7 Appliances that make great gifts for newlyweds
7 Appliances that make great gifts for newlyweds
Posted on Nov 24, 2022

The Great Indian Wedding Season has commenced. And a whopping 32 lakh weddings are said to take place during this peak shaadi period! Our guess is you'll have at least 1 wedding to attend, so your gift must leave an impression.

Here are 7 wedding gift ideas that newlyweds will truly appreciate.

1. Pop-up Toaster


We're starting traditionally. For a couple setting up their new home, a toaster is a must-have in the kitchen. It's quick, easy and handy to use. What starts off your day better than a good breakfast? A good, quick breakfast. Pop-up toasters save precious time and energy, complement breakfast prep, and kick off this gift list.

2. Oven Toaster Griller


If you know the newlyweds, you may know if they have a hobby for baking, or even if they're health-conscious. In that case, an oven toaster griller is an ace of a gift. The couple can bake cakes, brownies, pizzas, grill chicken, paneer or bake fries and loaves of bread! The world is their oyster.

Even if the couple isn't so fond of baking or isn't health-conscious in the least - an oven is a sturdy start for a first home.

3. Slow Juicer


Since we were just on the topic of health, a slow juicer entirely serves that purpose! A cold press slow juicer would make an incredibly unique gift. With the risen interest in organic and fresh food products, a cold press meets all the requirements for a premium gift. Frankly speaking, it will definitely win you some "cool" points.

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4. Rice Cooker


India is not only the biggest producer of rice but also one of its biggest consumers with over 50% of India's 1.4 billion people eating rice daily. So, with all that GK out of our way - rice cookers are quite the essential gift. Quick, easy and useful for every meal, may it be breakfast, lunch or dinner - rice cookers will always come in handy.

5. Induction Cooktop


A kitchen without a cooktop is like a cake without sugar. It just doesn't make sense. An induction cooktop/a stovetop may not be a very common gift, but it definitely is one of the most useful. Paired with a cookbook, this gift is a super-combo.

6. Hand Blender


Whether it's blending dal, soups or lassis, or whipping creams - hand blenders will frequently come in use. This kitchen appliance is used in many cooking processes, so the newlyweds are sure to be grateful!

7. Mixer Grinder


Nothing encapsulates an Indian kitchen as much as a "mixy" does. Pastes and chutneys are just as staple as rice in India! Mixer grinders are an ideal gift for a couple building their first kitchen together. Many mixer grinders now come with additional accessories, making them more multipurpose than ever.

These 7 appliances make for great wedding gifts. They check all the boxes. Practicality, utility and functionality. Opting for either of these as gifts will have you qualified as a great-gift-giver.