Copper Bottles

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best brand copper bottle? Why is it dangerous to buy unbranded copper bottles?

There are a number of low-quality manufacturers of copper bottles that sell adulterated copper or apply chemicals to the surface of the copper which contaminates the water stored within.

To reduce down on manufacturing costs, sellers may use low grade copper that contains impurities, which will affect the quality of the water you drink. They may also use plain metal bottles that are coated with copper instead of 100% copper bottles. The copper plating will start to rub off after only a few months of use, resulting in exposure to a metal that can be dangerous to drink water from.

You should only buy branded copper bottles that you can trust, like Borosil copper bottles. We have two options - the Curvy Copper Bottle for easy carrying, and the classic Copper Bottle

Should I buy a varnished or lacquered copper bottle as they are low maintenance and won’t tarnish?

Yes, you should definitely buy a bottle that is lacquered on the outside as that will maintain the look of the copper bottle. However, if there is a layer of varnish or lacquer inside the copper bottle, it means your water is not coming in contact with the copper, and you are not getting any of the benefits of drinking from a copper bottle! Also, your water will be coming in contact with the varnish or lacquer, and absorbing chemicals from that, causing more harm than good. In short, you should buy a copper bottle that has lacquer finish on the outside, but has no coating on the inside.

Is it safe to drink water from a copper bottle?

Yes, it is safe to drink from copper bottles, as long as the copper bottle is made from 100% pure food grade copper. Badly manufactured copper bottles and improper use can cause problems. You also need to ensure the quality of the copper bottle, what you store in it, how you use it and how often you clean it.

If copper ions are released into the water, is it safe to ingest?

Copper is considered so beneficial to health that it is used in Ayurvedic medicines. When used properly, the copper leached into the water overnight amounts to 0.475 ppm (parts per million). This amount is well within the water copper content limits set by the World Health Organization (WHO) – which is 2 ppm (or 2 mg per liter). That is why you should only purchase copper bottles that guarantee 100% pure and food-grade copper which has been manufactured to the highest standards.

How much water is it safe to drink from a copper bottle?

Copper is essential for a well functioning body. We get copper in our daily diets through other food sources such as nuts and dark chocolate. However, it is often not enough. Because copper levels in copper infused water are well within recommended limits, you can drink as much water from a copper water bottle as you wish.

Can I store anything other than water in my copper bottle?

No, copper bottles should be used only for water. If any substance that is acidic, such as juices, lemon, milk, dairy products, honey etc,  touches copper, it may react and release a large amount of copper salts, which can lead to copper toxicity. So ONLY plain drinking water should be stored in a copper water bottle

Can hot water be stored in a copper bottle?

Only room temperature water or cold water should be stored in a copper bottle, as heat causes copper to release a larger amount of copper ions. To store hot water, buy either Borosil glass water bottles or Borosil insulated stainless steel bottles.

Can the copper bottle be washed in a dishwasher?

When heated, copper becomes more reactive and releases a larger amount of copper ions, and therefore tarnishes more easily. Please follow the cleaning instructions provided for the copper bottle

What are cleaning instructions for copper bottles?

Fill the bottle with a cup of hot water, juice of one lime along with the skin (or two tablespoons of vinegar), one tablespoon salt, and leave the bottle for a few minutes. Shake well and rinse away the water from the bottle and clean 2-3 times with normal water. Do not use a scour or an abrasive scrub to clean the surface as it will cause scratches.

How do I prevent tarnishing of the copper bottle?

The outer surface of the bottle is lacquer coated to prevent tarnishing. For the inside, follow the cleaning instructions above and keep the bottle dry when not in use.

Is there a warranty on the bottles? How do I avail of it?

All our copper bottles come with a 2 year warranty on manufacturing defects. You can call our helpdesk at 1800-22-4552, email us at, or connect with us via our whatsapp number +91 7208487334 or via our chatbot.

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