Blend it like Shehnaaz!

Blend it like Shehnaaz!

Posted on 16 जन॰ 2023

Want to fit nutrition into your hectic schedule? So does Shehnaaz, & here's how she does it!



Our Nutrifresh PB31 helps you eat healthily even when you have no time.

It has a powerful 400W pure copper motor, which is energy efficient & easily blends hard fruits. Its superfast 22,200 RPM ensures you speedy results. 

It comes with 2 sets of superior stainless steel blades, one for blending & one for grinding. Effortlessly make smoothies, chutneys, soups & masalas which are both - nutritious & delicious! The blades are detachable & super easy to clean.

The Nutrifresh PB31 comes with 2 jars. A small one for dry grinding & a big blending jar for smoothies. The blending jar also doubles as an on-the-go smoothie cup, meaning you have lesser to clean up!

You can use the Nutrifresh hands-free because of its in-built sensing switch. It also has a longer power cord for convenience.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on it now!



Confused about what to cook? So is Shehnaaz. But unlike us, Shehnaaz isn't alone in her kitchen... she has Harpal Singh by her side!

With 2 celebs cooking together, they'll probably cook up a famous dish too!

And famous it was! Shehnaz Gill and Harpal Singh had a joyous time cooking Paneer Tikka in Borosil's OTG. Originated in North India, this popular appetizer is now relished all over the World! Give this classic recipe a twist with our celebrity-duo.

Most Borosil ovens have a convection heating and motorized rotisserie function to ensure efficient, even cooking. Some of our ovens even come with rotisserie skewers! With those on hand, you can easily replicate delectable dishes like Paneer Tikka.

All our OTGs have glass doors so you can monitor your food while it's cooking. Plus, with the bright internal bulb, you can ensure that your food isn't overcooking!

With easy-to-figure dial controls, you can pretty much use your Borosil OTG to cook anything. Bake breads, pizzas, cookies - the world is your oyster! Maybe even roast a whole chicken with our Prima range of OTGs.

Let out your inner sous-chef! Let the oven accessories and recipe book encourage you to experience new flavours.

Make food more flavourful, with Borosil.

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