Children's Day Surprises: 4 Borosil Products Every Kid Will Love!

Children's Day Surprises: 4 Borosil Products Every Kid Will Love!

Posted on 14 নভেম্বর, 2023

Children's Day is a time for pure joy, boundless enthusiasm, and cherishing the little wonders in life. It's a day to celebrate the innocence and creativity that define childhood. To make this Children's Day even more special, we've handpicked four Borosil products that promise to light up the faces of kids and ignite their imaginations. From vibrant lunchboxes to delightful sippers, these are the surprises that every child will absolutely adore. So wait no more and dive into a world of Borosil offerings that are sure to make Children's Day an unforgettable celebration.

Lunchboxes for Kids

kids lunchboxes by borosil

Looking for the perfect way to carry your child's yummy snacks or lunch to the park, play school, or regular school? Our stainless steel lunch boxes are just what you need. They're not only great at keeping the food fresh and hygienic with their single-wall insulation, but they also come in a variety of delightful and fun colours that kids adore. Each lunch box comes with a handy, easily washable carry bag, making it super convenient to transport and maintain. With our stainless steel lunch boxes, mealtime becomes an exciting and colourful adventure for your little ones, whether they're off to play or study.

Sippers for Kids

A delightful combination of practicality, safety, and captivating design, Borosil Sippers for Kids is just what your child needs! With an easy-to-use push button designed for those little hands and a trusty leak-proof lid, this bottle ensures that your child's school bag stays dry. The use of food-grade stainless steel guarantees safety, while the BPA-free plastic components provide toxin-free sips every time. Plus, the double-wall vacuum insulation keeps the water refreshingly cool, even on scorching summer days. But that's not all! The included carry bag with a detachable strap makes it perfect for picnics or for kids who prefer to go hands-free.

Zodiac Sign Mugs

zodiac mugs by borosil

Introducing a magical twist to your morning or bedtime routine – the Classic Delite Mug with your very own star sign! It's not just any ordinary mug; it's your personal connection to the stars. Whether you're sipping on a milkshake in the morning to kickstart your day or enjoying a cosy late-night hot chocolate, this Zodiac Mug is here to make your moments even more special. So, why use a regular mug when you can have a Zodiac Mug that's all about you? Let your star sign guide you through your sips and add a dash of cosmic charm to your daily routine.

Personalised Hot & Cold SS Bottles

personalised hot n cold bottles by borosil

In a world where children today are increasingly focused on sustainability and the celebration of individuality, Borosil's Hot & Cold Stainless Steel Bottles & Tumblers have become a symbol of both environmental awareness and personal expression. These seemingly unassuming containers have transformed into a harmonious fusion of design and practicality, offering the remarkable ability to maintain the temperature of your beverages for extended periods - keeping them hot for 20 hours and cold for 24 hours, all while serving as a canvas for showcasing your distinct personality of your child.

These four carefully selected Borosil offerings not only promise to make kids smile but also promote healthy, sustainable, and joyful living, designed to brighten children's days, spark their creativity, and nurture their well-being. This Children's Day, let Borosil help you create moments of wonder, laughter, and love with products that kids will truly treasure. Here's to celebrating the child within all of us and to making every day as magical as Children's Day!

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