Reasons To Store Food In Glass Containers

Reasons To Store Food In Glass Containers

Posted on 19 अग॰ 2022

If you still store food in plastic containers... we promise we won't judge, but you must promise that you'll read ahead!

The FDA, who we rely upon to ensure public safety - has conducted hundreds of studies on the safety of BPA. What is BPA? It's the industrial chemical used to make certain plastics and resins. All this technical jargon may sound boring, but hey, you promised to read!

The studies state that BPA is only safe at extremely low levels. Therefore, to reduce your risk of food contamination, it's medically advisable to avoid using plastic storage containers.

Now that you're up to date as to why plastic containers are a no-go, here are 6 reasons why glass containers should be your top choice for storage.

1. Glass is better for the environment - When it comes to durability, longevity, and its ability to be recycled, glass outperforms plastic on environmental impact. Glass containers can outlast the lifespan of plastic containers in the kitchen if they are properly taken care of. Plastic is prone to melting or discoloration whereas glass remains a durable and long-lasting solution for food storage.

Additionally, glass is 100% recyclable, and so long as it is properly disposed of, it can be recycled at a designated facility.

2. Glass is inert - What does inert mean? Simply put, glass being inert means that it doesn’t react with other chemicals. Recyclable glass jars keep food and drink fresher for longer because, unlike other packaging materials, glass is inert and needs no chemical layer between it and the food in question. It also doesn't affect the taste of any food.

3. Glass provides a healthier alternative - When it comes to health benefits and safety in the kitchen, glass is a better material. Even BPA-free plastics are prone to releasing toxic chemicals if heated. This makes washing, microwaving, and heating plastic containers a threat to your health. Luckily, glass containers are heat-tolerant and can be microwaved, heated in the oven, or placed into the dishwasher. Since they are non-porous, glass materials do not absorb or release any toxic chemicals or microscopic particles when used. If you are looking for a food-safe storage solution, glass is the best choice.

4. Ease of storing leftovers and any other food items - Plastic containers can release chemicals when frozen just as they can when heated. For better food safety, opt for glass storage containers. The right glass containers are freezer and refrigerator safe, meaning they won’t release any harsh chemicals or break if frozen. Some glass storage containers are also leakproof, which offers a tight seal to prevent spills or food from going bad. This quality also makes glass a perfect choice for homeowners looking for long-term storage solutions such as canning or pickling.

5. The aesthetic choice - Glass containers and storage solutions are a sophisticated choice. Aesthetically speaking, storing items in glass jars and glass containers look far more put together than storing food in plastic. You also avoid the risk of discoloration or strange smells that plastic containers often absorb.

6. Glass is easy to clean - Glass has a non-porous surface, which makes it easier to clean. Because it doesn’t have pores like plastic, food particles can’t get stuck in them and grow bacteria. Glass doesn’t deteriorate over time and can survive hundreds of cleanings in the dishwasher.

Glass storage containers are the wiser, better, and safer choice. Storing your food in a glass dish allows you to move food from the freezer to the oven, then to the dinner table and dishwasher without worrying about harmful contaminants.

So, it is safe to conclude that when it comes down to choosing between glass or plastic, it is always advisable to use glass containers for food. They are an aesthetic component of any pantry and are perfect for storing items in the fridge or freezer. The value of glass containers for being non-toxic and non-porous material is a major advantage as stains, discoloration, and toxic chemicals are not something we want to have in the kitchen. Glass is a fantastic material for food storage, and we say you choose it every time over plastic!

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