Say goodbye to toxins: How borosilicate glassware keeps your drinks safe

Say goodbye to toxins: How borosilicate glassware keeps your drinks safe

Posted on 9 फ़र॰ 2023

★ Did you know that all glass is not equal?

Borosilicate glass stands out among the rest of them. It is a significant upgrade from regular glass as it’s made up of two chemicals: high concentration-boron trioxide and silica. Aside from having a substantial impact on health, it is also very positive for the environment, minimising the use of one-time plastics.


The different melting points of the various components took manufacturers a lot of time to make glassware. Today various other methods can be used to make borosilicate glass, including moulding, tube drawing and floating.

15% concentration of boron trioxide is the magical ingredient responsible for the change in the glass’s behaviour, making it thermal shock resistant, meaning that borosilicate glass containers can withstand high-temperature fluctuations. And voila, it can go straight from the freezer to your OTG or microwave without cracking into bits. 


Thanks to this, you can easily carry your hot beverages in your 100% borosilicate glass bottles without worrying about glass shattering. What makes it even better for your on-go drinks is that it is much harder and tougher than regular glass yet can be moulded in various intricate shapes. 


#FunFact: Borosilicate glass is so chemical-resistant that it’s even used to store nuclear waste. Borosilicate is far superior to regular glass in terms of overall performance.


★ Safe or toxic?

A similarity between regular and borosilicate glass is that they are all completely non-toxic. You may have often observed that food and beverages from a glass container taste better than others. This is purely because ingredients cannot leach into the glass and do not absorb any stains or odours. All pure borosilicate glass products are 100% BPA-free.


★ Why should you make the switch to Borosilicate Glass Bottles?


It’s the minor improvements that count for the big win! In a world where plastic bottles are available at every ten steps in most places, make the responsible choice! You must always go for quality over quantity, and purchasing long-lasting products is money well spent. 

Here’s why you should switch to reusable borosilicate glass bottles immediately. Read below.


╰┈➤ Better for you. 

Borosilicate glass is chemical and acid degradation resistant. You can therefore be rest assured of nothing seeping into your water. You can easily clean glass bottles in dishwashers, heat the beverages in the microwave, store them in the fridge or leave them in the sun without worrying about the bottle heating up, cracking or releasing any harmful toxins. 

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╰┈➤ Healthier choice.

Even though it is harder than regular glass, it can still be moulded into more complex shapes and designs. This is why manufacturers often use them in insulated vessels that help retain the temperature of the beverage stored in the bottles. 100% of borosilicate glass bottles are BPA-free.


╰┈➤ Better for the environment. 

We’re all aware of plastic’s impact on the environment, and you can be almost certain that most of it ends up in landfills, lakes or oceans. On the other hand, borosilicate glass is made from more easily accessible elements than oil. If you take care of your borosilicate glass bottles, they are sure to last a lifetime!


╰┈➤ Makes things taste better.


Did your drink from the plastic bottle taste weird? This is because their elements seep into the liquids that are unpleasant to taste and very harmful to your health. Borosilicate glass does not let any chemicals leach into the beverages and keeps them from contamination.

Borosilicate glass brings with it all the advantages of glass and more without any of its cons. Safer for the environment and personal health, they are also beautiful and elegant, with aesthetically pleasing designs that are sure to blend in easily with the cookware and kitchen decor. 


So don’t wait and make the responsible switch today! 

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