5 Best Gift Inspirations For This Father's Day

5 Best Gift Inspirations For This Father's Day

Posted on Jun 12, 2023

"Father," a name encompassing numerous roles, but none more cherished than our SuperHero! His limitless love and selfless sacrifices deserve celebration every day.
Dads are special but tricky to buy gifts for, as they either have it all or aren't interested. Fear not! This Father's Day, surprise your dad with gifts he'll use daily and remember you by.

Scroll down and choose the perfect present!


Bar Range by Borosil

barware by borosil made with borosilicate glass

If your dad is someone who enjoys fine dining, aged wine and a fixed drink with ice, a bar range made of 100% borosilicate glass is something he will cherish for years. 
Much like a dad’s love, the range does not fade away with time, it's scratch resistant and retains perfect clarity even after repeated use for years. Designed to give a luxurious experience, the range features a wide collection of delicately crafted glasses and decanters that will add to the aesthetic appeal of the bar.



glass & stainless steel material lunchboxes by borosil indias most trusted brand

For the dads who love a home-cooked meal for a break in the middle of the day, ditch the plastic lunchboxes that have so easily made space in our houses only out of sheer convenience, and bring home the environmental-friendly and healthy choice of glass lunch boxes and stainless steel lunch boxes!

Benefits of using a glass tiffin box include:

  • Keeps the food safe and free from chemicals.
  • It does not react with your food or let any outside component react with it as they are airtight.
  • They are also microwavable glass containers available where you can reheat your leftovers in the microwave without much hassle.  

Benefits of using SS Lunchboxes:

  • A lunchbox for everyday use should be robust, securely closed and easy to clean a stainless steel lunch box is all of the above and more.
  • Even if your lunch box falls on hard ground, it won’t be severely damaged.
  • Does not rust and can withstand both very high and very low temperatures and most of them are double-wall insulated. 
  • Bacteria cannot find a breeding ground on the surface of stainless steel. It also doesn't give off any inherent smell or taste of metal to the food and keeps it fresh for a long at work. 


Hydra Personalized Bottle: #BestDad

customisable hot n cold bottle by borosil indias most trusted brand

Our dads usually have to be on the go most of the time between work, meetings and family. In all likelihood, they often forget to hydrate themselves well. A very thoughtful gift for him would be a customised Hydra Bottle, designed with elegance in mind that has become best-sellers due to its numerous features and benefits.
These bottles excel at retaining the temperature of drinks for extended periods, allowing us to enjoy hot or cold beverages anytime and anywhere. Constructed with 100% food-grade steel, the Hydra bottles are rust-proof and safe for use with various types of beverages. Their leak-proof design prevents any unwanted spills or leaks, making them reliable companions for travel, work, or everyday activities.


Glass Bottles

aesthetic glass bottle by borosil indias most trusted brand

If your dad enjoys beverages on the go, glass bottles made of 100% borosilicate glass are the perfect choice to keep the drinks 100% pure and safe. With sleek cylindrical designs, they can be stored easily in the fridge or freezer to quickly chill any beverage and you can slide them in the side pockets of your bags as well.
Their clear and scratch-resistant glass keeps their look as good as new, unlike its other competitors like lime glass. They are perfectly airtight and leakproof and the non-porous glass will not absorb any stains or odours.


Nutrifresh PB31

functional smoothie blender by borosil indias most trusted brand

Why not give the gift of health to your dad this Father’s Day? If your dad enjoys a fresh juice or smoothie in the morning or you think he needs to include it in his diet, get him a Nutrifresh PB31 Blender by Borosil which has a 22,000 RPM pulser and comes with 2 jars, one of which can be doubled up for a smoothie cup on-to-go.
The way fruits and vegetables are thoroughly broken down in the blender, allows the micronutrients to be effortlessly absorbed in the body when you consume the drinks. The in-built jar sensing switch makes it extremely safe to use even hands-free and the blades are detachable for easy cleaning. 


Whatever personality your dad has, just look close enough, and you’ll know how you can appreciate him and his likes by finding a meaningful gift that he will treasure for many times to come! Happy gifting!

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