Homemade Veg Spring Roll Recipe

Homemade Veg Spring Roll Recipe

Posted on 3 अग॰ 2023

Want To Cook Chinese? Learn The Easiest Veg Spring Roll Recipe!

Spring rolls are a popular Chinese snack, made with mixed and savoury vegetable stuffing. These are handheld hot pockets of spiced and sauteed vegetables wrapped and deep-fried into a delightful and dippable appetiser. So, let’s make some of the most delectable spring rolls with leftover vegetables. 
Create a medley of different vegetables and textures mixing to form bites of perfection. You can create some of the most mouth-watering homemade veg spring rolls with either a frozen store-bought wrap or a homemade one. No matter what ingredients you use in your veg spring roll recipe, the outcome is always full of flavour and deliciousness. 

How to Make Spring Rolls? Step-by-step Guide

Spring rolls have been recognised as one of the easy Chinese snacks, but they can be intimidating to make from scratch. However, the guide below lets you quickly make spring rolls. So, what are you waiting for? Simply, let’s delve into the process.

→ Step 1: Prepare the Vegetables

The first thing you need to do is prepare the ingredients of spring rolls. The ingredients, which are made up of mostly vegetables, may include the following greens:

2.5 to 2.25 cups of finely chopped cabbages

⅓ cup of thinly sliced capsicum or green bell peppers. 
½ cup grated or shredded carrots
⅓ cup of scallion or spring onion whites
¼ cup of finely chopped French beans

Even though mentioned above are some common vegetables you can include, you can expand further than this list. You may add other vegetables such as red cabbage, mushrooms, baby corn, bok choy, broccoli, and more. 

→ Step 2: Cook the Spring Roll Stuffing

Once you have prepared your vegetables, heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a kadhai or a wok. You can use sesame oil or any other neutral-flavoured oil. Keep the flame on medium heat and put ⅓ cup of spring onions in the utensil. Once you have put the green onions in your veg spring roll recipe, you can include finely chopped ginger and a clove of garlic. 
Stir them until they turn golden, and add all the chopped vegetables. Increase the heat of the flame to medium-high and stir the vegetables. When stir-frying the vegetables, you must cook them partially so they are still crunchy to bite into. At this point, you can use black pepper powder and soy sauce. Once you have stirred your veggies, add salt according to your taste. 
After the vegetables are done, turn off the heat and add more spring onions and other herbs, such as fresh basil or coriander, to enhance the taste of your filling. 

→ Step 3: Make Sealing Paste and Stuff the Fillings

The sealing paste is an important part of the veg spring roll recipe since it will hold the wrap together. Prepare the sealing paste using 2 tablespoons of cornstarch or maida and add a few tablespoons of water. Add them to a bowl, & stir them to create a thick paste consistency without lumps.
Now, put a spoonful of filling on the spring roll sheets. You can use different methods to wrap or fold the spring rolls. However, it's always advised to use the sealing paste to cover the edges. 

→ Step 4: Fry Your Spring Rolls

The last step of the veg spring roll recipe is frying the rolls. And you can fry them up by following the sub-steps given below:

First: Heat some oil in a 
frying pan or wok, and once the pan attains the required temperature, you can set the flame to medium.
Second: Now, gently slide in one of your spring rolls in the oil to test the heat. If the oil is bubbling hot, it is at the right temperature. It will not absorb excess oil, giving you the perfect crisp rolls.  
Third: You can fry 2-3 spring rolls at once, depending on the size of your wok or frying pan. 
Fourth: Once your spring rolls get a hue of light golden, then you can turn them on the other side and fry them again. 
Pro Tip: While frying the rolls, cook them evenly from all sides.  
Fifth: Once cooked, serve it hot with some fresh coriander leaves or green onions as a garnish, along with your favourite dipping sauce. 


Spring rolls are some of the best evening snacks for yourself and your family. They are full of veggies and protein. Moreover, they are not as spicy, which makes them perfect to be eaten by children. And you can also serve many dipping sauces to go with your delectable spring rolls. Some dipping sauce options include schezwan sauce, peanut sauce, sriracha sauce, hoisin, and garlic sauce. 
So, why are you still looking at the mouth-watering images of spring rolls? Head towards your kitchen and prepare some irresistible lip-smacking snacks for yourself!  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to make the crispiest veg spring rolls?

The best way to make your spring rolls extra crispy is by deep frying them. You can deep fry them after your oil reaches 190 to 180 degrees Celsius or 374 to 356 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember, if you cook the rolls below the given temperature, they will end up with soggy rolls. 

2. Why do my spring rolls become soggy?

Your spring rolls can be soggy if you do not heat your oil enough. It will result in leaving your rolls soggy and full of oil. However, store-bought wrappers are the best for crispness if you air fry or bake spring rolls. 

3. Can I bake my spring rolls?

Yes, you can bake or use an air-fryer to prepare your spring rolls. You can even use the frozen packaged wrappers for speedy cooking. All you need to do is wrap your rolls with stuffing, put them in a tray and spread some oil on the top. Lastly, keep turning the spring rolls when they are done baking halfway through to get an even golden colour from all sides. 

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