Posted on 2 मार्च 2023

Thandai, with its refreshing & aromatic qualities, is a beverage that truly stands out! It is a drink that holds a special place in the hearts of many, particularly during the upcoming festival of Holi. This delectable fusion of milk, nuts, & a range of aromatic spices creates a distinct & unforgettable taste.

For those eager to try this iconic beverage, find the recipe below! 


4tbsp almonds

‌3tbsp pista

‌2tbsp Magaj Muskmelon seeds

‌2tbsp Khuskhus

‌7-8 Elaichi

‌1tbsp Saunf

‌1tbsp Black Peppercorn

‌Water, for soaking

‌Salt, to taste

‌Nutmeg Powder, a pinch

‌2tbsp Gulkand

‌2cups of Sugar


‌2cups Water


- Add all the ingredients in a bowl along with water & soak for 6-7hours.

- Then add it into a blender along with salt, nutmeg & gulkand. Blend it until it becomes a smooth paste.

- In a pan, add sugar, kesar & water. Cook until sugar is dissolved. Add the blended paste in the pan & cook for 20 minutes. Cool it down before using.

- In a jug, add thandai syrup, chilled milk & start mixing it well. Once mixed, keep it aside.

- In a glass, add ice and the prepared thandai. Garnish it with some crushed nuts & dried rose petals.