6 tips to make juicing clean & easy

6 tips to make juicing clean & easy

Posted on May 19, 2023

Summers are here and so are the unquenching thirsts!
Picture this, you come home and open the refrigerator looking for that chilled glass of fresh juice and when you spot it, oh what absolute bliss it feels! Surely, you're picturing it just as vividly as we are, and if you're worried about all the ingredients, the extra efforts in taking the juices out and cleaning your juicers, we're here to be your favourite saviours!

This season, get ready to pour yourself a fresh glass of juice, whenever you want, without the added hassle. Follow these simple tips and tricks to make juicing just as convenient as it's tasteful. 


Invest in a good juicer


What may look like an additional expense now, will turn out to be one of your best investments. Bringing home a good quality juicer will save you all the troubles of jammed-up chunks and cleaning troubles, and don’t we agree, time is money?!


Prep your ingredients

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Removing the seeds and the tough outer skin (especially in citric fruits), will not just remove the bitter taste, but will also help speed up the juicing process. Chop your ingredients into cubes and see how easily they will swirl and churn. 


Avoid using dry ingredients


While some products may be powerhouses of fibre, they lack any liquids. Try and avoid using such ingredients in your juice, and if you must, we have a pro tip to help!

Here it is: Water down dry ingredients with electrolytes and by this, we don't mean just add water. We say, add coconut water! This will help add some volume and a whole lot of nutrients too!

TLDR: Soaked dry fruits will work.


Soak the juicer

Some parts of the juicer may be made of plastic or any materials that may absorb some smell, or discolour over time. But this a problem you can easily tackle by simply soaking the water-safe parts for a few hours or overnight and gone are the smells and stains. 


Don’t wait to clean up your mess

Of course, relish your juice down to the very last sip but once you’re done, act fast to clean up the juicer before the pulp hardens and settles, and you have to make extra efforts in scrubbing it away. A good scrub and some cold water will remove any build-up or residue that may have gotten collected while juicing.



Rinse everything!


Yes, some parts of the juicer may be dishwasher safe (please read the manufacturing details before placing any parts in the dishwasher), but it may take you some time to start the dishwasher, and the ingredients would have already dried up by then. Well, it only takes a minute to rinse everything and remove the solids before you place everything in the dishwasher. 


Believe us when we say that juicing isn't as complicated as it sounds. It can be a therapeutic experience, just as enjoyable as savouring the juice itself.

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