How To Remove Sticker Residue From Glass

How To Remove Sticker Residue From Glass

Posted on 18 जून 2023

Remove Stickers From Glass And Plastic: A Comprehensive Guide

Aesthetics do matter when decorating the house and its corners. Whether you are trying to decorate your dining room or the kitchen, these little additions make a huge difference. It is not that buying new showpieces will make things look great. Recycling can also help you in the process. For example, you can reuse glass and plastic jars as decorative pieces and change the entire vibe of the place. However, they come with these annoying stickers that are hard to remove. So, people often question How to remove stickers from glass or plastic jars?  

How To Remove Stickers From Plastic And Glass Containers?

When finding answers to their question ‘How to remove stickers from glass containers?people find themselves confused to eternity. However, when there is a will, there is a way. And here are some of the ways listed how you can get rid of those annoying stickers and make the jar yours for the rest of your life. 

White Vinegar

You can fill your sink with white vinegar or get a large tub with enough space to hold all the containers simultaneously. Now addressing your question, ‘How to remove stickers from glass or plastic containers?Start by putting the containers into the vinegar, ensuring the entire label face is covered in the solution for 15 minutes or more. 

Now, remove the jar and peel off the labels. When your labels are soaked long enough, they will start peeling off naturally. Paper labels tear in pieces, and it gets hard to remove those. So dip a sponge or a cloth in the same solution and rub off the surface. 

Hair Dryer

Second on the list is helping you with your question, “How to remove stickers from glass and plastic containers.” You need to turn on the hair dryer and put it on the highest heat. Now, turn it back and forth over the label for 30 seconds, letting the glue melt. If the label does not peel off naturally, continue for another 30 seconds until the label comes off. Use a sponge infused with a soap-based cleaner to eliminate the rest of the residue. Be careful with the melting point of your plastic container, as the method requires you to heat the surface.  

With Rubbing Alcohol Or Nail Polish Remover

Many people have found this solution quick and handy with their query, “How to remove sticker glue from plastic or glass containers?” All you have to do is soak in a cotton ball, cloth or rag paper in nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol and leave it on the label for a minimum of 15 minutes. Once you see the label/sticker has soaked in all the alcohol, start peeling it off. The solution is strong and will help you eliminate the sticker and glue. Dip a sponge in the same solution for certain leftover residues and wipe it off the container. 

Olive Oil Or Canola Oil 

It will take some time for the entire residue to be gone, but the final result will leave you with a glossy glass or plastic container. Apply olive oil or canola oil on the sticker residue after peeling off most of the sticker with your hand. Once the entire residue is cleaned, wipe off the excess oil with a dry cloth.  

Hot Water

Add some detergent to a sink full of hot water, and immerse the containers, ensuring the stickers are wet. Leave them for the next few hours or overnight (for best results) and start scraping off the remains the next morning. Because the water has already cooled down, you can get another batch of hot water and detergent mixture and start putting the containers in for a second round dip. This will help remove the small paper residues and sticker glue leftovers on the container. This is the most budget-friendly solution to your question, “How to remove stickers from glass or plastic containers?”  

Essential Tips On Removing Stickers From Glass Or Plastic Containers

The sticky stickers/labels and the residues are a real pain to get off so easily.  Here are some essential tips for your question, “How to remove stickers from glass or plastic containers?”

Remove the sticker or residue while the surface is wet. That way, things will be easy. The more you let it dry, the more difficult it will be. 

Clean up the container with hot water after removing the sticker and residue. This will help you eliminate the remnants and get a squeaky clean new-like surface to flaunt. 

For your question, “How to remove stickers from glass or plastic containers?” Well, follow any one particular method mentioned above. However, to fast-forward the cleaning drill, you can combine multiple methods. In this regard, pair the hot water technique with the nail polish remover one and quickly get a perfect residue-free surface.


So those were answers to your question, “How to remove stickers from glass or plastic containers?” Besides these easy DIYs, chemical cleaners are available in the market, offering a steady solution. Whichever you plan to use, make sure to abide by the adequate measures and take the necessary steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the easiest way to remove stickers from plastic?
Start by soaking the plastic container in hot soapy water and wipe off the sticker. Also, you can apply nail polish or vinegar over the chosen area and let it soak for 15 minutes. Then wipe off the surface using a cloth. 

2. Does toothpaste help remove sticker residue?
Yes! Toothpaste does work as a steady solution to get rid of sticker residues. Mix it with baking soda and apply it to the residue. You do not have to let it sit. Avoid the ones available in gel form.

3. Can hand sanitiser remove sticker glue?
Besides helping you sanitise your hand, the product also eliminates labels and sticker residues. You can add a little sanitiser to the area and leave it for sometime. Then use a cloth to wipe it off.  

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