Authentic Guacamole Recipe

Authentic Guacamole Recipe

Posted on Mar 17, 2024

Taste the Mexican Cuisine with an Easy Guacamole Recipe!

Guacamole, a delightful creation from Mexican cuisine, is a creamy, flavorful, and utterly delicious spread or dip. Its versatility shines through with a perfect balance of creamy, tangy, and refreshing notes that elevate any meal.

At the heart of guacamole lies the ripe avocado, the star ingredient that forms the base of this delectable dish. Mashing it up with a blend of complementary ingredients and seasonings is the secret to achieving its exquisite taste.

Renowned for its lusciously buttery texture, guacamole is a staple condiment served alongside nachos, tacos, and various other Mexican dishes. It also makes for a delightful side dip with crispy tortilla chips.

Explore the sections below for a comprehensive guide on the ingredients needed to create the perfect guacamole, along with step-by-step instructions on how to make this irresistible dip. Additionally, discover expert tips to help you master the art of crafting this flavorful condiment.

Let's dive straight into this easy guacamole recipe!

Guacamole Ingredients and Substitutions

Gather all the ingredients below to make a delicious and easy guacamole recipe. 

• 3 avocados
• ¼ cup finely chopped onions
• ¼ cup finely chopped tomatoes
• ½ to 1 teaspoon of chopped jalapeno or serrano peppers or green chillies
• 2 to 4 cloves of garlic
• 2 tablespoons of chopped coriander leaves or cilantro
• 2 teaspoons of lemon or lime juice
• ¼ teaspoon of crushed black pepper
• Regular or black salt (according to taste)

How to Make Guacamole? - A Step-by-Step Process

Follow the steps below to make some delicious homemade guacamole. 

Step 1: Prepare all the ingredients and chop down the tomato, garlic, onion, peppers, and coriander leaves. Put them all in a mixing bowl and keep it aside. 

Step 2: Cut a ripe avocado from the centre and divide it into two halves. Remove the avocado seed and scoop out the pulp or flesh with a spoon. 

Step 3: You can now either chop your avocado and then put it in the bowl or pour it in the bowl directly and smash it down. 

Step 4: Add 2 teaspoons of lime or lemon juice as required. That will add a refreshing zing and tangy flavour to the guacamole. It will also prevent the avocado from turning brown. 

Step 5: Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil and taste the guacamole. Ensure that the guacamole meets your flavour requirements. 

Step 6: Season the mixture with ¼ teaspoon of crushed black pepper and salt according to your taste. Add crushed sea salt, kosher salt, or even black salt. 

Quick Tip! Add black salt to make the guacamole taste lovely. 

Step 7: Mix all the ingredients in the bowl and mash the avocado during the mixture. Check the taste and add some more seasoning if required. At the same time, you must mix the ingredients gently to ensure that it retains a chunky texture. Traditional guacamole has chunks of ingredients instead of a smooth texture. 

Step 8: Serve the guacamole with tortilla chips, toast, nachos, or as an accompaniment with a quesadilla or burrito. Garnish the dish with some coriander before serving. 

Expert Tips on How to Prepare Guacamole

Implement the tips below to make your guacamole have the perfect creaminess and taste. 

Avocado Tip

Always pick a ripe avocado at its peak to make your guacamole. You want the guacamole to be flavourful, smooth, and creamy. At the same time, it will become mushy if it's too ripe. But if the avocado is not ripe, place it in a brown paper bag or cover it with a paper towel. Leave it on the kitchen counter for a few days, and it will ripen. 

Raw Onions

If the raw onions feel too intense and strong, you can soften the flavour by soaking them in cold water for 10-15 minutes and then adding them to the mixture. You can also opt for red onions to get a gentler taste. 

Ingredient Options

Using olive oil, garlic, and tomatoes is optional in this recipe, but you can try using a small bell pepper or small to medium cucumber to get that extra crunch. 

Creative Additions

To add a unique taste, you can always experiment with additional ingredients while making guacamole, such as pomegranate arils, diced mango, cabbage, bell peppers, pineapple, carrots, or corn. 

Customise the Heat

Add the spiciness in your guacamole according to what you can withstand. Adjust the spice level with ground and chili peppers. But, ensure that you start with only a little spice because you can always increase the level with more pepper, but reducing it is tricky. 

Adjusting Portions

The recipe above is for only two servings, but you can decrease or increase the ingredients to adjust the quantity. 


Making guacamole is a simple task using the method given above. You can make the guacamole and store it in your refrigerator to eat it whenever you want. At the same time, the quantity of the ingredients will differ depending on the amount of guacamole you are making. You can also use substitutes for many ingredients if they are unavailable. In the end, what's important is that you make a guacamole that suits your taste buds and meets your preferences. 


1. What is the simplest recipe for making guacamole?

The simplest way to make guacamole is to mash the avocados with garlic, lemon, green chilies, lemon juice, and salt. Adjust the seasoning to your taste, and you will be ready to enjoy some creamy guacamole. 

2. Can I make the guacamole ahead of time?

You can prepare the guacamole ingredients in advance, but add the avocado only when served. Preparing it beforehand will make the avocado oxidise, turn a shade of brown, and taste bitter. So, coat your guacamole with a bit of lemon juice or a thin layer of olive oil, put it in an airtight container to store any leftovers, and eat it later.

3. What is the best way of eating guacamole?

Guacamole is tasty enough to eat it on its own with a spoon. But you can serve it with tortilla chips or slather it on your breakfast toast. 

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