6 Ways To Clean Your Mixer Grinder Like An Expert

6 Ways To Clean Your Mixer Grinder Like An Expert

Posted on 9 नव॰ 2022

Pastes, chutneys, and purees made by grinding, mixing and blending - your mixer grinder does a lot for you. How about you return the favour by cleaning it up? Here are 6 expert ways to make your mixer grinder look as good as new!

1. Liquid Detergent

Pour some liquid detergent into a jar and run your mixer like you normally would. This way, your mixer will clean itself. Then all you need to do is rinse the foam off of your jars and blades, and there you have it - all squeaky clean. You can also use the liquid detergent on the body of your mixer grinder. Simply wipe it with a paper cloth or kitchen towel, and you'll rid the body of any stains.

2. Washing Powder

Mix some washing powder with water, apply that to a sponge and scrub the body of your mixer grinder. Any stains should come off. If you want an even more intense mixture, swap the water for some vinegar and make a paste, your stains should come right off.

3. Vinegar

Vinegar itself is an extremely strong cleaning ingredient. Dilute it in water, and use a sponge to clean the body of your mixer grinder. Any old stains that remained due to extended usage will easily be cleaned!

4. Baking Powder

Here's another great cleaning agent. Make a paste with baking powder and water. Apply it to the mixer and leave for about 15 minutes. Now wipe using a clean damp cloth. This will eliminate any stains and also get rid of any existing odour.

5. Lemon Peels

This method is unique but will get rid of pungent smells and replace them with a fresh zesty fragrance. Rub lemon peels on the lids, jars, and body (if you would like). Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then rinse the jars with water and wipe the body with a clean damp cloth.

6. Alcohol

Don't get too excited, it needs to be mixed with water to prepare a cleaning mixture. Mix some alcohol into a bowl full of water. You can use this mixture to clean the jars, blades, and your mixer grinder's body. It will take away any odour too!

All these solutions can be applied to the blades, jars, body, rubber gaskets, the base of the mixer, and the jar caps.

If you're looking to also clean your speed control knob, your wire, and your switch - simply use a cloth/paper towel. Clean your wire and switch with a dry cloth/paper towel, and dampen the paper towel or cloth to clean your knob.

#BorosilTip: Use a paper towel if you can, as you can easily manoeuvre it to fit crevices that a cloth towel wouldn't be able to access.

With a squeaky clean mixer grinder at hand all thanks to your effort, treat yourself to a snack. Chips and salsa sound good, right? Try our tangy Mango Salsa recipe with some nachos, after all, you deserve it after a long day of cleaning!

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