Borosil Gupshup | Vol. 6

Borosil Gupshup | Vol. 6

Posted on Mar 12, 2024

Why did the Borosil ice cream bowl go to the beach? Beacuse it wanted to chill!

We've got a little secret to share – our ice cream bowls love a good beach day, even if it's just in the freezer.

Sure, it's not technically the sandy shores, but within the cool confines of your fridge, our mighty ice cream bowls are living their best life, 100% freezer safe and ready for your next scoop.

Today's playful comic shows that whether it's serving up a frosty dessert or taking a 'chill' day at the beach, our ice cream bowls are always up for some fun in the sun... or the frosty glow of the freezer!

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