ensure that the iron you pick has a premium quality thermostat and a long power cord that can easily swivel 360°.
- Finally, check the iron for warranty and guarantee against unforeseen damages. - Ensure the packaging offers a user manual and the iron for efficient use.


So, if you are about to learn how to iron a shirt, follow the instructions mentioned above for a hassle-free experience. The ironing of shirts makes your appearance look refined and fresh. Also, you stand in a better position to make a positive impression. Learning to iron shirts makes you independent, and it only gets easier if you have the right clothes iron. So, if you do not have one, buy one now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to iron a shirt properly in less time?

You can follow the 90 seconds rule to iron your shirt quickly. Focus on the front, collar and cuff of the shirt. Store water in a spray bottle in small amounts over the focus spots. Continue pressing the iron for a creaseless finish. 

2. How do you iron a 100% cotton shirt?

Set your iron to its highest temperature, and start ironing from the collar part to the rest of the shirt. Make sure to go for inward strokes with your iron when pressing over the cuffs and collar. If it is a white cotton shirt, cleaning your iron before using it is recommended.  

3. Should water be used while ironing?

Using water while ironing clothes offers a crisp finish, smoothens the fabric and carries a fresh fragrance. Hence, water is recommended while ironing clothes, wherever necessary.

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