Discover Latest Dinnerware Trends

Discover Latest Dinnerware Trends

Posted on 16 জুন, 2023

For a lot of us, setting up the dining table well is not just a matter of habit, but also just as therapeutic. Mixing and matching the plates with the spoons, forks and knives, and glasses that would go with it, not to forget the serving dishes that fill a riot of colours with the food, all building an aesthetically pleasing table that adds an air of sophistication to the regular meals, just as much as it does to the formal ones. 

How we set our dining tables conveys our lifestyle. Trust us, it's not as difficult to put together as it usually looks. What if we told you that your everyday crockery is so versatile that it can be used for hosting all your parties and get-togethers too, look just as fabulous and not burn big holes in your pockets? Larah Dinner Sets from Borosil offer over 100 beautiful designs to choose from, that are effortlessly easy to use, chip and scratch resistant and lightweight. Not only are they dishwasher safe, but can be used in the microwave too!

We bring to you the classiest crockery trends for the summer of 2023 with Larah's beautiful dinner set designs! 

Bright Like the Sun

bright larah by borosil dinnersets trending in summer india

Your crockery can add so much colour and fill the room with joy if set well in colour-coordinated tones. Adding unique colours not only adds to the pleasantness of the meal but also makes for excellent table conversations and lightens the mood. Yes, believe us, colour psychology is a real thing! Choose from a range of soothing earthy tones to bright blues and greens, whatever represents your personality.

Our favourites are:
╰─▸ Royal Jade Dinner Set
╰─▸ Blue Sapphire Dinner Set & Yellow Sapphire Dinner Set
╰─▸ Regal Dinner Set
╰─▸ Rose Red Dinner Set
╰─▸ Juliet Dinner Set
╰─▸ Sapphire Dinner Set

Pristine White

white larah by borosil dinnersets trending in summer india

The classics continue to hold their place among the most trending even this summer. There is serene subtlety that snow-white crockery brings to the table, and contrary to the belief of looking dull, it allows the colours of food to shine in all their glory. 

BorosilTip: Add a touch of royalty to your white crockery with a hint of gold and royal patterns on the rims to add extra oomph to the table.

Our favourites are:
╰─▸ Orbit Dinner Set
╰─▸ Classic Dinner Set
╰─▸ Royale Dinner Set
╰─▸ Jazz Blue Dinner Set


Floral Prints

floral larah by borosil dinnersets trending in summer india

A trend that never goes out of style and remains a favourite in Indian households is crockery with elegant floral prints. Elegantly designed to be just as functional as they are beautiful, the patterns are an ode to the beauty of flora and fauna, and just as their trend, they don’t fade away either, 
even after repeated use!

Our favourites are:
╰─▸ Nargis Dinner Set
╰─▸ Cripper Dinner Set
╰─▸ Mimosa Dinner Set
╰─▸ Oriental Dinner Set
╰─▸ Green Lily Dinner Set
╰─▸ Millenia Dinner Set


Minimal Patterns

abstract larah by borosil dinnersets trending in summer india

Less is more this season and we are all for it. A delicate curve here and a touch of twirl there, and your crockery is all set to make a statement at the table every single time. Minimal aesthetics are the way to go and blend like a breeze with the food and your dining aesthetics. 

#BorosilTip: Look for minimal designs on the rim that add royalty and you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.

Our favourites are:
╰─▸ Fabula Dinner Set
╰─▸ Elega Dinner Set
╰─▸ Pine Dinner Set
╰─▸ Crystal Dinner Set
╰─▸ Flora Dinner Set
╰─▸ Breeze Dinner Set


Abstracts & Geometric Patterns

pulse larah by borosil dinnersets trending in summer india

For those with a streak of creativity, abstracts will rule your tables and make your table setting look like a work of art with carefully curated strokes and geometrical patterns. Experiment with deliberate uneven patterns to add a catchy decorative vibe to make all the difference at your table

Our favourites are:
╰─▸ Slate Dinner Set
╰─▸ Pulse Dinner Set
╰─▸ Stella Dinner Sets
╰─▸ Garnet Dinner Set
╰─▸ Woodstock Dinner Set
╰─▸ Silver Luna Dinner Set
╰─▸ Nova Dinner Sets
╰─▸ Weave Dinner Set


With a plethora of options to choose from, we are sure you will find just what you need to host the summer gatherings this season and rule the Kitchen game with perfect crockery and cutlery that complement you and your home. Oh, and don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it!

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