8 Kitchen Products To Save Your Time

8 Kitchen Products To Save Your Time

Posted on 1 জুন, 2023

Did you know there's a Guinness World Record for "longest cooking time"?
Yep, it exists... and it's 97 HOURS long!

Indian Chef, Lata Tondon held the record with an 87-hour and 45-minute effort until Nigerian Chef, Hilda Baci broke it with her remarkable 97-hour cook-a-thon!

As fascinating as that is, we can't imagine having to spend even three hours in the kitchen, let alone 97. So, to save you from such marathon cooking sessions, we've got eight amazing products that will significantly cut down your time in the kitchen!


Pressure Cookers: The Ultimate Time Saver

Let's start with the ultimate time-saving hero in the kitchen—the Pressure Cooker. Say goodbye to long hours of slow cooking and hello to quick and easy meals! This wonder appliance reduces cooking time significantly while preserving all the flavours and nutrients. Whether it's tenderizing meat for a succulent biryani or cooking lentils in a jiffy for a comforting dal, our pressure cookers will become your new best friend.


Air Fryers: Guilt-Free Crispy Goodness

Love fried food but hate the guilt? Say goodbye to that dilemma with Borosil Air Fryers! This amazing kitchen gadget saves you time while also keeping your conscience clear! Thanks to its innovative hot air circulation technology, you can indulge in all your favourite fried treats with up to 90% less oil. From crispy pakoras to mouthwatering samosas, the air fryer delivers guilt-free and crispy results in no time, leaving you craving for more.


Blender: Blend It Like a Boss

Smoothies, chutneys, or soups—whatever your blending needs, our blenders are here to make your life easier! With its powerful motor and sharp stainless steel blades, this blender is your secret weapon for creating velvety smooth concoctions. Wave goodbye to lumps and chunks forever, and say hello to silky smooth perfection in every blend.


Mixer Grinder: The Multitasking Maestro

Chopping, grinding, and blending—oh my! Save yourself the hassle of using multiple appliances with the Borosil Mixer Grinder, popularly known as a "mixie". This kitchen maestro effortlessly handles all your mixing and grinding needs, just like the traditional Indian stone grinder. From making smooth batters for idlis and dosas to crushing aromatic spices for curry, this versatile appliance takes care of it all.


Induction Cooktop: Heat It in a Flash

Need to whip up a quick meal? Look no further than Borosil Induction Cooktops. With its lightning-fast heating capabilities, you'll be done cooking in no time. Say goodbye to waiting for ages for your stove to warm up. This sleek and portable cooktop ensures even heat distribution and precise temperature control, making cooking a breeze.


Rice Cooker: Perfectly Fluffy Rice Every Time

Cooking rice can be a hit or miss, but not anymore with Borosil Rice Cookers. Bid farewell to the days of burnt or undercooked rice disasters. This smart appliance ensures fluffy, perfectly cooked rice every time, without any guesswork. Just add rice, water, and let the magic happen. It's time to say hello to hassle-free rice cooking!


Oven Toaster Griller (OTG): Toast It, Bake It, Grill It!

Calling all baking enthusiasts! Borosil Oven Toaster Grillers, also known as the OTG, is your gateway to a world of baking delights! From toasting bread to baking cookies and grilling kebabs, this versatile appliance does it all. With precise temperature control and multiple cooking modes, you can channel your inner pastry chef and whip up delicious treats effortlessly!


Electric Kettles: The Brewmasters

Last but not least, we have the trusty Borosil Electric Kettles! Whether you need a hot cup of chai or boiling water for your instant noodles, these kettles have got your back. With their rapid boiling feature, you can bid farewell to impatiently waiting for water to boil on the stovetop. It's time to sip, savour, and conquer the day!

There you have it - eight fantastic Borosil products to save you time and unleash your culinary creativity, just like our beloved Indian kitchen appliances. With these time-saving wonders, you'll have more time to experiment, create, and enjoy the art of cooking, just like our diverse Indian cuisine. So, grab your apron, turn up the heat, and let the Borosil magic begin! Happy cooking!

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