Opalware Vs Ceramic, Choose The Best

Opalware Vs Ceramic, Choose The Best

Posted on 24 मार्च 2023

Looking to buy a new dinner set and confused between all the variety the market has to offer? Dinner sets add to the aesthetic charm of every table, whether it is for your everyday family meals or formal occasions when you play host. Not sure whether to go for opal ware or ceramics and which is the better option for you? Well, look no more as we are here to decode which one should you go for!


To begin with, let us understand their composition. While Opalware Dinner Sets are made from toughened tempered glass, they are much stronger, chip and scratch resistant than regular glass. Ceramic dishes on the other hand are made from fired clay and while they are much heavier compared to opal ware, they are not as sturdy as the latter. Dinnerware made from both materials are very popular today but they are very different in nature and appearance. 

beautiful rose opalware dinner set

Opalware Dinner Sets are sleek in design, lightweight and have a pristine white finish with delicate designs that add to their appeal. Ceramic dinner sets on the other hand are heavier and much thicker in style and have a raw and rustic finish which adds to their charm.


Ceramics may seem very beautiful and aesthetic, but they are not the choice you should make for everyday usage, as they need careful handling and care as compared to opal ware dinnerware, which is perfect for everyday usage and looks just as delightful for formal events. Opalware can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher without worrying about the patterns fading in the long run, and can also be stacked on top of each other for maximum utilisation of your kitchen’s storage space. 

plain white opal dinner set

Did you know that Opalware is carefully designed using German technology to manufacture non-porous dinner sets that are bacteria-free and do not let any chemicals leach into the food? Well, it's not just that, because they are also the most hygienic choice, being 100% vegetarian and bone-ash free. During their manufacturing, they are recrystallised and instantly cooled at various temperatures so that they don't crack with temperature fluctuations, which means that they are also microwave friendly- a must for every kitchen!


It is hard to miss that ceramics retain the temperature, especially heat, better, but one cannot ignore that the weight of their dinnerware not only takes up much more space in the kitchen and need to be stored delicately, but they may also cause strain and discomfort while handling them. 


Have you noticed stains on ceramic dinnerware? Well, they aren’t uncommon because if ceramic is not evenly and consistently glazed, it is highly prone to retaining stains from the food, which not only discolours them and makes them lose their aesthetic appeal, but is also not hygienically healthy and suitable for use in the long run. Contrary to ceramics are opal ware dinner sets which do not absorb any stain or odour at all, so you can rest assured that the dishes remain just as clean and fresh as the next meal being served in them.

blue opalware dinner plate, quarter plate & katori

Opal glass is just as affordable as it is functional and with the added benefit of its longer-lasting durability than most ceramic dinner sets, opal ware dinner sets are the profitable choice to make. 


Therefore, in light of opalware’s properties, it is safe to say that it is the more hygienic construction of naturally sorted materials and is healthier than its competitors. Its nature of being resistant to scratches, chips and even breaks to a certain extent, opal ware keeps your food free from contamination. It is just as versatile and durable as it is beautiful and elegant, perfect for all occasions.

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