Go Green With Glass: Why Borosilicate Glassware Is An Eco-Friendly Choice

Go Green With Glass: Why Borosilicate Glassware Is An Eco-Friendly Choice

Posted on 16 फ़र॰ 2023

Isn’t it always better to be safe than sorry? Not only does the type of bottle you drink impact your health, but it also impacts the environment. 

We say: choose the option which is not just healthier than the rest, but also better for the environment, by contributing to less wastage and a lower carbon footprint. This keeps plastic waste out of landfills thereby improving sustainability. 


Did you know that less than 10% of all plastic that is used gets recycled, and even if they are recycled, its carbon footprint is a lot to recover from? Unfortunately, it has become so deeply embedded in our lives, that limiting the use of plastics needs conscious efforts. 

Plastics have long been a symbol of convenience and modernity, but it's now becoming clear that our love affair with the material is causing more harm than good. Shockingly, less than 10% of all plastic used is recycled, with much of it ending up in landfills or polluting our oceans and other natural habitats. The carbon footprint of plastic is vast, and it is clear that we need to take urgent action to tackle this issue.

The process of recycling plastic can be energy-intensive and not always cost-effective, leading to lower recycling rates. Moreover, not all types of plastic can be recycled, and those that can be are not always recyclable in all locations or under all conditions. The use of plastic has also been linked to negative impacts on human and animal health.

Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem. By taking steps to reduce our reliance on plastic and opting for sustainable alternatives, we can make a significant difference. Using reusable bags, bottles, and containers is a step in the right direction, as is seeking out products with minimal packaging. Choosing materials that are more environmentally friendly, such as glass for our homes and kitchens can also help reduce the negative impact of plastics on the planet.


While there are endless reasons why we love Borosilicate over any other glass, some of the other reasons why you should switch to Borosilicate glassware today are:

Borosilicate glass can be recycled to make...glass!

This means it can be repurposed or transformed into new products instead of being discarded as waste. The recycling process involves crushing and melting the glass, which can then be used to make new glass products.

The recycling process of borosilicate glass has a low environmental impact as it uses less energy compared to the production of new glass. In addition, it reduces the amount of waste in landfills or oceans, helping to preserve natural habitats and protect marine life.

According to a report by the European Commission, the carbon footprint of borosilicate glass production is approximately 50% lower than the carbon footprint of the production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic. This is due in part to the fact that borosilicate glass is made from naturally occurring materials like silica and boron, which require less energy to extract and refine than the petroleum-based chemicals used to make plastic.

In addition, borosilicate glass is produced at a lower temperature compared to plastic, which also contributes to its lower carbon footprint. The production process for borosilicate glass involves heating silica and boron oxide to high temperatures to create a molten glass, which is then shaped and cooled to form the final product. In contrast, the production process for plastic involves extracting and refining crude oil, which is then converted into plastic through a series of chemical processes that require high temperatures and a significant amount of energy.

➼ Their incomparable resistance!

Your borosilicate glass containers and bottles will not only be able to withstand high-temperature fluctuations, but they are also harder and tougher, which makes them retain the temperature of the beverage for a longer duration- both hot and cold. The composition of borosilicate glass makes it resistant to extreme temperature changes, which means it is less prone to breakage and can withstand frequent use, making it a long-lasting and durable choice for any home. Its unique properties make it an ideal material for cooking, serving, and storing food, without any risk of contamination or off-gassing.

➼ It’s all clear!

The transparency of the crystal clear glass offers a clear view of the beverage, its quantity and colour, so you can also enjoy them with your eyes. Unlike plastic containers or other types of glassware that can be easily scratched or chipped, borosilicate glassware is scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and maintains its clarity over time. This durability means that it's less likely to end up in landfills, reducing the environmental impact of waste.

➼ Cleaning them is the least of your worries!

Clean them easily in the dishwasher or mildly with soap, they are good to go, and will not retain any smell or odour from the last beverage. They are chip resistant and do not let any chemicals leaching into your beverages.


➼ It’s worth it!

Borosilicate glassware is a smart choice for the eco-conscious consumer, and for good reason. Unlike other types of glass, it is made from safe chemicals boron trioxide and silica, which are environmentally friendly. Borosilicate glassware is not only elegant and timeless but also has an impressive durability, making it a sustainable option that lasts for years with proper care.

So make the switch and Go Green with Borosil! ≛

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