6 exciting reasons to shop from Borosil!

6 exciting reasons to shop from Borosil!

Posted on 20 फ़र॰ 2023

Win drool-worthy gift vouchers when you shop from Borosil!

Buy some and win more! It’s the season for sharing gifts with your loved ones and Borosil brings to you Cherry on the Cake offers, with every purchase you make with us. Shop with Borosil for new appliances, cookware, glassware, opalware, storage containers, and lunch boxes and get assured gift vouchers on every purchase. Double up the cheer with your shiny new kitchenware, and avail offers that you just should not miss!


★ Shop any Borosil Appliance and get 10% off on Myntra! T&C Apply.

Just like your kitchen got an upgrade with that brand-new kitchen appliance from Borosil, doesn't your wardrobe deserve one too? Get an additional 10% discount of up to INR 500 on your next purchase with Myntra! So get ready to up your style and kitchen game with Myntra and Borosil this season! 


★ Shop any Borosil Glassware or Larah range products and get Chaayos Desi chai and cookies free! T&C Apply.

That beautiful new glassware deserves some Chai from the best Chai in town at Chaayos. Sip into some Desi Chai from Chaayos in your new Borosil Glassware or any product from Larah by Borosil and take a break with the delicious cookies that will just make your day!

Larah by Borosil is a beautiful collection of crockery made from toughened opal glass which is chip and scratch resistant and is 100% vegetarian, free from bone ash. It displays delicate designs with the promise that the patterns won't wear off even after repeated usage.

Glassware by Borosil is made of Borosilicate glass, which is harder and tougher than regular glass. Not only does it not absorb any stains or odours, but it also does not let any chemicals leach into your food and beverages. 

Bonus- a 2-year glass warranty on mixing bowls and serveware.


★ Shop any Borosil Cookware and get 30% off on your order at Behrouz Biryani! T&C Apply.

The air filled with the smell of fresh Biryani as you open the lid of your new Borosil Cookware - sounds like just what you need, right? We know it too! On purchase of any Borosil Cookware, get a voucher for 30% off on The Royal Biryani by Behrouz Biryani, because Biryani deserves royalty in every bite! 

Stainless steel cookware and Aluminium cookware by Borosil offer a collection of sturdy cookware, with induction-friendly options available, that serve all your different cooking needs. The Non-stick cookware range by Borosil is PFOA-free for a healthy and wholesome cooking experience. 

*Your voucher is applicable on orders over ₹249.


★ Shop for Borosil Storage Containers and Lunch Boxes and get 50% off on your order at Oven Story! T&C Apply.

Those beautiful Borosil Storage Containers that add to the aesthetic charm of your kitchens, now you get to enjoy them with 50% off on the Stand Out Pizza by Oven Story on orders above INR 249. And why not take the leftover pizza in your new Borosil lunch box too? The Borosil Storage Containers are made of 100% Borosilicate glass and can go straight from the fridge and freezer, into the microwave or OTG. They have a 2-year glass warranty and are much tougher than regular glass. 

The Borosil lunch boxes are either made of Borosilicate glass which can withstand high-temperature fluctuations or stainless steel which offers insulated lunch boxes to keep your food hot and fresh for long hours.


*️Once you receive your Borosil kitchenware, here’s how you can redeem your voucher:

Step 1: Scan the QR code on the packaging

Step 2: Fill in your details

Step 3: Get your voucher

Step 4: Redeem your voucher on redeemyourdeals.com 


Happy Shopping!

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