Gas stove shopping 101: Questions to ask before making your purchase

Gas stove shopping 101: Questions to ask before making your purchase

Posted on 14 মার্চ, 2023

The heart of a house is in the kitchen. Whether you have a small family, a big one or living by yourself; whether you love cooking, simply want to experiment or just need a cup of tea, there is no denying that every house needs a gas stove!

But did you know that not only is a gas stove a considerable investment you will make for your kitchen? It is something you will need to use the most every single day and if you need the right gas stove, it can be a very tiring experience. And then how will you know the joy of cooking without it being seamless?!
Various factors including design, architecture, aesthetics and technology decide the right gas stove for your kitchen, based on your daily requirements. 

While there are so many options readily available out there, we say that ask yourself these questions and then choose the right gas stove for yourself!

╰┈➤ What should be the material of the stove?

The most commonly used gas stoves are made of stainless steel or ones with a glass-top. Stainless steel gas stoves are extremely durable and rust-free. But if you want something more stylish, there are glass gas stoves and fibre gas stoves also available which are just as functional.

╰┈➤ What type of ignition would I prefer?

Ignition can either be manual using a lighter or matchstick, or it can be automatic that operates on battery or electricity. While gas tops with manual ignition may be the more affordable option, automatic ignition is the more convenient choice. 

╰┈➤ How many burners do I need?

One, two, three, four, five, well you keep demanding more and you will keep finding more options with the number of burners that you want. The most used ones are 3 or 4-burner gas stoves, but it entirely depends on how much you have to cook and for how many people. 

╰┈➤ What kind of spacing should the burners have between them?

When you have to cook for a lot of people regularly, you need to ensure that there is ample distance between every burner so that the utensils don't rub against each other and cause damage. 

╰┈➤ Does the gas stove fit into my kitchen design?

We strongly believe that kitchenware should be just as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. Setting up your kitchen is an art and for some, it is their haven. You should consider the design, shape and size of the gas stove of your choice is also fitting like a puzzle piece in the kitchen and not something that strikes as odd at first look.

╰┈➤ How easy is it to clean my gas stove?

It is natural for your stove to get drips of food and oil while cooking, but cleaning them should be the least of your worries. And of course, it is the most inflammable thing in the house which you need to use with utmost safety at all times. Make sure you consider safety and cleaning as a priority when you choose your gas stove.

╰┈➤ Does the gas stove have anti-skid feet?

Between the stirring, mashing, mixing, pouring and all the hoo-hah that you have to do to present those delectable dishes on the dining tables, you surely need a gas stove sturdy and stable enough with anti-skid feet so that your gas stove doesn’t move along the kitchen with you!

╰┈➤ What kind of warranty should I be looking at?

Might as well be assured of warranty and returns policy before you make any investments, big or small. Gas stoves should have a minimum warranty of 2 years.

╰┈➤ Am I sticking to my budget?

Last but never the least, you know your budget best and should always choose the stove that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and also lasts just as long. 

So don’t rush and make sure you buy the right gas stove that perfectly fits and blends into your kitchen and gives you a flawless cooking experience. 

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