Tips To Make Your Dining Table Look Elegant

Tips To Make Your Dining Table Look Elegant

Posted on 2 सित॰ 2022

Your dining table ambience is the glue that holds any meal or snack time together. Enhance your aesthetic with elegant, stylish presentation and creative uses of cutlery as home décor!



Firstly, set the mood.

1. Lighting plays a huge role in defining the mood. Hang up lights, turn on a few lamps, and ease into an elegant atmosphere.
2. Use a tablecloth to prep and décorate your table.
3. Add flower pots to the centre of your table. Opt for a flower arrangement if you're not in the mood for a flower pot. A big bowl half-filled with water and seasonal flowers floating on its surface would really amp up the elegance!
4. Add a bowl of fresh seasonal fruits to your table. They could serve as a snack before the meal is served and as a post-meal healthy dessert.
5. Use drinking glasses as pieces of décor in a unique way:
      - By filling them up three-quarters with water and adding flowers, the glasses can serve as mini vases for art décor.
      - They can also be used as votive candles. Fill the glasses up with petals and add a t-light candle on top & voila, there you have it!

          Lastly, set the table.

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          A formal table set-up would rev up the sophistication factor. Here's how to set a formal dinner table:

          1. Ensure that the tablecloth you spread earlier was neatly ironed and crisp. It will protect your table from any spills while also serving as décor!
          2. Now, you add your plate sets to the table. Place a dinner plate and then a salad plate on top of it.
          3. Then comes the bread plate. Place it above and to the left of the dinner and salad plate. Place the butter knife horizontally on top of the bread plate.
          4. Place the dinner fork to the left of the dinner plate, and the salad fork to the left of the dinner fork.
          5. The knife goes to the right of the dinner plate and the spoon to the right of the knife.
          6. Horizontally, place the dessert spoon right above the dinner plate.
          7. Water glasses or wine glasses are meant to be kept in the upper right corner of the place setting. Keep the water glass closest to your guest and the red wine glass right behind the white wine glass!
          8. Fold a napkin and place it on top of the salad plate.
          9. The coffee cup and saucer can be set below the glasses.

          After the appetiser and main course have been served, there comes the most awaited course of a meal - dessert!

          Simply set your table for it with a dessert plate and a dessert spoon which should already be on the table from earlier.

          Enjoy your formal meal!

          Additional Dining Table Decoration Ideas

          If you are wondering how to decorate dining table, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Set your table using the following tips and impress your guests quickly.

          • Jazz Up Your Everyday Table

          You do not have to limit yourself by decorating your dining table only for special occasions. Instead, you can easily decorate your regular dining table to make it look unique, and pleasing to the family at every meal. Add a simple floral arrangement with greens to make the dining table special. You could also keep multiple succulents of different sizes in the middle of the table or arrange them in a row on the nearest windowsill. On the other hand, if you do not want to add flora, you could always showcase your travel souvenirs as a centrepiece. 

          • Centrepiece According to the Dining Table

          It is always best to choose the type and number of centrepieces you want to add based on the shape and size of your dining table. A rectangular dining table has a larger area, allowing you to add several centrepieces. For example, you can add multiple candle sticks in a straight line according to the number of seats. A round dining table demands a single flower vase or a group of candles, varying in size, be kept in the middle of the table.  

          • Master Asymmetry

          Sometimes, all you need to do is shift your existing table decor to one side or place it just so that it looks deliberately off-centre instead of placing it right in the middle of the table. You can balance out this arrangement by keeping other dining table accessories around it, clustering it all together for a fun, off-beat look.

          • Fabric Decor

          People often get confused between placing a tablecloth on the table or letting it be bare and authentic. A simple solution is adding a tablecloth when the centrepiece or table decor does not match the table's aesthetic but has a few similarities to the tablecloth. It adds an element of cohesion, pleasing the eye. For example, a pink vase as a centrepiece works well with a cream or white tablecloth or runner.

          You can always flaunt a bare table when you do not have table decor or one that matches the colour or aesthetic of your table. For example, a bare wooden dining table perfectly matches rustic table decor. 

          • Choose Runners over Table Cloth

          If you have a rectangular dining table and have been placing the same old tablecloth for dinners, it is time to switch it up with a runner. A runner makes the table look longer, connecting one end with the other. It also allows you to flaunt the table while adding fabric elements to place the serveware on and keeping showpieces that make the dining table look well put together. Alternatively, you could also turn your runner sideways, so instead of running along the length of the table, the table runner is kept along the width in the middle of the table.

          Importance of an Aesthetic Dining Table

          Whether you have recently bought a new dining table or have one that has been gracing your house for decades, it is important to invest in good pieces that give the dining table new style, freshening up the room's aesthetics. Setting up your dining table is important as it conveys these things:

          • The Mood of the Meal

          Depending on the decoration, you can easily manipulate the mood of the meal. For example, adding candles for dinner can turn the mood romantic, while adding flowers for brunch makes the mood easy, light and conversational. The decorations can say a lot about people's feelings while having a meal together. Pleasant decor always elevates the room's mood, making everyone feel calmer.

          •  Extra Effort for Special Guests

          Whenever you have guests coming over for dinner, a little extra effort on your part while decorating the table is always appreciated by them. They understand that you took precious minutes out of your day to set a table for them. It conveys that you put special thought into the decoration for special people who are important to you.

          • Elevating the Dining Experience

          Decorating the table properly before dining helps you elevate the appearance of your food when it is kept on the table. A simple meal of roti-sabzi can be influenced to look elegant and sophisticated with the right rustic decor. Similarly, any special dish can look grander with the right centrepieces, adding a pop of colour with a tablecloth and setting out some coordinating dishes and silverware. Good dining table decor allows you to enjoy your meal in style.

          • Focal Point of the Room

          Your dining table is the focal point of the room. Since the dining table is the first thing people notice after entering the room, how well you decorate your dining table influences how well put together your dining room looks. If the dining table is not well-maintained, it will convey a poor message about the space and its usage. A clean, decorated, well-maintained dining table conveys a positive message about your dining habits.


          A table, anywhere in the room, is a crucial part of any furniture. A dining table is used by guests and family members, so to elevate the dining experience for everyday and special occasions, you should know how to style your dining table to ensure it adds to your room decor. Style your table to impress guests and make family meals more pleasant. Freshen up the decor every couple of weeks to never get bored. Buy matching serveware, bowls, napkins, tableware and more to add coordinating elements to your table decor. Remember, you can always play around with aesthetics and take risks with dining table styling to figure out what works for you.


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