Benefits Of Storing Milk In Glass Bottle

Benefits Of Storing Milk In Glass Bottle

Posted on 2 জুন, 2023

Remember the good old days when the milkman used to deliver fresh milk in glass bottles? Well, there was a good reason for it! Storing milk in glass bottles has a bunch of benefits. Today, we're going to share some tips on how to store milk correctly in borosilicate. Let's dive in!

Among the many benefits, the most notable ones on why you should store milk in borosilicate glass bottles are:

1. It's non-porous and impenetrable
2. Retains the purity and quality
3. Preserves the original taste of milk
4. Helps avoid wastage by making the milk last longer in the fridge
5. Bottles remain colder for longer
6. Does not have any added health risks
7. Safer choice for the environment 

Now that we've convinced you that borosilicate glass is the right material to store milk in, let us help you with tips on how to store milk to keep it fresh longer!

Always check best-before dates!

Make sure you buy the one with the longest shelf-life when buying store brought milk.


Its right place is not at the door but on the shelves!

The door of your fridge is one of the hottest places as it is exposed to room temperature very often, making it the worst place to store milk. Ideally, store it in Borosilicate glass bottles at the back of the middle or lower shelf, which are the coldest spots in the fridge and are perfect for storing milk. 

Back to where it belongs!

As soon as you are done using the required amount of milk, place the Borosilicate glass bottles back in the fridge immediately and don't leave them on the kitchen counter. 


Always keep the lids on!

Tightly screw up the lid of your Borosilicate glass milk bottles so that they do not absorb any odours from the rest of the food stored in the fridge, and retain their freshness. This will also help in avoiding any spillings, as Borosilicate bottles are leak-proof.

Never mix unused milk with the pure one, once it is out of the bottle!

Make it a thumb rule to never mix it with the pure milk in the bottles as milk spoils quickly and might just ruin the entire batch, even if it has been exposed to room temperature for a little while.


Keep it at a safe distance from the light.

Light can destroy the vitamins and nutrients, especially Vitamin D and riboflavin in the milk, diminishing its nutritional value, so it's better to avoid exposing it to light. 

Yes, you can freeze it too!

Freezing milk is an actual thing where you can store it in Borosilicate glass bottles that are airtight and leak-proof but also allow for the expansion of frozen milk without damaging the glass. Thaw it later in the fridge when you want and shake it well before using it to restore its original smooth texture.

It is safe to say that milk is the source of many everyday essentials and it is rare to find Indian households that can do without dairy products. However, the fact remains that it is a highly perishable food item and must be consumed at the earliest once the seals are opened, but following simple and mindful practices can surely help you avoid wastage and make it last longer and tasty throughout!

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