Malai Keema Kebab Sizzler

Malai Keema Kebab Sizzler

Posted on 5 अप्रैल 2023

Get ready to indulge in the ultimate flavour experience with our Malai Keema Kebab Sizzler. This dish features a unique combination of juicy and tender minced lamb mixed with creamy cashew paste and spices, all served sizzling hot on a bed of fresh vegetables. The kebabs are perfectly cooked until golden brown and crispy and are topped with a deliciously creamy and aromatic sauce. If you're looking for a dish that is both satisfying and exciting, the Malai Kheema Kebab Sizzler is sure to delight your taste buds!


500gms Mutton/Chicken Kheema

2tbsp Mustard Oil

1cup Dahi

2tbsp Cashew Paste

2tbsp Ginger Garlic paste

1tsp Green Chilli Paste

Pepper Powder, pinch

1tbsp Chat Masala

1tbspGaram Masala

Black Salt, pinch

Kasuri Methi, pinch

Salt, pinch

1/2cup Butter

1cup Cream


1. In a mixing bowl, combine kheema, curd, cashew paste and all the spices. Mix well to create a smooth marinade. Allow the mixture to marinate for 3-4 hours so that the flavours can develop and permeate the kheema.

2. Once the kheema has marinated, shape the malai kheema mixture into kebabs. Heat up a tawa over medium-high heat and cook the kebabs on it until they are crispy and golden brown on both sides.

3. In a separate pan, melt some butter and add cream along with a pinch of pepper. Mix well until the cream and butter are fully combined and you have a rich and creamy sauce.

4. To serve, arrange the crispy malai kebabs on a bed of veggies. Pour the creamy sauce over the kebabs and garnish with fresh parsley for a delightful burst of colour and flavour.

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