How To Thoroughly Clean Your Oven Toaster Griller

How To Thoroughly Clean Your Oven Toaster Griller

Posted on 20 অক্টোবর, 2022

Finding it difficult to see the food cooking inside your oven? That’s a sign that it’s time for OTG cleaning! When was the last time you cleaned your OTG? Has it been months? Maybe years? Maybe never...? No judgement, we've all put things off before. But remember, your oven toaster griller bakes, toasts, and grills for you - so when it's covering 3 appliances worth of functions, that's also how much of a cleaning it requires. The process is a bit tedious, but also therapeutic.

Get your oven from splattered to spotless, here's how...

Gather Your OTG Cleaning Supplies

Before you begin, gathering all the cleaning supplies is always a good idea. As no one will like to stop halfway into the cleaning process. Here is what you need. 

  • Dish soap or oven-cleaning solution
  • Water
  • Sponge or rag
If you're wondering, “How to clean oven toaster using kitchen essentials?” Then here is a list of things you need. 
  • Baking Soda
  • Salt
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Lime

How To Clean OTG Oven In Simple Steps?

Now that you have all the supplies, it is time to guide you through the important steps on “How to clean toaster grill from the inside out?” making it squeaky clean. 

1. Before anything at all - unplug the OTG.

Your safety is of utmost importance. Don't attempt to clean with your appliance plugged in, we want to prevent any and every kind of accident. Unplug, and ensure your oven toaster griller has cooled down before beginning. Also, to minimise the mess the cleaning process will result into. You can place the OTG over a newspaper. 

2. Disassemble all the removable parts.

Take off the tray, the racks and other detachables. Focus on cleaning the accessories separately so "cleaning your oven toaster griller " doesn't seem as overwhelming of a task. Set them aside and, for now, only focus on the OTG interiors. This will ensure easy access to the grime and burnt spots that need to be cleaned immediately. 

3. Soak the detachables.

The trays and racks you removed, may possibly have grease on them. Soak them in soapy water so it's easier to scrub it off. Ensure you are not using an abrasive soap and the water is at room temperature.

4. Multitask by brushing crumbs off.

Your trays and racks need to soak for at least 20 minutes before you get scrubbing. Utilise those 20 minutes by brushing any crumbs off of your oven. Do so with a dry cloth. For any crumbs in corners, use a pastry brush or a small cleaning brush for easier access.
#BorosilTip: Use an old toothbrush if you don't have specific cleaning equipment!

5. Begin cleaning the inside.

Your oven toaster griller isn't as intimidating to clean now with all its removable parts detached. Create a concoction of 1/2 cup hot water with 2 tablespoons of vinegar. If you don't have vinegar on hand, you can also use 2 tablespoons of dish soap.
Dampen a cloth in the mixture (make sure it's not dripping), and wipe down the concave surfaces. Clean the ceiling and the walls while being mindful of any heating elements. If your OTG has a convection fan, any water or soap seeping in can possibly cause damage. So clean the inside slowly and cautiously.

6. Tackle stubborn grease.

If it's been a while since you cleaned your oven, you're sure to have some burnt-on grease. Make a paste with baking soda and water, and apply it to the grease stains. Scrub on top of it using a toothbrush or a sponge, and the stains should be tackled!

7. Clean the door and the outside.

Use the previously made concoction again. Dampen a cloth or a sponge, and gently wipe down the door and the sides. They should be easily cleaned! In the process, be careful of the electrical parts and the cable that comes with the OTG. 

8. Don't forget the control panel.

The knobs or buttons can get dirty and grimy too. Gently and carefully clean around them with a damp cloth, or a toothbrush if it's gotten really mucky. Be careful with the placement of the knob. Make sure you haven’t accidentally turned them on.

9. Revisit the soaked accessories.

With everything else out of the way, rinse the soaked accessories. If there was any grime on it, it'll easily get cleaned off. Wipe the cleaned racks and trays with a dry cloth. Make sure there is no trace of water left on them.  

10. Re-assemble.

The door, the outside, the buttons, the interiors, and the accessories are now squeaky clean and dry. Re-assemble all the parts together (just the racks and the trays, really) and there you have it, your OTG - as good as new!

11. Plug Your Toaster Oven And Enjoy

Once the oven is thoroughly cleansed and dry, it’s time to plug it back and put the switch on. Feel proud about your cleansing success, and be confident your next bake will be free from all toxic grimes.
#BorosilTip: A little cleaning goes a long way, so wipe down the door and the outside regularly, and brush off crumbs after every use on the inside. By doing so, you'll take lesser time when you deep-clean next.

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Healthcare Risks And Dangers Of A Dirty Oven

A recent study established 53% of domestic fires are caused by dirty ovens. The main reason is the excessive amount of grime and grease. This together leads to combusted flames inside the OTG. Continue with your reading to discover the other hazards awaiting.

Foul Odour In The Kitchen

Imagine you have left the lid open of your kitchen’s dustbin! How would that smell like? Similarly, an uncleaned OTG with grime and dirt accumulated inside will stink once you plug it ‘ON’ to reheat or bake another batch of food. This smell might also transfer to your food, altering the expected outcome.   

Smoke In The Kitchen

When you do not bother that your OTG is dirty and instead continue baking, it can lead to bad smoke inside the oven. The smoke generated does contain harmful gases - nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide. All these are quite toxic and can put the life of the person cooking and other family members in danger.    

Food Poisoning

When you bake meat in an unclean OTG, the heating elements inside will not work properly, and as a result, the food will remain uncooked from the inside. This, ultimately, can cause food poisoning. Eating uncooked chicken makes you vulnerable to E. coli or salmonella diseases. This will affect your health severely.    

Lagging Efficiency Of The Oven  

Dirty interiors also mean that your oven will not work to its best capability. The accumulated dirt and grime will hinder the natural heating capacity of the oven. You will not know, but the effect will be like not bathing, showering, or using the washroom for multiple days and only eating. The oven will eventually give up, and you will have to buy a new one.   

How Often Should You Clean Your Toaster Oven?

As discussed, food and grime buildup inside a toaster oven is unhygienic and paves the way to unwanted fire hazards. That is why giving a nice wipe through your oven after every use is best. Yep! We understand that it might sound like a lot, and now you will probably be searching for ‘how to clean OTG without feeling tired!’ But it’s a promise that it will only take a minute or two. Every day just before doing the dishes, take a few minutes, soak in a soft cloth in regular water, and use it to wipe off the accumulated dirt and grime inside the oven.

Coming to the question of how often you should deep cleanse your oven. The more times you do, the better it is! Aim to clean your oven four times a month when you use it regularly. It might appear to be too much in the beginning. However, once you start with the cleansing spree, it will appear more like therapy than cleaning. 

Also, you can use roasting bags or oven liners as a protective layer to ease your cleaning days. This will safeguard your oven from unnecessary spills, drips, and grease.  


So that is all about “How to Clean OTG Oven”! When you are a regular user, wipe off your oven after every use. Continue with a deep cleaning spree at least once a week. Store the OTG appliance in a cool and dry place in the kitchen. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight and heat from the burner.  


How to clean toaster grill/OTG tray?

Mix half a cup of vinegar with baking soda into hot water and leave the baking tray to soak the mixture for 40 minutes. Scrub the tray using a scouring pad, and get a nice and clean tray ready. 

How do you clean a burnt oven floor?

Sprinkle dry baking soda over the stain, and spray water or white vinegar solution over the powder so it is semi-wet. Let it sit on the stain for 15-20 minutes, and then you can wipe off the mixture using paper towels.

What is the fastest way to clean a burnt oven?

Make a paste using baking soda and water. Apply it on the oven floor and leave the same overnight. Rub the mixture on the bad burnt spots as you spread it. The mixture will turn brown, de-rooting the grime.

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