5 reasons why using a refillable water bottle is good for the environment

5 reasons why using a refillable water bottle is good for the environment

Posted on 17 এপ্রিল, 2023

At least one million plastic disposable bottles are purchased every second around the world. Think about the amount of raw material required to produce these bottles, and now just think about the space they will occupy after they're discarded. Once designed for convenience and sanitation, plastic bottles meant for one-time use have now become one of the biggest environmental hazards of our times. This, however, is also one of the easiest problems to fix with the perfect alternatives.


Reusable Water Bottles are a switch we know you want to make and are available in Reusable Borosilicate Glass Water Bottles and Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottles. Not only are refillable water bottles a great way to do your bit in minimising the plastic pollution crisis, but they are also sure to turn out to be very useful if you are someone who carries beverages on the go.


But have you thought about what makes a water bottle refillable?

1. A refillable water bottle should be durable enough to last through repeated use without breaking.
2. It should prevent harmful chemicals from leaching into your drink to ensure it's safe and healthy to consume.
3. The bottle needs to be designed for carrying beverages on the go, making it both practical and convenient.
4. It must be able to withstand exposure to heat and moisture without compromising its integrity or safety.


In every way that plastic bottles are harmful, reusable bottles are all things good for health and the environment. They take less oil to produce, replace the plastics and reduce the carbon footprint, minimising the over-loaded landfills, oceans and other places where we end up dumping our plastic wastes. 


To convince you perfectly to the T, read along our top 5 reasons to ditch the guilt of using plastic water bottles and switch to refillable water bottles today! 


1. Limit the pollution of waterways

Without a doubt, plastic bottles are one of the most littered items in our water bodies. Littered on the beaches and river banks, it is unfortunate that when we see clean beaches, that is more of a surprise than seeing one where you throw your waste on the go. Did you know that even landfill liners leak harmful pollutants into the watershed that comes from plastic waste? Now think about the amount of work that will be reduced to control water pollution if you chose to use reusable water bottles.


2. Combat global warming

The mere production of plastic water bottles emits about 2.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the air. Playing a key role in greenhouse gases, CO2 is one of the biggest sources of air pollution. Therefore, the use of refillable water bottles will reduce pollution on multiple levels and help in combating global warming. 


3. The sustainable choice

Disposable bottles have got their name as they are meant to be disposed of after single use. If sustainability and zero-waste is the mantra you follow, the durable choice is a refillable bottle with elegant and appealing designs that are available in a huge variety to choose from.



4. Waste management

Plastic takes over 400 treacherous years to degrade. What's worse is all the talks of ‘recycling of plastics’ are not executed all too often and 91% of plastic products don't end up getting recycled. This leaves them in landfills and oceans. Manufacturing and transportation alone take a toll on natural resources and fossil fuels, which can only be prevented through the collective use of reusable water bottles. 


5. Versatility and temperature controls

Can you ever carry your citric juices or a hot cup of tea or coffee in a plastic bottle? Of course not, as the temperature and contents of the beverage will react with the plastic and outside temperatures, and leach chemicals into your drink. Refillable plastic bottles add versatility and convenience by allowing you to carry all sorts of beverages and retain their temperatures for long hours, all while looking sleek as ever. 

While we can list endless benefits of using reusable water bottles apart from the environment, the most advantageous ones are saving money, staying hydrated, making healthier choices and might even end up drinking more water than usual. And now that we know we have convinced you well, go ahead and take your pick at the best reusable water bottles today.

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